Compare and contrast between racism in Malaysia and South Africa. “Racism is man’s gravest menace to adult male – the upper limit of hatred for a lower limit of reason” . quoted by Abraham J. Heschel. As we know the history of racism is long and ugly 1. The journey to get the better of this obstruction that has plagued us for old ages is merely as clip consuming and the attempt is overpowering. A recent study has showed that South Africa is the highest rate of racism among all the state. So now let us analyse the racism between Malaysia and South Africa.

The most noteworthy difference between the racism in Malaysia and South Africa is the subjugation on adult females. Till today. work forces in Africa still keep the traditional position that adult females are like their belongings and topic to their maltreatment. The poorness Africa could be one of the chief causes why adult females in Africa are still undergoing such a great trade of subjugation unlike adult females in other countries. They were paid lupus erythematosus for a greater sum of work and less benefits excessively. Sometime. they were dismissed without progress notice or expiration wage. Besides. South Africa has the world’s highest degree of reported colza – about half a million each twelvemonth.

So it is non surprising that South Africa is frequently called the “rape capital of the world” . It has shown that adult females in Africa typically keep lower position and usually weaker than work forces from physical and mentally. Therefore they are easy to be oppressed and exploited by African work forces. In Malaysia. the place of adult females today has greatly improved. The Government’s committedness to advance gender equality is evidenced by several policies. administrative determination and amendments to Torahs that have attempted to allow equal rights to adult females and to take favoritism against them. It should possibly be acknowledged that most of the alterations made were in response to lobbying by adult females through brotherhoods. non-governmental organisations ( NGOs ) and other women’s groups. For illustration. in relation to employment rights. adult females instructors succeeded in acquiring the Government to follow the rule of equal wage for equal work in 1967.

Yet another difference between the racism in two different states is favoritism of different race. In South Africa. there is a forbiding matrimony between white people and people of other races. It considers as “unlawful racial intercourse” and “any immoral or indecorous act” between a white individual and an African. Indian or colored individual. Blacks were non allowed to run concerns in those countries designated as “white South Africa” without a license. They were supposed to travel to their fatherlands and put up concerns and patterns at that place. Transport and civil installations were segregated. Black buses stopped at black coach Michigans and white coachs at white 1s. Trains. infirmaries and ambulances were segregated.

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Even though black people were non allowed to use white people in white South Africa. Since Datuk Seri Najib Tun Abdul Razak became the 6th Prime Minister. he introduced a construct of solidarity. which is One Malaysia. 1 Malaysia brought the aspirations to better race dealingss to guarantee that the people of Malaysia to hammer closer integrity. The basic thing that needs to be created in the spirit of solidarity is a feeling of regard. earnestness and common trust between the races. Therefore. our citizens give precedence to the involvements of national commitment and trueness to the people and work out their ain group. For illustration. one Indian got hit by a foolhardy auto while he was playing outside the house. Some of neighbours ( few Chinese but largely Malays ) rapidly rushed for aid. and they truly got angry with the driver and about smacked him! Although the neighbours are Malays. they stood for an Indian neighbour.

Furthermore. the difference of racism between Malaysia and South Africa is the instruction system. South Africa has a high-cost. low-performance instruction system that does non compare favourably with instruction systems in other African states. or in similar developing economic systems. There is a battalion of well-publicized jobs. including a deficit of instructors. under qualified instructors and hapless instructor public presentation. In the schoolroom. this consequences in hapless scholar criterions and consequences. a deficiency of schoolroom subject and is exacerbated by deficient resources and unequal substructure. So it is non surprising that many South Africans are low-educated and paid for small wages.

Malaysia’s educational system by and large promotes surface and inactive larning alternatively of deep and active acquisition which are important for making a quality larning environment. The merchandises of our school system are by and large ill-prepared either for higher instruction work or life in general. As we know. our pupils lack critical and originative thought accomplishments because our educational system promotes conformance and uniformity. Therefore. a batch of measure in transforming our instruction system are done. For illustration. one of the important stairss is begin with the terminal in our head. So. Malayan pupils and alumnuss can possess equal disciplinary cognition. be self-assured and achievement-oriented persuasive and effectual communicators.

In decision. here are the chief three differences between the racism in Africa and Malaysia. Even though racism is incorrect. it is still being practiced in this state and in others. The beginnings are vague. but it most likely had something to make with the fact that early world thought “black” ( because it resembled “night” ) was bad and “white” ( because it resembled “day” ) was good. But our enlightened society has more understanding than this. and we know that a individual is neither good nor bad depending on the colour of their tegument.


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