A 12 twelvemonth old miss named Ontlametse Phalatse lives in Hebron. a little town merely north of Johannesburg. South Africa. When she gets place from school. she does prep. tickers television. does her day-to-day jobs. and sometimes helps her female parent cook. Ontlametse has bright programs for the hereafter. to go a psychologist. This apparently ordinary kid is besides known as the lone life black individual with the disease known as Progeria. This rare disease is a familial status that’s speeds up the aging procedure.

There were merely two other black kids that were diagnosed with the status. but they died. Ontlametse and a white kid are the lone Africans diagnosed and they both live in South Africa. They may populate at that place because South Africa has some of the best medical attention on the continent. Most kids with Progeria dice between the ages of 8 and 21. normally enduring from bosom failure. shots. and high blood force per unit area. By the age of three months Ontlametse suffered changeless roseolas. and before she was one twelvemonth old her hair was falling out.

Ontlametse At the age of six she was enrolled in school. where instructors and schoolmates scorned her because they thought she had AIDS. Ontlametse was non diagnosed until she was 10. when a physician friend hinted on the status to her female parent. Even though she has this status Ontlametse is a bright and strong small miss. She says “I don’t care what people say about me” mentioning to the mean classmates. but she says that she has two friends in her category.

At school Ontlametse is self witting about her barefaced caput and ever wears a chapeau. that’s why one of the things on her wish list is a specially designed wig to have on when she’s non at place. Ontlametse calls herself the first lady because she is the lone black kid with this status. Ontlametse says she wants to be a psychologist when she grows up so that she can assist others accept themselves for the manner that they are. merely like she does. This dream of the hereafter would necessitate a miracle knowing that she may merely hold a twosome more old ages to populate.

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Every school vacation. Ontlametse flies to the Progeria Research Foundation at Children’s Hospital in Boston. Massachusetts. Here she participates in research were she has entree to cutting border drugs. I think that this article is truly flooring. interesting and sad. This small miss is the lone black individual with Progeria on the whole planet. I have seen a show about this status on television. there was a three twenty-four hours convention that brought together all of the kids with this status.

It was truly flooring to see these immature kids looking like old people and holding all of the wellness related issues that old people have. they are so little and delicate. Even though Ontlametse has all these jobs she still attends school. does jobs. has dreams. and is so strong. which is really inspiring. She does non allow this status convey her down. she knows that it’s a portion of her and she wants to be a theoretical account for others to accept themselves as they are. This article is besides saddens me because in world this small miss. so full of life and personality. may merely hold a few more old ages left to populate.


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