Koichi Ramen is a little ramen noodle eating house in the tradition of the Nipponese staple dish.

Ramen noodle hovels are to Japan what the fast-food eating houses are to the people. They are a topographic point where people go for a quick. rich. make fulling repast when they don’t have clip or merely don’t feel like cooking. The ramen that is being mentioned here is non the one people know as the instant noodles. No. the ramen that is to be sold is the ‘real’ Nipponese dish. Similar to the instant version. ramen is simple in construct yet improbably disputing to bring forth. When prepared right. a bowl of ramen noodles can repair anyone’s twenty-four hours.

Mission Statement

To convey the client the delightful and reliable gustatory sensation of Nipponese ramen with high quality. and at a really low-cost monetary value.

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Vision Statement

To go an proprietor of Ramen noodles eating house and market the eating house with CAD $ 3000.


Ramen belongs to the eating house industry. The eating house construct is to convey original Nipponese ramen noodles to the Wellington country. It will be located at 1013 Wellington St Ottawa. ON.

Koichi presents itself with a immense potency to be a success. Over clip there is the possibility to spread out into different metropoliss such as Toronto.


Although there isn’t another ramen shop nearby the location but Taste Ramen+Fusion located at 197 bank street might be a rival in the metropolis and it has every bit many other rivals as any other fast-food eating house. particularly those that are closest to the location of the eating house.

Koichi Ramen has a batch of competition around the country. [ pic ] |Competitors near | Hino Restaurant | | |1013 Wellington Street West |

1. You +1’d this publically. Undo

Cozys Restaurant.

Tennessy Willems

Vina del Mar

Back Lane Cafe


Burnt Butter Italian Kitchen

With such a high denseness of rivals. the concern individuality could acquire lost. But it is the alone merchandising point that is the one key success factor that will non merely distinguish the eating house. but impel it to success.


The one major technological tendency impacting the industry is societal media. A new lifting tendency is the nomadic nutrient service format such as nutrient trucks. carts. etc ( eating house. org )

In footings of client penchant. the increased consciousness on nutrient has made customer’s palettes more demanding every bit good as being more open-minded towards new nutrients. There is besides a higher consciousness on nutrient quality. and this has in bend made eating houses exchange to better nutrients.


As antecedently mentioned. ramen is a really simple dish in construct. but it can be highly hard to get the hang.

Ramen is by nature a standard nutrient. meant for regular ingestion without acquiring tired of it. Because it is a dish you eat regularly it is meant to be an economical dish ( paying $ 20+ per repast will run out most people’s billfolds ) . The construct of ramen is taking really inexpensive ingredients and so promoting them to a new degree. Therefore. a ramen bowl is projected to be kept at around the monetary value of $ 8.

S. W. O. T Analysis
|Strength |Four different spirits and good advertisement | | |A alone sort of Noodle “Space Ram” manufactured for Nipponese astronaut | |Weakness |Limited advertisement & A ; trade name consciousness as compared to taking noodle trade names | | |Still seeking to perforate the planetary market | |Opportunity |Cost decrease by reconstituting production system | | |Growing market for fast to fix nutrient | |Threats |Less monetary value of competitor’s merchandise | | |Brand exchanging cost is really low Local trade names and eating houses

Marketing Schemes to run Ramen Noodles Business:
• Make company Son

• Sign cats

• Sports sphere boards

• Zamboni

• Make company Jerseies

• Car Son

• Billboard around the metropolis

• Food three

• Make an application in a cellular telephone

• Marketing utilizing societal web sites like Facebook. chirrup and LinkedIn

Target Market

Since ramen would be a new construct dish and younger people are more unfastened to different sorts of nutrients. The mark market is people aged 35 and younger with a niche on consumers interested in different culinary arts. There is no bound on either: gender. income. civilization. or geographical boundaries – limited of class. to those in the Wellington country.


There is a math expression that restaurants carry with them as a metre to pricing their nutrients. Cost of nutrient is to be set at around 25 % of the monetary value. In add-on. rent should take up 15 % of forecasted gross revenues. Taking into consideration these factors along with labour costs. volume of gross revenues. and margin penchants should give the direction a usher into pricing their bill of fare.

