Fish’s informed reader is an ideal (case with postulated readers)… The best reader of the text. The distinction among narrates implied readers, intended readers, and postulated readers are significant, but they are subtle and not always recognized. As a consequence, they are sometimes blurred as critics (including Fish and User) fuse them or move from one to another without notice. Rather than hypothetical readers some critics focus on activities of real readers – Bleach’s assumption: “The role of personality in response is the most fundamental fact of criticism. ” – Reader – critics not only differ with respect to what entity they mean by “reader”, they also differ with regard to the perspective from which they treat it. – Most reader critics admit, to some extent, the necessity of “conceptualizing the act of reading” (Fish).

Claiming that meaning is entirely context – dependent and that there is consequently no such thing as literal meaning. The close relationship between meaning and interpretation on the one hand and context on the other. But readers are not simply in a single context; they are always in several. – Cultural context of reader – Culler – In his discussion of literary conventions; examines the process of reading in the context


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