The Teeming Metropolis of You” & Virginia Hughes, “Our Body the Ecosystem” 03 / 10 / 2014 Brendan Bubblers “The Teeming Metropolis of You” & Virginia Hughes, “Our Body the Ecosystem” Summary: In this article, “The Teeming Metropolis of You” by Brendan Bubbler. The author writes about how our small intestine functions, and the author explains this by saying that our small intestine is not a temple, but instead a complex piece of machinery.

Bubbler also says that the way our bodies work is very interesting room a general point of view, but there Is a lot more that we could know. All In all, the author provides a detailed step-by-step process in which bacteria help keep out dangerous pathogens. Personal Response: I personally think that Bubbler’s essay is very descriptive in the way he writes about our biota, he goes into depth when he uses a real life example of an apartment building being a crack den and how our tenants’ keep these vandals out.

I didn’t realize beforehand how our bodies worked so efficiently and in such complicated ways, however Brendan Bubbler made me sit on he edge of my seat wanting to know more about how one single bacteria can change our moods and behaviors. Articles Like this one presented to me a much wider knowledge of our biota. It gave me a plethora of real life examples to explain situations that occur within our bodies.

Critical Response: In this article, “The Teeming Metropolis of You” by Brendan Bubbler, the author gives the reader an Insight Into the microbiology of our body and gives us a clear explanation of how things function as well. The reader can really get involved into the story because the tutor gives a lot of reliable facts as examples of how things work In our body, As he writes in the ninth paragraph of his article, “To some extent, this makes sense; after all, If harmless bacteria were playing for keeps, they wouldn’t be harmless-?they would be attacking our Intestinal cells and colonizing the rest of our body.

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Similarly, If our immune systems were fighting at full strength, we would be sick all the time, since most of the experience of being ill-?fevers, aches, coughing, runny noses, etc. -? is the result of our body trying to make itself inhospitable to microorganisms. Another examples of reliable facts that Bubbler also states In his article Is located In the last sentence of fourteenth paragraph, as he writes. “Because your immune system is better at trashing your biota than it is salmonella, salmonella suddenly has more nutrients to eat and more space to grow. According to this paragraph, not only will the growth of salmonella attract the reader’s attention; readers will also feel amazed by the fact that our immune system is better at trashing our biota than It is salmonella, which is really bad. Meanwhile, comparing to another passage called, Our Body the Ecosystem” by Virginian Hughes, the author uses a great methods of analogy in order to proof to the readers that the body works Just as the ecosystem.

She uses a lot of real life situations as examples to assist the reader to understand the depth of her main point, which our body act like an ecosystem in various ways. She uses the example with a boy, who had an infection with his skin. As she writes in tofu months old… In bed, he still sometimes lies on his back with both legs sticking straight up so they’re easier to scratch. ” After knowing Jacks real life situation, the deader can really get involved into the story.

All in all, by giving a lot of reliable facts and real life situations very clearly, both of the authors successfully get the reader’s curiosity and attention towards each article. Vocabulary: Autoimmune Disease (noun): any of a large group of disease characterized by abnormal functioning of the immune system that causes your immune system to produce antibodies against your own tissues Pathogen (noun): any disease-producing agent (especially a virus or bacterium or other microorganism) Serotonin (noun): a neurotransmitter involved in e. G. Sleep and depression and memory


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