Chapter I INTRODUCTION As we all know on the field of business competition is increasing day by day. In order to face the competition there must be an efficient as skilled workers. So in this situation the organization must give more importance for recruitment and selection of employees, in such organization. So this is a project based on recruitment and selection of personals by visiting a firm. As a part of this project we the students of 2nd B-com, visited “South Indian Metal Company 1(SIMCO)’, kulappully and we collect the related documents.

Because the industry is accumulated with advanced technology, qualitative machines and efficient labourers. So this project report is based on the data collected from ‘SIMCO’. It is a private small scale industry. Chapter II OBJECTIVES ? Identify the importance of recruitment and selection process in the business organization ? To understand the nature of recruitment and selection process used in the ‘SIMCO company KULAPPULLY. ? To understand the role and delegate different stags in the process of recruitment and selection. ? To understand the new method of recruitment and selection and their implications. To identify the barrier for effective selection process. ? To determine the main source of recruitment and selection. LIMITATION Lack of sources of information is the main challenges that we faced while doing this project. So the project has its own limitation factors a) The information obtained by us may not be used for long term purpose. b) The recruitment and selection process used in SIMCO may change due to rapid changes in the technology. c) This study is limited in one firm only METHODOLOGY In order to prepare this project we had adopted primary as well as secondary methods of data collection.

We conducted a field survey to study about the recruitment and selection process. For collecting the data we selected an organization south India metal company [SIMCO] located at SHORNUR, Kulappully and interviewed them and collected primary data. On the other hand we collected secondary data from internet and various related books related to recruitment and selection. CHAPTER 3 LITERATURE REVIEW COMPANY PROFILE Registered office;PURAYANNUR industries SHORNUR SSI register No;09/07/00380/PMT Auditors;VKS Narayanan and chartered accountant, Tissue. Managing director;Pc Chithabhanu Namboothirippadu. Bank;Punjab national bank

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Trade name;SIMCO Brand symbol;lion Established year;1935 Registered year;1945 Working partner;Sri P Divakaran Office manager;K. M Parameswaran Location;Kulappully 3 km away from SHORNUR town. Land;8 acres Constructed building;company office factory building , canteen, workers rest room, watchman sitting room, workers and staff quarters etc Productspick axe, spade, and hammer. The company invites deposits in the form of unsecured loans from the partners, for its day by day activities, and also invites deposits from outside, these deposits are used to meet company’s working capital requirement RECRUITMENT AND SELECTION PROCESS

RECRUITMENT Human resources are the key resources in any organizations. The success of any organization is depending upon the efficiency with which its resources are managed. Its all resources are ultimately managed by human being… identify the right man for right job is a crucial element for success. Filling the right and competent people is the focus of staffing function of management. RECRUITMENT is one of the steps involved in staffing process. According to Edwin B Flipper ‘recruitment is the process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for job in the organisation’

SOURCES OF RECRUITMANT There are mainly two sources of recruitment they are 1. internal sources 2. external sources INTERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT Recruitment from with in the organization is called internal sources recruitment. Internal recruitment is economically in form of time and money. ? Transfer; It is concerned with shifting of an employee from one job to another having similar status and stability through transfers there is no change in the compensation of employees. ? Promotion Shifting of employee to higher position and provide better compensation and responsibility.

Promotion encourages the employees to work hard manifesting their skills as this would be a vital consideration for their advancement ? Recalling the laid of employees a. Recalling means closing an organization for a short period. It refers to the state where employees are temporarily terminated from work for wait inputs like raw material and power shortage of such inputs. 3. EXTERNAL SOURCES OF RECRUITMENT The change in technology, expansion and diversification are situation which calls for innovative skills and talents which need not always exist with in the organization. External sources of recruitment are the answer to such situation. ) advertisement It is the most effective means to search potential employees from outside the organisation. Employment advertisement in newspapers, journals, bulletins etc. is quite common in country. By means of advertisement, the organisation is able to communicate is requirement of people. Personal consultants They undertake the work of personal and behalf of the employees. The consultants are very helpful in procuring top and middle level executives. They are many consultancy and employment agencies like ABC consultants, AF Ferguson and company, personal and productivity services etc. ) Jobbers and contract The jobbers and contractions keep themselves in touch with in large number of workers and bring them at the places where there are required. c) Factory at gate The concept of gate hiring is to select people who approach on their own for employment in the organization. This happens mostly in case of skilled and semi-skilled workers. It is quite useful and convenient method at the initial stage of the organization. d) University or college The source is quite useful for selecting people to managerial posts, trainees, technical supervisor and scientists. e) walk-in List

