I. Outline

RCBC Savings Bank is a entirely owned subordinate of one of the country’s top cosmopolitan Bankss. Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation ( RCBC ) . RCBC Savings Bank was incorporated on the fifteenth twenty-four hours of January. 1996 to supply retail banking services to its mark patronage and service as the consumer and retail banking arm of RCBC. RCBC Savings Bank officially started its thrift banking operations on the twenty-seventh twenty-four hours of February. 1996.

It grew extensively in merely over a twelvemonth. from a thin one-branch organisation with a seven-man skeletal force to an establishment with a web of six subdivisions supported by 106 full-time forces in 1997. In September 1998. RCBC Savings Bank acquired selected assets and false sedimentation liabilities of Capitol Development Bank. As a consequence of the strategic confederation. the Bank further widened the range of its subdivision web and became the 2nd largest thrift bank in the state with 117 subdivisions.

One of its subdivisions is the RCBC Savings Bank La Paz in Iloilo City. It serves many Ilonggos in banking and funding services. Despite of its fast growth concern. the Management paid no attending to some internal control facets of its subdivisions. Like the La Paz Branch many ailments from clients sing the efficiency and slow-moving service of the bank.

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The long queuing of the clients every clip they do minutess to Tellers is truly a job ; it decreases the good will of the company and much more the client satisfaction. As we all know. the competition in banking industry is high and many Bankss are already here in Iloilo. How would the Management reference this job? What class of actions or solutions should the Management put in topographic point to accomplish higher client satisfaction? Is the company truly into recognizing its vision to be the most-sought-after by the consumer market when it comes to fiscal merchandises and services?


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