reasons may lead you to be searched without a warrant, or probable cause. However, some things that aren’t considered probable cause is things like minor traffic violations, like speeding, broken tail light, or an expired registration. This cause is important because without having the ability to be searched right on the spot can lead to other people getting hurt as well as yourself. For example is your drinking under the influence of any illegal drink or drug, your driving will most likely be unsafe and you could be going over the speed limit and not following all of the rules there are on driving. This could definitely lead to you hitting anothers car and severely injuring or killing someone else in the other vehicle and yourself. Over the last several years, this amendment has been discussed and argued about often. The argument is over rather the amendment takes away our privacy. Many people don’t like their belongs to be searched through and feel as if they’re being violated while being searched for something they didn’t do and are in fact innocent. However, many people have protested against being violated, an example would be the Muehler v. Mena court case. This case took place in was argued in 2004, but was decided in 2005 (Muehler v. Mena, 2004). One day an officer got a warrant from the government to search Mena’s home. The officers got the warrant so that they could search her house for any harmful weapons that could be in her house. The officers were also conducting a search for a gang member they thought might be there. However, when the police came to actually search her home, they had put her in handcuffs. They also went on to put the rest of the people that were in the household in handcuffs as well. The officers also asked Mena about her immigration status. This violates the 4th amendment because one of the biggest parts of the amendment is that we have the right to be free from any unreasonable seizures. After Mena realizes that one of her amendments were broken, she quickly made a change. Mena sued the officers for this and said that they had no right of doing this. However, Mena actually lost this case because the officers put her in handcuffs for their own safety. The warrant gave the officers to have authority to detain anything in order to keep any sort of violence at its minimum. The officers asking about her immigration statistics also doesn’t violate the amendment because they didn’t put Mena in any harmful situation and were simply asking to have more information on her. Another case dealing with the 4th amendment is a case that took place in Utah. The next court case occurred on January 8, 1991 but argued on May 10, 1991 (California v. Acevedo, 2012) This case issued when a man named Charles Acevedo was stopped by policemen in California people issued that they thought he had drugs in his car. Once Acevedo was stopped, the car was searched and in fact there was a drug that could have easily harmed him and others. Once at his trial, Acevedo tried to put the fact that a drug was found in his car to the side, since the officer didn’t have a warrant while searching his car. However, the Supreme Court had ruled before that if there were evidence to make an officer have probable cause then he/she is allowed to search the vehicle without hesitation. Quickly the court denied his motion, of simply putting to the side the fact that drugs were found and Acevedo lost this case and was pleaded guilty. These two court cases are examples on ways that the 4th amendment helps us. Even though this amendment is really important and keeps us safe from many things, some people do not like this amendment. They don’t like it because they think that it is being misused as an excuse, (Hadenrice, 2013). In almost all court cases dealing with the fourth amendment, the officer always wins and the person suing ends up guilty. This occurs often because most cases are people feeling violated and that the officer didn’t have a right to do whatever the case may be, when in reality they did in fact have the right. Probable cause is a big key factor for this. For example there is many disagreements on rather or not something should be considered probable cause or not. People also don’t like this amendment because they feel like officers us probable cause as an excuse to get away with things. Some even feel like probable cause is used too much and that it allows officers to get away with things. However, in reality the court is following the actual amendment and probable cause rules. In fact, many people use “he had no right of searching my car or belongs”, as an excuse to get away with what illegal thing they did. They do this so that the court will feel pity for them but it obviously doesn’t work since there are already set out rules. Even though it may not seem like it, without the 4th amendment a lot would be unorganized and we would actually feel unsafe without it.The fourth amendment helps us in many ways and keeps our everyday life organized and tamed. Without this amendment, conflict could easily occur which could lead to violence between citizens. Without the rights that this amendment gives us, police officers would have way more control and would be much more free or doing whatever they want. This would mean that a police officer could come to your house and search it at any time and you would not be able to do anything about it. If this were to happen, it would make you feel like a prisoner and like there is nowhere where you are safe. This would  make people upset and cause many issues. This amendment also gives us our privacy from the outside world. This amendment also keeps us protected from outside forces. For example, if a police stopped a pedestrian with probable cause and ends up finding drugs or any harmful object, the officer just reduced somebody from getting hurt. The weapon found could have easily ended up being used to harm people and drugs could be used in an immature manner. Overall, with the rules of the 4th amendment, the government is limited to what they can and cannot do and it gives us privacy while keeping us safe.


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