Reducing Employee Productivity Essay, Research Paper

Reducing Employee Productivity

Loss, After Connecting to the Internet

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Case Study


Ronald B. Burke

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of MI537

Data Communications and Networks

City University

February 16th, 2001


Today companies continually search for ways to better efficiency, and Internet electronic mail has helped to accomplish this end. One of the jobs non anticipate in linking the office to the Internet is the 1000000s of Web sites that exist. Making it simple for workers to link to the Internet allows users to blow clip, money, and bandwidth, merely to return with virus-laden files as keepsakes of their attempts. This study examines corporate demand for effectual Internet controls, and strong entree policies.

Subjects Covered

? Web Surfboarding Costss

? Unauthorized Access, Attacks, and Virus Contamination

? Network Security

? Making a Network Use Policy

Web Surfing Costss

Costss are contained if employees use the Internet at work every bit intended. A & # 8220 ; wired & # 8221 ; workplace finds its productiveness hampered every bit frequently as augmented due to employees holding Internet entree. The Internet is huge ; the enticement to Web breaker prosecuting personal involvements at work is difficult to defy.

United States Department of Labor estimations printed in The ( 2000 ) , are wasted clip cost corporations three million dollars a twelvemonth per each 1000 employees. The article continues: & # 8220 ; Where are employees blowing most of their clip these yearss? It is non the H2O ice chest & # 8221 ; . Companies that want to better efficiency are looking to harness in Web surfing workers. & # 8221 ; In a Christmas 1999 article about electronic salutation cards, ZDNN ( 1999 ) reported: & # 8220 ; There is lifting corporate ardor against opening unneeded files amid concerns about inordinate personal use among employees. & # 8221 ;

Unauthorized Access, Attacks, and Viruss

Web sites proliferate as a agency of corporate publicity, client service, and commercialism. Unauthorized Internet entree in the signifier of Web site invasions, breaches and viruses can take to lost clip, money, information, or worse.

Internet Hackers work to check watchwords, interrupting into corporate webs believed secure. ( 1999 ) reported Microsoft fell prey to a hacker onslaught on its web in October that twelvemonth. The company says person transferred its watchwords to an e-mail history in Russia, where hackers posed as Microsoft employees.

Increasingly sophisticated viruses used against Internet sites endanger corporations everyplace. The 1999 Babylonia virus found by Symantec ( 1999 ) started its spread through Internet confab suites. Unlike typical viruses, Babylonia updates itself automatically with files from the Web.

Network Security

P >

Baning corporate Internet usage to avoid jobs is impractical. Too many companies are incognizant of the dangers and necessitate a more responsible scheme.

Network security should include:

? Protection against Information Loss

? Productivity Monitoring

? Maximizing Network Speed

Network velocity is a map of connexion, hardware, and package. Any effectual Information Systems Department can accomplish this easy. Virus protection and entree protection package can forestall informations loss or larceny. Network-tracking tools exist for unnoticeable usage monitoring.

Making a Network Use Policy

Use constabularies must rede all employees their Internet entree is being monitored. The policy must define what types of entree the company deems acceptable.

Outline those patterns unacceptable: personal involvement surfing during concern hours ; visits to sexually explicit, racialist, or terrorist act advancing sites at any clip. Policies should explicate why bounds protect clip, information, and warrant a pleasant work environment for everyone. It is of import to stipulate punishments applied for any policy breaches.

Infoworld concern engineering designer Brooks Talley ( 1999 ) advised: & # 8220 ; Communicate clearly the alteration in policy & # 8221 ; . Be certain to recite the grounds for alteration, but besides be certain to do it clear that if person has a existent demand for service, you are committed to supplying it. & # 8221 ;

Decision and Recommendation

Internet connexion when used for concern intents does give concern a immense border over companies that are non connected. Unpluging from the Internet would non let & # 8220 ; instant communicating & # 8221 ; needed in today & # 8217 ; s concern environment. The best class of action at this clip is to develop a clear web usage policy, and implement web usage monitoring. Review intelligence, Internet, and professional diary articles, measuring usage tendencies and supervising engineerings. Information System Department representatives can go to engineering symposiums to measure freshly released engineering,

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