Chapter 1


The twenty-first century has experienced monolithic alterations and growing in several Fieldss of the universe economic system. International trade, communicating, engineering, fiscal services, fabrication, and other Fieldss of concern have recorded huge growing. To this terminal, competition is cutthroat as concerns become planetary and transnational pudding stones dictate concern tendencies. In this respect, international conveyance, both human and trade good, has vastly increased. The figure of ships, air hoses, cross-border railroads, international main roads, and other signifiers of conveyance are entering huge volumes of transit. Such prodigious volumes create designation and tracking concerns for concerns as they strive to run into the demands of the clients. Commodities in theodolite tend to acquire lost in immense hemorrhoids of luggage, making a incubus for both the client and the concern.

In the yesteryear, several engineerings have been used to place and track luggage. One such engineering has been the usage of a saloon codification system, a aggregation of alone Numberss that identifies the specific luggage. While this engineering may be effectual in placing points, it was found desiring when it comes to tracking.

To work out this, Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID ) has been introduced as a agency of work outing both the designation and trailing demands. The RFID system is composed of two basic units, the ticket and the receiving system unit. The ticket is a device that contains a little, cheap, programmable memory bit and a transponder unit that is attached to the trade good to be transported. The bit is a memory unit that contains alone information sing the luggage, and the transponder transmits that information to a receiving system. Hence, when the luggage or trade good base on ballss through a magnetic reader, the information sing the luggage is captured and retrieved via the transponder. This information non merely identifies what the luggage is and who the proprietor is, but it besides provides information sing where the luggage has originated ( Garfinkel, Juels, & A ; Pappu, 2005 ) .

The receiving system unit is composed of an inquisitor which emits a signal that activates the transponder. Once the transponder has forwarded informations to the inquisitor, the receiving system unit has an built-in decipherer that translates the informations and relays it in a mode that can be understood.

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The RFID construct has since become the preferable trailing engineering for most cargos. However, the engineering has non been implemented in consumer goods found in shops. This is because tickets are still comparably expensive when it comes to consumer goods. Huge cargos such as transporting containers have employed RFID engineering as international sea ports have increased their one-year baggage capacities. In the air power industry, much contention surrounds the usage of RFID engineering. Some air hoses are happening it expensive to present, while taking air hoses are presenting RFID with a competitory border in head. There are besides societal issues that surround the execution of RFID. These societal issues range from human tracking to tracking luggage even after it has left the airdrome. Oppositions of RFID engineering argue that such tracking infringes on privateness and should therefore non be used in any of its signifiers. While the above statement may be true, RFID provides matchless efficiency in managing goods in theodolite.


Roberti ( 2011 ) explains that RFID engineering has been in usage for rather a few old ages now. It is noted that RFID engineering was employed in the Second World War in order to place enemy gunships and combatant planes. In 1980, RFID tickets were used to place military equipment. Garfinkel et Al. ( 2005 ) assert that recent growing can be attributed to the rise of invasive commercialism. In this manner, concerns make usage of RFID engineering to track motion of trade goods and by extension understand consumer behaviour. These concerns are able to make this by implanting smart readers and senders onto trade goods in order to track them over a wider distance utilizing a networked system to garner informations from different locations. This information provides concerns with a clearer position of which consumers prefer what trade good. This allows concerns to aline their production with consumer penchant.

Uses of RFID

As antecedently mentioned, RFID was foremost used in warfare to spot friend from enemy. Similarly, the armed forces used the RFID system during the cold war epoch to place, manage, and track atomic arms. Today, there are several applications of RFID, which may include:

aˆ? Supermarkets and retail shops use RFID to pull off stock list, equipment, and staff.

aˆ? Airports and air hoses use RFID to pull off staff, riders, and luggage.

aˆ? Hospitals have used the engineering to pull off cardinal equipment, stock list, and staff.

aˆ? Manufacturing concerns have used RFID to pull off stock list and employees.

aˆ? The military uses the engineering to track and supervise forces and unsafe stuff such as atomic arms.

Advantages of RFID

One of the greatest advantages of RFID tags is the ability to track consumer goods right from the maker to the point of sale. In general, most goods are produced in foreign states and shipped to finish states. However, due to a deficiency of tracking systems, some goods are lost during transit, and this is a immense loss for concerns. RFID will give such concerns the chance to track cargos.

Another advantage of RFID is the ability to decrypt past information sing where a individual or goods have been. Such historical information is of import in supplying important information sing past happenings.

The 3rd advantage is that RFID is automated engineering that does non necessitate a human being to actively read it, as the saloon codification system does. Therefore, it eliminates the human mistake component in tracking and pull offing motion of goods.

Disadvantages of RFID

In general, RFID can be unsafe engineering if non decently managed. For case, if RFID is embedded in places or vesture, such pieces of vesture can be used to track the motions of an person around the universe. Such tracking extremely invades the privateness of an person without that person ‘s cognition or consent. Such trailing may besides be a unsafe security hazard for persons.

Emirates Airlines

The air hose industry is one of the most quickly turning industries in the universe. As international commercialism has quickly increased, so has the air hose industry. Asia, in peculiar China, India, South Korea, Singapore, the Arabian Gulf, and Malaysia, has spurred growing. The United Arab Emirates has besides experienced huge growing, and Emirate Airlines is right in the center of this growing.

Emirates Airlines is the biggest air hose in the Middle East with more than two 1000 flights per hebdomad. The air hose prides itself on a 50,000 staff base and long-range flights (, 2008 ) .

The air hose started off as a concern of necessity. The company web site explains that in the mid-1980s, the top air hose at the clip, Gulf Air, reduced flight services into Dubai. Thus, the royal household in Dubai decided to put in a new air hose, and in March 1985, emirates air hoses started operating (, 2008 ) .

