There are a figure of grounds why a house purchases another company. Mullins ( 2001 ) stated several of these grounds. one of which includes the most evident and of import reason—to addition net income and maximise its shareholder’s wealth. Elimination of competition is another ground to get a house. Some companies get their rivals to cut down competition and better its place in the market. However. acquisition for this intent is against the jurisprudence harmonizing to the antimonopoly Acts of the Apostless.

As a consequence. the geting houses emphasize in its imperativeness release that the acquisition is non anti-competitive but a manner to better function the clients. If the U. S. regulative bureaus. nevertheless. construe that the acquisition could be anti-competitive. the acquisition may be blocked. Company growing is besides one of the grounds why acquisitions occur. Acquisition is besides an attack used when the geting house has excess hard currency which can be used for investings. To cut down corporate hazard. houses besides purchase another company which could ensue in improved net incomes and gross revenues stableness.

For case. a vesture company specializes in swimsuit while another vesture house designs winter apparels. Therefore. buying the swimwear company to derive net income during summer and spring is a good scheme to extinguish the gross revenues instability of the winter vesture company caused by the alterations in season. This illustration could besides be used to exemplify another ground why acquisitions occur—to enter another market. The mark firm’s experience and resources. including its employees’ expertness and concern relationships. are readily available for the geting house to take advantage of.

Therefore. instead than get down a swimwear aggregation of its ain. it would be much easier for the winter vesture company to get the swimwear company. A company’s resources could besides be the mark of the geting house. These resources may be touchable ( e. g. . works and equipment ) . intangible ( e. g. . trade secrets and patents ) . or endowments of the mark firm’s employees. Another ground cited for geting a house is synergy. which is a term used to depict efficiency gained from making more than one thing.

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For illustration. it is a good scheme for a meat treating company to get a leather goods maker as they require the same natural stuff. Finally. acquisition occurs when the proprietors of a family-owned concern want to retire or go forth the concern and the following coevals is non interested to go on the concern ( Mullins. 2001 ) . In an interview conducted by Barnett ( 2004 ) for her article. Benoit shared another ground why acquisitions occur. He stated that acquisition allows the geting houses to acquire new clients.

The intensifying stock monetary values and sensible involvement rates were besides considered as grounds for the addition in the figure of acquisition trades ( Flanagan. et Al. . 2004 ) . Even with these good grounds. many corporate acquisitions fail. A study conducted by the KMPG reported that 83 per centum of the acquisitions fell abruptly of the forecasted programs ( Lear. 2000 ) . Additionally. in the book of Galpin and Herndon ( The Complete Guide for Merging and Acquisitions. 2000 ) . surveies showed that merely 23 per centum of all acquisitions earn their cost of capital.

In add-on. the stock monetary values of geting companies rise merely 30 per centum of the clip after an proclamation of the acquisition trade. 70 per centum of the instances observed besides revealed that synergisms projected for acquisition trades are unattained. “People” jobs and cultural issues were besides noted as the most cited grounds in failed integrating ( cited in Flanagan. et Al. . 2004 ) . Barnet ( 2004 ) and Lear ( 2000 ) agree with Galpin and Herndon’s findings which cite the clang of civilizations of the two houses being combined could be a ground for acquisition failure if the integrating is non facilitated good.

Acquisitions fail when geting houses do non carefully see and analyse the civilization of the two houses being combined and their compatibility in countries like personality. work manners. unity. and trust Barnett. 2004 ) .


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