City selling application is mostly dependent on building, communicating and direction of the metropolis image, as it is accepted that brushs with the metropolis take topographic point through perceptual experiences and images. Therefore the object of metropolis selling is the metropolis ‘s image, which in bend is the get downing point for developing the metropolis ‘s trade name ( Kavaratzis, 2004 ) .

‘City branding provides, on the one manus, the footing for developing policy to prosecute economic development and, at the same clip, it serves as a conduit to metropolis occupants to place with their metropolis. In this sense the relevancy of and necessitate for a model describing and clear uping the procedures involved in metropolis stigmatization are every bit strong for confronting increasing competition for resources, investing and touristry on the other manus and for turn toing pressing societal issues like societal exclusion and cultural diverseness on the other ‘ ( Kavaratzis, 2004 ) .

The intent of this paper is to compare and analyse the contrasting attacks of the two metropoliss – Ahmedabad ( India ) and Abu Dhabi ( UAE ) , in context to touristry development and metropolis selling. The paper would be structured as: First a survey of a brief history and background of each metropolis ‘s image and its passage over clip. Second, an analysis of the selling exercisings followed by the two metropoliss. Third, doing a comparative analysis of the two metropoliss on certain defined standard ‘s and in conclusion reasoning the high spots so as to organize a derived survey.


Ahmedabad is the most outstanding metropolis of the province of Gujarat, in western India. Founded in 1411 AD, the metropolis of Ahmedabad went from a little military colony surrounded by walls and located on the Bankss of the river Sabarmati to a major metropolis that today has over five million people. Ahmedabad was the province capital of Gujarat until 1970. Not merely is it a hustling industrial and commercial centre, it besides has a absorbing old one-fourth of high historical and cultural involvement. The metropolis ‘s alone kernel resides in its autonomy and commercial genius.

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‘Mahatma Gandhi chose Ahmedabad to set up his Sabarmati Ashram and spearhead the non-violent ‘Satyagraha ‘ motion for the Independence of India from the British Raj. The ensuing political importance of Ahmedabad, juxtaposed with the pre-British Raj epoch that has seen the engagement of civilizations in the humanistic disciplines, trade, architecture and commercialism of the metropolis, has given it a distinguishable spirit where modernness and heritage go manus in manus ‘ ( Nair, 2011 p.106 ) . But shortly after India proclaimed its independency, the metropolis set out on an enlargement procedure, and as the population grew, its dwellers began to travel to the other side of the river, far from the walled metropolis. The rapid transmutation of the metropolis, both in its urban landscape and in the new ways of life of the people, led Ahmedabad ‘s historic heritage to get down a diminution. Its population lost involvement in it and as a consequence besides lost the cognition of its ain historical individuality ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ? cat=5, 2011 ) . However, in the latter half of the 19th and early twentieth centuries, major fabric industries were established in Ahmedabad which earned it the rubric ‘Manchester of the East ‘ . Over the last century Ahmedabad has set up many educational, scientific and cultural establishments of international and national stature through the generousness of its prima concern households. ‘An of import component of Ahmedabad ‘s individuality is its architectural landscape that stretches across the centuries. Ahmedabad is home to a overplus of step-wells, temples, castles, mosques, mausoleums and institutes of national and international celebrity and the architectural individuality reveals an merger of deep-seated traditional values with the aspirations of changed times ‘ ( Nair, 2011 p.109-110 ) .

Recent development and metropolis selling schemes

One of the much-publicized events that contributed to the positive image of the metropolis was the resettlement of the Tata Group ‘s small-car works from over West Bengal. Further initiatives that will greatly lend to Ahmedabad ‘s urban development include the successful launch of its Bus Rapid Transit System ( BRTS ) , the Sabarmati Riverfront Project and the ambitious Gujarat International Finance Tec-City ( GIFT ) . The province authorities has developed dedicated web sites to showcase the three undertakings:, and

As a major stigmatization exercising, the Gujarat Government instituted an event, the Vibrant Gujarat Summit in 2003, to place Gujarat as a preferable industrial finish. The acme has been an vastly successful enterprise for Gujarat and by deduction for Ahmedabad. It helped lift from the monolithic temblor in 2001 and the communal public violences in 2002 by pulling investings to the province. The Vibrant Gujarat 2011 acme focused more on rebranding the province as a concern hub instead than merely an investing finish. As a recent development, the Washington-based planetary lobbying house Apco World-wide is contracted to market Gujarat across the universe as an ideal investing finish and to develop Vibrant Gujarat into a ‘super trade name ‘ .

