United Kingdom economic system is a developed economic system. Developed economic systems experiences different challenges as its attempts to prolong its operations. in this essay I shall compose on the urban and regional jobs experienced in the United Kingdom economic system. Harmonizing to Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. ( 2006 ) growing of the economic system came along with increased migration to the metropoliss where the economic activities were many. This migration strains the resources available such as the substructure of roads. railroads. H2O and sewerage systems. waste directions and sustainable supply of nutrient and other consumable goods ( Jacobs. 2006 ) .

Such straining of limited resources makes them more expensive as a consequence lives in the metropoliss is going expensive by the twenty-four hours. There is besides stiff competition for the available occupation chances as the local and migrators from other states flock in the state in seek of Jobs. These ends up denying the locals who are non much skilled handiness to Jobs which leads to most people being Idle in metropoliss which are expensive to prolong their support they therefore consequence to offense. This is the ground why province of insecurity and offense is in addition as the economic system grows.

Harmonizing to George. ( 2007 ) the parts environing such strong economic systems tend to dwindle because most of their experient labourer seeks employment in the already developed economic systems because their compensations are much higher. This denies them a opportunity to develop as they encephalon washed. The public presentations of such economic system and its consequence in the part could be measured by usage of Regional Economic Performance ( PSA ) mark and Gross Value Added ( GVA ) . Therefore there is demand to strategize on how United Kingdom would be able to work out the regional and urban jobs which they experience for its sustainability

Mentions George. C. 2007. ‘Regional Activity Relocation Problems In A Developing Economy’ . Center of Economic Research. Vol. 12. no. 1. pp. 311-338 Jacobs. B. 2006. ‘Cities Under Stress: Problems of Development and Decline’ . Journal of Contingencies and Crisis Management. Vol. 2. no. 2. pp. 104 – 112. Office of the Deputy Prime Minister. ( 2006 ) . UK Presidency EU Ministerial Informal on Sustainable Communities. Available at hypertext transfer protocol: //www. communities. gov. uk/documents/cit

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