Rebellion And Conformity Essay, Research Paper

A Nipponese adage says, The nail that sticks out will be hammered down. Society attempts to put many ordinances on us as persons as to what is admissible and what is non. We must make up one’s mind for ourselves whether to conform to such a societal decorousness. We are taught every bit shortly as we are old plenty to hold on the thought that it is unwanted to be alone and to avoid being different.

At some point, nevertheless, we must make up one’s mind within ourselves whether to pass every twenty-four hours seeking to be like everyone else because society says we should or populating each twenty-four hours true to ourselves. Our strength as a individual is proven through what we decide. E. E. Cummings one time said, To be nobody but yourself-in a universe which is making it s best dark and twenty-four hours to do you like everyone else-means to contend the hardest conflict which any human being can contend, and ne’er halt combat. The benefits of being true to ourselves greatly outweigh any negative facets of taking that way.

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I think that there are times when it is best to seek to conform, but most of the clip you stand to derive the most by being yourself. When we do non conform we are seen for who we truly are, we learn to believe for ourselves, we are draw a bead oning to be great, and we may perchance detect what God would hold us make with our lives. By make up one’s minding to be ourselves no affair the cost, we stand to derive much more from life than we could of all time


What is rebellion? That is a inquiry that, in many ways can be answered and in some ways can t be wholly answered at all. Literature illustrates the diverseness that rebellion can supply to the reader. The reading of what rebellion is can be a comprehensive 1. As a reader, or observer if that is the instance, one automatically forms his ain sentiment or personal definition of rebellion. While there is a definition of rebellion in the lexicon, happening out the spirit or existent significance of the word can merely be done by reading. To me, rebellion is a pursuit by one or more people to liberate their spirit or to take on subjugation for a good cause and/or to do a statement and/or to alter society s ideals.

As I read different choices of literature, I have my ain set of ideals, ethical motives, or positions to which I can compare to those within the pieces of literature whether they are of the sentiment of the writer, or merely a portraiture of that of some other civilization or society. Even though I do non anticipate to alter my position, I can derive penetrations as to why I do hold the point of views that I do and why others may hold a really different one. I can detect many ways to esteem the places that others have, as contrary to mine as they may be. Rebellion is non ever an inauspicious thing merely because one does non adhere to the modus operandi of stylish society ; in fact it may take to it s ain manner of conformance.


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