The air hose has since registered rapid growing, going one of the biggest buyers of aircrafts. It prides itself on a long-range fleet of both Boeing and Airbus aircrafts. In its hangers are the dream line drives Boeing 777 and the brilliant Airbus A380. Such huge growing and investing has led the air hose to be a major participant in the air hose industry. ( 2008 ) confirms this by asseverating that in 2011, the air hose was the 4th largest air hose in the universe. This success has been attributed to excellence in in-flight service and consistent net incomes. The company expects to have an order of 90 Airbus A380 aircraft by 2017. This is the individual largest purchase of rider aircrafts in air power history securing, its hereafter in the air power industry.

Dubai International Airport “ DXB ”

Dubai is one of the seven emirates doing up the United Arab Emirates and one of the fastest developing locations in the Earth. At the centre of this development is the Dubai International Airport, referred to as DXB in the air power universe. The airdrome is the biggest air power hub in the Middle East, managing 65 % of all riders going through the Middle East. The airdrome handles over 130 air hoses that make about six thousand flights per hebdomad (, 2008 ) . Home to emirate air hoses, DXB has committed an full terminus to the air hose.

Dubai International Airport sits about 4km North of cardinal Dubai and handles over 50 million riders yearly. Similarly, it is besides the 6th busiest airdrome in footings of lading, managing somewhat over 2.2 million dozenss yearly.

The airdrome is an of import economic constitution in the UAE. The airdrome provides over 58,000 occupations with 100s of 1000s of indirect employment chances. With rapid growing in international tourers sing Dubai, the airdrome prognosiss that by 2017, it will manage three times the figure of riders sing today. Similarly, as China and the remainder of Asia lead the universe in economic growing, Dubai is seeking a more cardinal function as the linkage between the Far East and the remainder of the universe. Cargo draw is set to increase at unbelievable rates. Dubai international airdrome is invariably looking to spread out in order to run into its hereafter demands. A 2nd airdrome that seeks to complement DXB is Al Maktoum International Airport.

Problem Statement

With the recent rise in terrorist act, drug smuggling, and immense Numberss of riders and lading, Dubai International Airport and Emirates Airlines are looking to turn to RFID engineering. While the construct of RFID may be both timely and necessary, several pertinent issues impact the execution of RFID at both DXB and Emirates air hoses. This research reviews the controversial issues environing RFID execution. The consequence of this research is to set up whether implementing RFID will be good to DXB and Emirates Airlines.

The ground RFID is the preferable engineering for the air hose and the airdrome is the easiness with which the engineering improves direction and efficiency. The engineering could be used to pull off both lading and riders. With increasing volumes of luggage, the cost of supervising such baggage has kept increasing every bit good. This cost is run outing company resources and taking to continually decreasing efficiency. A displacement to RFID would assist the air hose and DXB to go the prima air hose and location, severally, in footings of efficiency in managing both riders and baggage.

Benefits of RFID to Emirates Airlines

Emirates air hoses has been sing an increasing figure of riders and by extension luggage. In add-on, with the debut of Boeing Dreamliners and Airbus A380, air hoses have to happen a agency of breaking their rider and luggage handling efficiency. With the debut of RFID engineering, Emirates Airlines will switch its concern efficiency to new highs.

Furthermore, the air hose has been sing increasing Numberss of barcode misreads, and following such lost luggage has been a concern. The air hose finds such luggage and, at its ain cost, ships the luggage to the client ‘s preferable finish. RFID provides effectual following mechanisms, and the figure of such errors will be greatly reduced.

Benefits to DXB

There are several advantages that DXB would accrue by implementing RFID engineering. Some of the advantages include:

Security: RFID has the advantage of labeling both employees and luggage, and the french friess contain information about the province and the location of the topics. This provides effectual security direction throughout the full airdrome. The ticket may besides be used as security keys for staff, hence pull offing the motion of both staff and riders.

Pull offing Equipment: RFID french friess could besides be used on equipment and other of import airdrome tools. The engineering will supply better equipment direction for the airdrome.

Situational Analysis

In February 2008, Emirates Airlines announced its first tests with RFID. The air hose was to spouse with London ‘s Heathrow, DXB, and Hong Kong International Airport in proving early utilizations of RFID engineering (, 2008 ) .

The air hose in partnership with DXB and the other airdromes was traveling to put about AED 2 million in the engineering. The air hose was aiming about half a million bags over a six-month period. Harmonizing to Emirates Airlines, RFID non merely helps the air hose run the concern more efficaciously, but it besides gives clients some peace of head cognizing that their luggage is decently and firmly handled.


This research is based on RFID and the different facets and the challenges that come with implementing RFID engineering both at the Dubai airdrome and at Emirates Airlines. This paper will research the different facets sing RFID engineering, its current applications and the demand for the engineering at the airdrome. This paper will dig into the advantages that will accrue upon following RFID engineering.


Decoder- device interpreting wireless moving ridges to informations.

DXB- Dubai International Airport

RFID- Radio Frequency Identification engineering

RFID chips- programmable Si devices that hold capable information.

Transponder- sender devices that emit wireless moving ridges with capable information.

Boundary line

One of the chief restrictions is the deficiency of resources to execute unrecorded trials of the different versions of RFID engineering. Thus, for the intent of consequences and recommendations, this research will trust on scholarly plants and instance surveies on the same. Another restriction that is likely to halter the undertaking is the clip restraints required to measure the full undertaking. Implementing RFID at an international airdrome and such a monolithic air hose will hold several impacts over a long period of clip. This undertaking may non hold sufficient clip to measure the challenges and consequences of implementing RFID.


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