This idea seems appealing to private universities with generous funding because it allows them to attract the top players to their school. Believe that student athletes should not be paid any additional money than that which covers their tuition costs. Student Athletes receive scholarships and additional grants once they participate in collegiate sports. These scholarships allow for students to continue and pursue their education while honing their skills at their particular sport.

Their free education which if they complete, awards them a aplomb that provides income serving as the biggest compensation in itself. An average student athlete in SST. John’s receives over $30,000 in scholarship aid and will continue to earn more once they have graduated. The total amount allotted by student athletes to compete for their schools over the course of four years is valued around $100,000. Many agree this is a reasonable rate for the student athletes. Paying student athletes additional money also results in a worse reputation of the institution itself.

If a university funds more of the student athletes’ pay, they are perceived as a business rather than an educational institute. Complaints from other students are voiced on campus as they appeal to have the school funds on more practical projects for education. Many schools profit from the games and the tournaments played so the appeal for a well known athlete is high. Universities and schools should min minimize excess spending as to not be confused by a franchise such as the NAB.

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Student Athletes are an integral art of our university system and deserve to be awarded fairly. I believe the current system for covering the cost of student athlete’s education expense is ample compensation of their time. With less stress of housing and finances, these student athletes can focus on their particular sport and try to uncover any hidden talent they have. However, as stated earlier, paying a student athlete the same as a league player is irrational as these students are pupils first and athletes second. Should college athletes be paid?


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