Research Paper Raising Driving Age to 18 In the 13 July. 2011 USA Today newspaper article by William Van Tassel. director of AAA’s driver preparation plan. says that. “ Teens do go on to drive distracted even when they recognize the dangers. ” Harmonizing to the adolescent driving statistics that are provided by the CDC. about 3. 000 teens died in car accidents in 2009 and 350. 000 were treated for hurts. For all those grounds. I think the legal drive age should be raised to 18 from 16. One flooring thing I have found is that it is non merely because of their teenage age. but that they are inexperient drivers. In add-on. The driver’s erectile dysfunction categories are besides consequence on teenage drive ways. The categories need to be more rigorous drive safety. However. bad teenage drive has late resulted in many tragic deceases ; most 16 and 17 old ages drivers are non mature adequate to take determination on the route. All jobs can be solved by giving good instructions to all adolescents. clasp up while driving. and the most of import thing raising the legal drive age to 18.

I’ve researched about teens driving at the age of 16. and I found out that the deceases aren’t from foolhardy driving entirely. but besides the drivers are inexperienced. I was reading the Atlanta Journal and Constitution and the headline stated “Teens need more than clang class in safety” . Driver’s erectile dysfunction categories are the most of import thing how adolescents drive ; nevertheless. in those categories. they largely teach about how to go through the impulsive trial. For illustration. I took my driver’s ed category in 2009. in my high school. Their teaching category was 15 yearss long. but their teaching category on driving auto was merely 2 yearss long. This is how I passed my driver’s ed category. yet I did non larn plenty from their pattern drive. In add-on. the book “Crash Proof Your Kids” said. “your advice or attack to a given driving state of affairs may differ from the advice given to your adolescent by his driver instruction book or instructor. ” ( pg 48 ) To be able to accomplish that end. the instructors and parents should learn the pupil same about driving. A confident driver is a manner better driver than person who is confused and scared.

One of import ground for raising the impulsive age to the 18 is insurance. It can assist them financially since the cost of insurance is cheaper. In December 8. 2000 The Atlanta Journal and Constitution. Gary Butler said. “55. 8 per centum of the teens who died in Georgia rider auto clangs from 1996 to 1998 were unrestrained. Tellingly. of those who died in pickup trucks. 76. 5 per centum weren’t have oning place belts. ” Imagine how many of those lives teens under the age of 18 were. 16 years-old drivers have things they have non gone through yet that could intend their decease. if they don’t understand how to drive safely. They must be able make up one’s mind what is traveling on around them. When they are driving anyplace. they drive ever under force per unit area of many limitations. On the other side. non all adolescents are foolhardy driver. but besides some drivers drink and drive.

In the book Alcohol. Young Drivers. and traffic Accidents said. “One of the states investigated by Warren……… the minor population. ( pg 21 ) Those all result show that whenever authorities lowered a imbibing age. it straight effected on teenage drivers. Even though teens show adulthood. but that is non plenty for a good driver. experience is the lone key to safe drive. By raising the legal drive age to 18 can assist accomplish all ends. In this state. by jurisprudence. people become grownups at the age of 18. They are more responsible with themselves. and are more funny with their actions. They are willing to cover with the effects of what they did. They will be more careful when they drive. which make them confident and safe drivers. All in all. It is required to raise driving age from 16 to 18. It can repair many issues about hapless adolescent drivers.

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Meanwhile. we can cut down accident rates and do better statistics that we have today about teens driving. Driving safely is non the lone issue that will be accomplished. but besides drivers will esteem each other by following the Torahs. Just because of those Torahs. many extraordinary and good things will go on: people will salvage their life. people will salvage more money. less decease caused by adolescent drivers. and the most of import all. everyone will hold more confident when they drive. I believe this are the lone some things that we have to make it.


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