So why do so many people waste their time? The prophet Muhammad would only sleep three hours on a regular day and on Ramadan, he would sleep even less. Imagine a time where there isn’t any technology. Where people would wear short sleeves In the morning and have thick blankets at night. Not only was fasting harsh In those conditions, but some people would fast and come home to no food. I think we take advantages of these luxuries at home and we do not realize how hard It Is for others. In a traditional home back then, people would fast for about 14 hours.

Then they would go home to break their fast. They would go to the Mosque and stay there till about 8 am. There wouldn’t be any activities to do there because every place is closed. Now in Ramadan, the average young adult would stay up all night and sleep all day. Most would not pray all their daily prayers since they are asleep all day. What makes it worse is that at night they would not even stay at the Mosque. Most likely go to a smoke shop or go out to eat. What I think is more upsetting is the adults.

Whenever the Mosque would cater for the community, most people would bring their whole family, eat, and leave Just before it was time to pray. To make it worse, whenever the Mosque does not cater, there Is 10 times less people there. What’s really rude Is those people that eat and talk outside while the people Inside are praying. They say that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Whenever the children see their parents talk outside, they are most likely going to be like them. In conclusion, some people do not see the importance of what that month is worth.

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The youth are wasting their time and this process is sadly not going to stop. There is still some hope. Those who do the right thing will carry down their tradition. However, we are all going to go down, sooner or later. BY 516 L. A. II sleeves in the morning and have thick blankets at night.


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