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Poetry is linguistic communication that is more intense than the ordinary linguistic communication. The elements

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of poesy make it recognizable that there are techniques and manners that add to this

strength. These elements can be found in the wordss of many blame vocals, particularly within

the wordss of? What? s It Gon na Be? by Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson.

Rhyme is the most adept component of poesy. It is defined as being the repeat

of sounds in linguistic communication. You can happen this repeat within many poetries of? What? s it

Gon na Be? . For illustration, in poetry one? Baby merely state me how you feel, we livin it and

merely givin it to you existent? . The two stoping words? experience? and? existent? gives the vocal a

riming consequence. Another illustration of rime is in lines eight and nine of verse one. These

lines say, ? To my people who regulatin the dance floors, better measure in yo concern and

grip yours. ? Floors? and? yours? besides add the riming consequence of this vocal. The rime

in? What? s it Gon na Be? classifies this vocal as being slightly poetic.

Poetry communicates experience, and experience comes to us mostly through the

senses ( seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, and touching ) . Imagery is a mental and ocular

feeling that entreaties to one of the five senses. Ocular imagination is a sense thats

expressed throughout? What? s it Gon na Be? . For illustration, verse two line 12 says,

? Paintin a image I see it? s hot on the window? . ? See? is the keyword in line 12 that

shows ocular imagination. Hearing is another sense that? s used often within this vocal.

For illustration, the chorus says? Gon na do, gon na do, your organic structure shriek out yeah! ?

This poetry is really effectual in showing the sense of hearing. When it is read, the

exclaiming grade brings this poetry alive. If the exclaiming grade wasn? T at that place the

keyword? shriek? still classifies this as an illustration of imagination.

Voice is another component of poesy that this vocal seems to hold. The talkers in

? What? s it Gon na Be? are Busta Rhymes and Janet Jackson. The chorus is sung by Janet

and the poetries are rapped by Busta Rhymes. The tone of? What? s it Gon na Be? is

slightly aroused and fast paced. When you read the chorus it gives you an energetic

feeling. For illustration, ? Gon na do, gon na do, your organic structure moisture. Gon na do, gon na

do, your organic structure shriek out yeah! ? When reading this the commas and exclaiming grade

velocities up the gait of the vocal.

Subject is the overall thought expressed within a narrative, vocal, or verse form. The primary

subject of? What? s it Gon na Be? is sex. Busta Rhymes and Janet are stating the hearers of

this vocal all the things they can make sexually. An illustration of this is, ? And makin you

adult females say ( ahh ) babe come on? . Busta Rhymes has a slightly? cocky? attack to

sex. Janet Jackson besides has this same? cocky? attack. For illustration, ? Gon na do,

gon na do, your organic structure pick? . When Janet refers to? pick? she? s stating that she can

do person make their sexual extremum. Overall this vocal? s subject has a really strong sexual


Figurative linguistic communication is defined as words that mean something other than the existent

significance. The bulk of blame vocals have a big sum of nonliteral linguistic communication.

? What? s it Gon na Be? has a abundant sum of this. For illustration, ? full fledge hittin with

Busta Rhymes and Janet and you know its & # 8230 ; ? . The word? hittin? means sex, so in other

words this poetry is stating? full fledge sex with Busta Rhymes and Janet? . Another

illustration of nonliteral linguistic communication is, ? Making you people merely wan na bounciness and acquire busy? .

? Bounce? refers to go forthing and? acquire busy? means holding sexual intercourse, so this poetry

says? doing you people merely wan sodiums leave and have sex? .

In decision, ? What? s it Gon na Be? has really strong poetic elements. This vocal

had beat, subject, imagination, and voice. Actually I couldn? t find that many figures of

address, such as a metaphor or a simile, but I could happen some nonliteral linguistic communication. Overall I

feel that this assignment made me recognize how poetic some rap vocals can be. This

assignment besides made me go familiar at acknowledging the elements of poesy.



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