Ahmedabad ‘s population is seen as an huge resource for the metropolis ‘s future growing. The metropolis population may surplus ten million by 2020. Undertakings like the Gandhinagar-Ahmedabad tube rail and BRTS are poised to go landmark undertakings for the state. The civic governments have spent in surplus of INR 20 billion on metropolis development over the last five old ages and another INR 100 billion has been commissions for strategic be aftering under the National Urban Renewal Mission ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) ( Nair, 2011 p.110 ) .

In over a decennary ‘s clip, Ahmedabad envisions to go a universe category metropolis and non merely another city. With a ring of ports developing near Ahmedabad, backed up by monolithic Particular Investment Regions and Particular Economic Zones ( SEZs ) for technology goods, treasures and jewelry, fabric and dress Parkss, the metropolis is poised for a elephantine leap forward. Besides the Gujarat Government has developed theme-based international events such as the International Kite Festival on the Bankss of the river Sabarmati and the ‘Nine Nights ‘ of dance particular to Gujarati civilization, the ‘Navratri ‘ , around which another international festival has been promoted ( Nair, 2011 p.111 ) .

Tourism in Gujarat and Ahmedabad is led basically by a strong demand from within the province. International touristry is besides sing a steady growing with the assorted festivals and events runs and the recent ‘Khushboo Gujarat Ki – Brand Campaign ‘ with Indian film star Amitabh Bachhan as the Brand Ambassador, which has proven to be the most beneficiary for Gujarat Tourism. Ahmedabad is besides the most preferable topographic point for medical circuit or medical interventions in India. With universe category wellness installations and low-cost cost, and with more than 1500 international visitants per twelvemonth for assorted interventions, the metropolis is going one of the most sought medical touristry Centre in the state. The metropolis besides has the biggest infirmary in Asia, the Ahmedabad Civil Hospital ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 2012 ) . Ahmedabad is besides one measure closer to World Heritage City position. The metropolis has been officially included in Unesco ‘s World Heritage City probationary list and is among the lone metropolis from India competing for the desired position ( The Times of India, 2011 ) .


Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven Emirates that comprise the United Arab Emirates and is the capital of the UAE. It has a population of 1.5 million and histories for 86.7 % of the entire surface country of the province. It is home to the universe ‘s 6th largest proved oil militias and besides is the biggest oil manufacturer in the UAE and owns 90 % of the UAE ‘s oil and natural gas ( Hazime, 2010 p.4736 ) . Partss of Abu Dhabi were settled as far back as the 3rd millenary BC, and its early history fits the part ‘s mobile, crowding and fishing forms. Until the mid twentieth century, camel herding, agribusiness, fishing and pearl diving were the major businesss within the emirate. Everything changed in 1958 when oil was discovered and the development of modern Abu Dhabi commenced ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 2012 ) . After Independence of the UAE from British regulation in 1971, the metropolis wholly changed its mentality – skyscrapers replaced modest clay huts, the civilization of Abu Dhabi became more progressive, and oil wealth knew no bounds ( hypertext transfer protocol: //, 2012 ) .

City selling and stigmatization schemes

The emirate of Abu-Dhabi, through its Policy Agenda 2007 to 2008, the strategic Plan 2008 to 2012 and the Plan Vision Abu-Dhabi 2030 has late re-branded itself and has made a series of self-asserting moves in order to hike its touristry development every bit good as to make a more diversified economic system. These programs form the stigmatization scheme of Abu-Dhabi. Formulated in 2007, the chief aim of the Plan Abu-Dhabi 2030 is to accomplish effectual economic transmutation of the Emirate ‘s economic system. This will be achieved by:

Transformation of the Emirates and their economic base through: the variegation of economic activities, broadening the economic base and spread outing their foreign markets ;

Fostering fight ;

Bettering productiveness ;

Maximizing the engagement of adult females ;

Attracting the best accomplishments from abroad ;

Stimulating rapid economic growing in the regional countries ;

Importing and using ‘best patterns ‘ from abroad ;

Developing domestic resources concentrating on substructures, conveyance and ITC ;

Bettering human capital through instruction, preparation and other methods ;

Expansion of a figure of strategic economic sectors: Energy, petrochemicals, metals, air power, aerospace, pharmaceuticals, touristry, healthcare equipment and services, transit, trade and logistics, instruction, media, fiscal services, and telecommunication.

The stigmatization scheme of Abu Dhabi is based on all these elements. To accomplish the aim, alterations in countries such as economic growing, selling schemes and touristry development, event and concern touristry, instruction and airdrome and air hose enlargement are necessary to convey about the extremist transmutation of the capital metropolis Abu Dhabi every bit good as branding the Emirate on the universe touristry map ( Hazime, 2010 p.4736 ) .

