In this diary I will discourse the contents in lecture nine. Lecture nine discussed the issues related to website design which affect user ‘s serviceability and besides affect the success of any web site. Colorss, pilotage and prototyping are considered extremely of import in web or interface design. in this diary I will discourse the contents based on my apprehension.

Choosing the perfect colour is a critical determination in every web site design and for the interior decorator every bit good. Some interior decorator may plan a web site for an bing concern that already has an established colour strategy, but many design undertakings will necessitate development of a colour strategy and that will do it even harder.

For a long clip, there has been a job that confronting interior decorators with taking the perfect colourss. This job seems non of import to most people, but in fact it is rather perchance see the most of import factor in a web site or interface design.

Research workers agree that colourss greatly influence the human psychological science. The colour strategy that any interior decorator might utilize on their web site can pull the visitant to prosecute in the end of your site or go forth it within seconds. Even if the users are non concerned of it, they will be wholly influenced in their determination to maintain surfing the web site or to go forth it because of the hapless pick of colourss. ( Sclar, 2009 )

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To to the full understand the manner in which these colourss communicate, it is best to conceive of these colourss organized in a circle. This organisation is known in the design community as the colour wheel. It is astonishing how it will assist interior decorators to pick colourss to utilize in their Web site design. The easiest method to taking colourss utilizing the colour wheel is to fundamentally conceive of an equilateral trigon hanging above the wheel. ( choose colour for your website,2008 )

Color is of import to net site design for several grounds. Interior designers want to do certain that the colourss they choose are meaningful. Additionally, interior decorators want to do certain their web site is easy to read and voyage. Both of these depend deeply on the colour of the background and text. If interior decorators have a batch of bright colourss it can be more complex for users to read the information available in the web site.

Sclar ( 2009 ) addressed some tips and guidelines fro website interior decorators in footings of taking the best colourss for their web sites. The guidelines summarized as the followerss:

Avoid utilizing excessively small colourss which means utilizing adequate colourss because users or visitants might acquire bored from the web site.

Leave white infinites because White countries rapidly stand out to the scanning oculus as likely content countries.

Keep strong colourss for pulling the oculus.Too many strong colourss will pull the oculus in excessively many waies, and the technique loses its possible effectivity.

Interior designers must maintain in head that responses to colourss differ harmonizing to factors such as gender, age or cultural background. Therefore, they need to carry on some serious market research in order to do their site appealing for the exact class they are aiming.


Even if interior decorators can hold all sorts of great attractive forces on their site, but if their visitants and users do non cognize how to acquire to them, they will merely will acquire lost and leave the web site. If visitants find the web site ‘s pilotage confusing or hard, they will merely give up to detect the remainder of the Website. Thus, good pilotage design is an indispensable factor for any successful Web site.

Implementing a successful navigational system on any web site is non a complex move to make. However, if interior decorators have done few errors sing to navigation their website serviceability will be cruelly compromised. Compromised serviceability will take to higher bounciness rates which means that visitants rapidly go outing the web site without sing any extra pages besides the page that they arrived on which is fundamentally the home page. In add-on it will take to fewer gross revenues for trading web sites, and by and large unhappy and baffled visitants. Avoiding navigational confusion is an tremendously of import portion of website serviceability. Without pilotage, it would be complex for visitants to research a web site or interact with an interface ( Scalar.2009 ) . There are many facets involved in making successful, useable navigational on web sites. These facets include:

Cosmopolitan Navigation: which means that pilotage must appears on every web page.

Placement Consistency that means that pilotage appears in the same location on web pages.

The Importance of Text means that utilizing text for pilotage is good, and utilizing images for pilotage is bad.

Feedback on Location: such as breadcrumbs, hyperlink manners, colourss, etc.

Brassy Navigation: a sensitive topic

Site maps: agencies hyperlink hierarchal lineation of web site on one page. ( Morris.n.d )


A paradigm is a signifier of the web design to prove early in the development. It normally includes a theoretical account of a bill of exchange place page and of legion pages or different types of pages under the place page.

At the earliest phases of design interior decorators can bring forth or assist their squad to bring forth a ocular usher that are the outline construction of the design. These can either be turned into a paradigm as they are, or can be given to a in writing interior decorator to make more practical and realistic paradigms that look much like the finished merchandise.

Prototype is indispensable to garner adequate information design, pilotage, and page design to implement usability proving. They allow interior decorator to see how good the site construction that they are developing meets users ‘ demands and users ‘ ways of working before they spend excessively much clip, cost, and attempt in building the site. It can be about 300 times more to do a alteration after launch than to do the same adjust in the early phases of planing. ( Scalar.2009 )

There are three types of prototyping to reflect on, and each has its benefits and utilizations:

Low-fidelity prototyping

See as the simplest, easiest and cheapest type of prototyping. This is where basic elements of the design are printed out and used in paper signifier for proving and rating. It has simple blocks and text alternatively of images and controls

Medium-fidelity prototyping

Medium-fidelity paradigms are normally software-based, which used computing machine screen alternatively of printed-paper as the pervious type but still use basic design blocks instead than realistic images.

High-fidelity prototyping

Considered as the most complex type of paradigm and are normally made to look every bit existent as possible. Realistic design and controls are used or simulated, to do the user believes that they are covering with a existent on the job interface. However this is on the surface merely, and behind the surface there is small or no codification to back up the paradigm.


Reading about colourss, pilotage and prototyping are interesting for me, as a pupil like to plan web sites. I can state that T is non an easy to take an appropriate colourss for your web site. During my university survey, I took a unit called “ concern website design “ , the major assignment was about planing a web site for concern usage. In fact, I have got Pass in that assignment and I was truly defeated about the grade since I spend good attempts on that assignment. The web site I made looked beautiful to me but it is non when I showed it to other people. Their remarks were about the colourss and pilotages, because it was non useable for them. The lesson I learned from that is ne’er design a web site that I like as a interior decorator but design what people like as users in another word I should analyze the possible and mark users to my web site.


To sum up, While the pick of colour is one of the most of import determinations in footings of web design, it is still of import to understand the theory behind why interior decorators should make up one’s mind to take one set of colourss over another. Website pilotage besides play a important function in order to pull more users and the pilotage types are vary depends on cost and the purpose of the web site. Finally, prototyping can avoid interior decorators to do errors in the concluding merchandise by supplying a theoretical account of what the web site should look like and so they will easy can modify any error they might establish.


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