Most employers maintain a database with details of applications received from casual applicants as well as applicants who were not considered earlier. f) employment exchanges There is a network of employment exchanges in the country which is run by the government. It is an important source of recruitment. The names of these persons will be supplied to business concerns on the basis of their requisition. g) Recommendation of the present employees The present employee who knows the organization and the job is required to recommend a person closely known to him for consideration of appointment.

This ensures reliability and suitability for the post. h) Labour union They are asked to make recommendations for employment of people as a matter of goodwill and co-operation. SELECTION Selection is the process of picking individuals with requisite qualifications and competence to fill the job in the organization. SELECTION PROCESS Selection is long process commencing from the preliminary interview of the applicants and ending with the contract of employment. Following are the steps: a. Receipts and Scrutiny of applications It is the first step in there selection process.

All applications received have to be scrutinised by the personnel department and to reject those which do not have the requirement for the job. b) preliminary interview Applicants are asked about their qualifications experience, interest etc. it is intended to find out whether the applicants are mentally and physically fit for the job. c) Blank application form It is intended to collect the individual bio-data of the candidate in selection process. d) selection test It means of measuring the qualities, abilities and the skill of the candidate in terms of job specification. e) Interview

It is a face to race observational appraisal method to evaluate candidate fitness for the job. f) checking reference It potentially an important source of information about the candidate personality and ability. g) Final selection After the above process has cleared the applicant is formally appointed in this stage. h) Placement and orientation. Placement means the posting of the selected candidate to the job for which he is take. Orientation means the task of introducing and familiarising the new entrant o the enterprise. CHAPTER 4 DATA ANALYSIS For collecting the various information we interview the SIMCO manager Mr.

KM Parameswaran, he explained us everything about the recruitment and selection process used there. Management of SIMCO Kulappully is very careful in the process of recruitment and selection. They need most of the internal and external sources of recruitment and selection steps. In case of internal sources the company followed Promotion and Transfer. Transfer defines shifting of employee from one place to another without any major changes. But promotion shows shifting of employees to higher positions. Advantages for using internal source. • expenditure and time for recruitment can be reduced • Cost for orientation and training are low Good relation with trade unions can maintained • It encourages the employees to work hard. The SIMCO depends on external sources of recruitment also. Because the internal source only is not an easy way to fill the vacancies in the company. They are Advertisement, recommendations of present employees and employment exchanges. The SIMCO is not adopting the modern methods of recruitment like E-recruiting and campus selection. Advantages for using external source • People with required skill, education etc. can be obtained • It helps to bring new ideas in the organisation • Best selection can be meat with the desirable qualification.

The next step after recruitment is selection. It is the process of picking the right candidate from the pool of application through selection they collect relevant information about the applicants collected by a series of step. They use screening of application forms, selection tests, and interviews, checking references and orientation and placement. CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSION As the past of business management project we visited SIMCO company manager Mr. KM parameswaran. He explained the recruitment and selection process following by them while doing this project we got a practical idea about the topic ‘recruitment and selection of personnel ‘.

We can understand that every organisation cannot follow all the rules and regulations related to recruitment and selection in their practical sense. The SIMCO kulappully is using various selected internal and external sources of recruitment and selection. Both recruitment and selection are very important to every firm. But we understood that selection is easier than compared to recruitment. SUGESSIONS ? Company should follow all the steps in the selection procedure. ? Advertisement through internet and television etc. will help to get skilled and efficient workers. ? Company should adopt modern methods like e-recruiting and campus selection


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