There is besides another factor to be considered. the immediate competition. Since Koichi is located inside a nutrient tribunal. the pricing of the adjacent eating houses should be accounted in.

After taking into consideration all factors involved. the mean monetary value per ticket would be at around $ 9 – $ 1. 5 higher than the norm of the competition. Although there is an uncertainness on how elastic the clients will be. the pricing set should reflect the quality of the merchandise every bit good as stay competitory in footings of monetary value.


Presently there are no long term programs that are definite. The major aim is to do the location at the Wellington as a running success by holding sustainable net incomes. That is the vision for the first twelvemonth.

Given such success. there will be extra points on the bill of fare implanted along with betterments on the current points. This would take topographic point at around the start of the 2nd twelvemonth.

In three old ages after the start of Koichi. there are some possible countries for the enlargement of the company that could take topographic point. The vision of Koichi is to spread out its skylines. non merely in the Wellington country. but out of state every bit good.


Since Koichi is a trade name new construct for the Wellington country. it faces one major hazard. There is no warrant that the Koichi construct will work. and there is no information to turn out this otherwise. The favourable tendency in the eating house industry gross revenues growing. every bit good as the addition on the consumer’s involvement in new nutrients helps decrease the badness of this important uncertainness.

Word of oral cavity can do or interrupt a eating house. A reappraisal by a nutrient critic can impact a restaurant’s hereafter as good. These two things are a contemplation of how the eating house is managed. Without any old experience by the proprietor. this excessively is a immense hazard.

Fiscal Plan for the Restaurant

Harmonizing to the information we have about your eating house to get down you need a fiscal program because it will assist you cognize how much you will pass on the concern you said you have merely $ 3000 it is non plenty for all the disbursals you will hold. which are:

• Equipment

• Liquor license

• Food & A ; eating house supplies

• Legal fee

• Working capital

• Selling

Because of the low capital you have in your manus I advise you to look into the Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre ( CBSC ) website World Wide Web. cbsc. org. This is a Canadian little concern finance plan. This plan will assist you with your infra-structure.

Sample Action Plan Table

|Action Items |Timeline |Budget | |Liquor Licence |By January 01/2013 | $ 925 | |Legal Fee |By January 01/2013 | $ 175 | |Marketing |By January01/2013 | $ 3. 476

The spirits licence usually is valid for 2 old ages. You have to do the payment by check or money order it has to be collectible to the curate of finance. It can non be post- dated. There will be a $ 35. 00 procedure fee charged if your check is returned by deficient fund. The concern licence by-laws are endorsed to protect public wellness and safety in affairs related to the concern operation. Licensing fees are established to countervail the cost of the related enforcement and inspect plans. Legal fee is given to anyone who is interesting to open their ain concern he has to pay this fee by check or money order. This license application may necessitate an review and blessing by staff of zoning. edifice. constabulary. wellness fire. and belongings criterions it will organize this procedure and advise you of your position. In Marketing I think because you already decided to open this concern and you don’t have a batch of clip I think after you apply for this Canada little concern plan you have try to put in selling to be able to acquire as many client as you can. because as it is non the lone Nipponese eating house in Ottawa you have to be able to convert your client. This plan will be really help full because you don’t have to pay it back and will assist you in your concern.


As we personally visited the eating house we recommend koi qi to:

• Plan to increase figure of client seating. at present merely 35-40 members can sit at a clip.

• Try to concentrate to sell more intoxicants along with Ramen noodles because it will increase the net incomes drastically.

• Plan the entryway which can be utile for thrust through and do lavatories clean and hygiene or else clients don’t show involvement to come to the eating house.

• He has to register the eating house in urban spoon and yip

• He has to register web site non merely for selling but besides for acquiring providing contracts and can concentrate on presenting to the clients.


Koichi Ramen is a eating house construct that grabs a staple Nipponese dish. and presents it to the Wellington country for the first clip. Although there is an uncertainness on how successful it will be ; the belief that good nutrient will pull any client is besides the restaurant’s key to success.


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