In by and large foreign organic structure can be depicting as the constituent or thing which is non belonging to the human organic structure and it is stranger to the human organic structure. Foreign organic structure can acquire into the human organic structure by two ways, which is through the aspiration average inhale the foreign organic structure to human organic structure or by consumption either ingest with the nutrient during feeding or without nutrient. Foreign organic structure aspiration means the inhale the foreign organic structure through the windpipe into the respiratory piece of land like lungs and bronchial tube. Foreign organic structure consumption means ingest the Foreign organic structure through the gorge into the digestive piece of land like tummy. Foreign organic structure will impact more to the kids less than 4 twelvemonth old than the grownup people. Because big people can distinguish between the thing can eat, thing ca n’t eat and hold general cognition. But for the kids, they may make n’t cognize to distinguish between nutrient and foreign organic structure due to the procedure of the development, oral cavity to research to the environment because of the age and they are deficiency of the posterior teething to decently masticate nutrient. But ingest or inhale foreign organic structure still will happen to adult for whom more than 65 old ages old due the mental upset or some disease. When the immature kids inhale or consume the foreign organic structure into the organic structure, this status can take to the morbidity and mortality. The instantly intervention is needed to removal the Foreign organic structure from kid. When some is ingest or inhale the foreign organic structure, they will shoe some mark and symptom, with this mark and symptom we can think they may consume or inhale the foreign organic structure. So, we can take them to hospital for farther rating about the organic structure status and may for the intervention.

Normally foreign organic structure can divided in two chief groups, which are radio-opaque foreign organic structure and radiolucent foreign organic structure. Radiolucent foreign organic structure intend the foreign organic structure ca n’t been see on the general radiogram because it will non absorbed the x beam and will let the x beam base on balls through typically is due to low atomic figure. Radiopaque foreign organic structure typically has high atomic figure and can absorbed the X beam. The image can be seen on the general radiogram. Plastic object usually is the type of the radiolucent foreign organic structure and metallic object is the radio-opaque foreign organic structure.

Common location of the foreign organic structure mean the topographic point in human usually will impact or located by the foreign organic structure. The location wills non specific collect in one topographic point because of the clip passing, the foreign organic structure will go through from one portion to another portion due to the physiological of human organic structure like get downing and take a breathing. Foreign organic structure either consumption or aspiration ever will impact or will located in few portion of the human organic structure. The portion will be affected or located is due to the physical status and physiological functional of human organic structure. The common location can split into two types which is internal location and external location. Internal location mean the foreign organic structure located at indoors ain organic structure like digestive piece of land and respiratory piece of land. External average foreign organic structure located outside human organic structure like surface of tegument and surface of oculus.

The mark and symptom will be shown when person is accidently ingest or inhale foreign organic structure either for kids or grownup people. This mark and symptom help us or assist parent to measure the kids and grownup wellness status. When they suspect them have ingest or inhale foreign organic structure, so parent or guardian can take them to hospital for verification and farther intervention for removal foreign organic structure. The common mark and symptom for kids and grownup and for both foreign organic structure consumption and aspiration have listed down followers:

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Some radiologic scrutiny should be carry to see the location of foreign organic structure. The X beam projection will make in radiology section is AP or PA chest scrutiny, AP abdomen scrutiny and AP neck cervical scrutiny. The scrutiny is depend on the clip interval between the patient ingest or inhale foreign organic structure and the clip traveling to make ten beam. Patient may consume the coin at half an hr before the scrutiny, so the PA or PA chest radiogram will take if more than 45 proceedingss AP venters radiograph will take. At the same radiogram have reduced the sum dosage to the patient particularly for kids.

Above is the common projection will be done to see the location of the foreign organic structure. If the projection is non plenty to measure the exact location of foreign organic structure, radiotherapist may will order excess projection like sidelong projection of thorax and AP projection of pelvic girdle for guarantee physician know the exact location. This is really of import particularly for the surgical remotion of foreign organic structure.

Complication means unwanted or unfavorable development due to the disease. The complication of ingest and inhale of the foreign organic structure is depend on the type of foreign organic structure. Normally metallic object will do terrible complication than the plastic object because metallic object is physically harder than the fictile object. In add-on, in facet of acuteness, metallic object will be sharper so fictile object and can do terrible perforation in gorge and in tummy. Metallic object tend to corroding when it experience air and H2O together from the facet chemically and will farther damage the human organic structure either in respiratory piece of land or in digestive piece of land. illustration of the metallic object is battery. The common complication for both consumption and aspiration foreign organic structure have list down following:

Management of the foreign organic structure in depend on the type and location of the foreign organic structure. Different type and different location required different methods use to pull off the foreign organic structure. Removal of the foreign organic structure is depending on the how the foreign organic structure is get inside the organic structure. Normally aspiration foreign organic structure needed surgical intercession process. For consumption foreign organic structure usually can be take the foreign organic structure through the endoscopy process.

Is an hurt to the digestive piece of land due to the foreign organic structure. The common side is pharyngeal, laryngeal and esophageal. The consumption object will because hurt is material have acid and alkalic belongingss like battery, soap and bleach. This sort of consumption usually will go on to the pediatric population. The cause for the pediatric population may is the household streets or environmental status. If happen to adult intend the ground chiefly is attempt to suicide. The symptom may be changing due to the chemical belongingss. The intervention including esophagoscopy, imbibing H2O or milk to neutralize the chemical belongingss, giving antibiotic and retrograde dilation.

Foreign organic structure consumption and aspiration is a really unsafe thing because it will do the mortality if the object to the full obstructed the air passage. The ground why the right chief bronchus will impact more than left is due to the size of the right bronchial tube is wider than the left. In add-on, the Carina place is somewhat to the left side and right chief bronchial tube has more direct extension of the windpipe than the left. Other status including age of patient physical place at the of aspiration. So as parent or household member has take attention the kids really careful and ever observe they status.


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