When composing The Rape of the Lock Pope’s chief intent was to make a narrative that laughed two feuding households back together. yet in the procedure he accomplished non merely a amusing verse form. but besides insight into the world of the societal elitists lifestyle and revealed their true personalities. In The Rape of the Lock. Alexander Pope makes merriment of the egotistic upper category. chiefly the chief character Belinda. through mock heroic poem. and brings a deeper significance to simple pairs by utilizing literary rhyming strategies that help the reader better appreciation what is traveling on in merely a twosome words. Canto I. lines 127-128 provinces:

Th’inferior Priestess. at her Alter’s side.
Trembling. begins the sacred Rites of Pride.

Throughout the verse form Pope ridicules upper category society and the fiddling things their universe seems to go around about. as is presented in this pair. Alternatively of depicting a hero idolizing something important. he describes a self-obsessed adult female idolizing herself in a mirror. The Priestess being described is Belinda. because the image of herself in the mirror is the Goddess that she serves. Therefore the inferior Priestess is mentioning to her amah. The communion table that she is standing beside is her amour propre. A typical person’s communion table normally holds something of import to their faith such as roods or something symbolic such as staff of life and vino. as in the Christian faith. However Belinda’s communion table non merely displays a mirror with her contemplation but combs and pulverizations. points that don’t assist her worship a higher being but points that transform her into the higher being she worships so in a heartfelt way. herself.

As opposed to an heroic poem where the chief character is altruistic. heroic. and is ever looking out for of the greater good of others. Pope mocking this subject makes his chief character reflect the opposite features. Although the composing manner Pope uses is eventful to the verse form. it is the modest connexion he makes between simple words that expands the significance to the pairs. The rime between the two words at the terminal lines. side and pride. have an of import correlativity. If these two words were the lone things taken out of this pair the reader would still hold an thought sing what is traveling on. At the side of something is pride. Pride can be seen as ego and haughtiness. which are ideal words to depict Belinda’s personality. Pope aids the reader in calculating out what he is depicting by underlying the significance into merely two words.

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