In an attempt to trust less on its oil resources as a primary beginning of income, Abu-Dhabi is working to diversify and excite its economic growing through touristry development. Abu-Dhabi has been puting to a great extent in the development of its touristry installations with many mega undertakings: Shams Abu-Dhabi, Saadiyat Island, Yas Island, Desert Islands, Al Raha Beach, Warner Brothers Theme Park, Souwwah Island, Capital Centre, Al Reem Island, Khalifa Port, Mina Zayed, Ferrari Theme Park.

Saadiyat Island is the star undertaking of the Tourism Development and Investment Company. The island is divided into 7 territories. The Cultural territory includes five landmark museums each designed by an iconic designer. The Louvre Abu-Dhabi ( Jean Nouvel ) and the Guggenheim Abu-Dhabi ( Frank Gehry ) , the Sheikh Zayed National Museum ( Norman Foster ) , Maritime Museum ( Tadao Ando ) and Performing Humanistic disciplines Centre ( Zaha Hadid ) . Abu Dhabi hopes to raise its international profile and set up itself as a planetary touristry finish, through these high profile cultural undertakings ( Hazime, 2010 p.4737 ) .

Tourism planning and selling is the duty of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority ( ADTA ) , whose scheme is based on pulling other trade names, taking the best designers and geting the best squad and accomplishments. The chief focal point of ADTA scheme is on leisure touristry which accounts for merely 20 % of the entire figure of tourers. The attempts of ADTA are centred on hotels, air hoses and finish direction companies in order to advance Abu Dhabi as a tourer finish every bit good as addition the leisure representation to 40 % by 2015. ADTA besides plans to open new offices in UK, France, Germany, Italy, China and Australia to advance Abu Dhabi globally through international advertisement runs.

The Abu Dhabi Airports Company late launched the stigmatization construct: ‘Shop, Dine, Unwind ‘ , which besides fits the stigmatization of Abu Dhabi absolutely. Another cardinal facet in Abu Dhabi ‘s stigmatization scheme is the strong focal point on conveyance in footings of ports and airdromes, transporting companies and air hoses. Its national air hose, Etihad Airways, is a cardinal factor to heighten touristry to Abu Dhabi and UAE.

Investings in exhibitions, events and conferences, and featuring activities are all cardinal constituents of the branding scheme of Abu Dhabi to increase their visitant Numberss. Along with these, the authorities of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has besides made successful international partnerships with some of the taking academic establishments to heighten educational chances in Abu Dhabi.


The chief difference between Ahmedabad and Abu Dhabi in metropolis selling and stigmatization is that Abu Dhabi has high national inward investing that acts as a individual point of contact and can assist to organize investing attractive force activities. The metropolis selling attempts of Abu Dhabi are better funded as compared to Ahmedabad. Abu Dhabi has a much higher budget and a larger organisation for metropolis selling and stigmatization.

In instance of Ahmedabad, there are legion economic development organisations in the larger whole of India, viing with each other. This leads to a greater challenge in metropolis selling as a individual metropolis for Ahmedabad in India. Though the Gujarat province authorities is now rapidly acknowledging the importance of image selling in communicating, which would so turn out donee to Ahmedabad. On the other manus, Abu Dhabi is passing extensively on modern edifices and development undertakings to raise its international profile, but still seems deficient to make an image that differentiates them from its neighbors like Dubai. Unlike Ahmedabad, which has its rich cultural heritage, Abu Dhabi must develop other branding factors that raises its profile and differentiates it from other countries in its part.

The Ahmedabad and Gujarat selling theoretical account developed out of the 2001-2002 crises. This gave an chance for re-imaging the metropolis and built on from it to pull non merely local but international investings as good. Abu Dhabi ‘s stigmatization schemes emerged out of competition from neighboring parts and hence focal points on touristry as a chief tool of attractive force to make more chances for concern communities and raise its profile with planetary entreaty.


Rising on its singularity and historical significance every bit good as active partnership of its citizens, Ahmedabad is good on its manner to raising its glorious yesteryear. In instance of Abu Dhabi, it is really important to detect if its outlooks from the huge disbursement on architecture to pull immense figure of visitants would be met. Thus both Ahmedabad and Abu Dhabi experience similar forces in planetary competition. Owing to the huge differences in civilization, mobility and resources between these two metropoliss, Abu Dhabi faces challenges on a far greater range and graduated table than Ahmedabad.


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