Introduction We all know that “cash Is king” is the mantra of any well run business. Cash Is the fuel that drives growth when times are good, and the cushion that helps weather the storm when times are rough. Yet few companies focus on optimizing all the business processes that get cash “In the door”. What is Billing? A process of generating an invoice to recover sales price from the customer and also the process of transferring the stored charging information for a user into a bill.

In Business Improvement profitability of your business. Because this solution Is purpose-built for financial institutions and trusted worldwide, you gain comprehensive capabilities, security, and control. You’ll be able to: ; Better support critical revenue generation objectives. ; Increase billing accuracy. ; Improve customer satisfaction. ; Reduce operational costs. ; Identify revenue leakage and cross-sell opportunities.

This is critically important in recurring revenue/subscription;based business models where an on-going series of interactions form the customer experience, and ultimately, the business’ ability to reliably “get cash in the door”. These businesses SST manage customers in terms of interactions rather than transactions. Effective order, billing, and payment processes enable organizations to optimize their most frequent communications with their customers in a whole new way.

In other words, the billing process is no longer simply a routine, isolated back-office activity, but rather an Integrated business strategy that provides competitive advantage. Background of the Company Studied Owner : Mr.. Sequel Go Nature of Business : Manufacturer of plastic bags, plastic films, Shopping Bags, BOP plastic bag, Laminated plastic Company Name : Prima Plastic MFC Corp.. Established : 1963 Location : First Industrial City in Boo. Diktat, Mallows City, Vulcan I. S. O Certified last March 31, 2013 Manpower Size : 200 People Manufacturing Plant Size : 10,000 square meters Mission : Prima Plastic MFC Corp.. s committed to manufacture quality plastic and safe packaging materials and technology guided by the values of teamwork, leadership and passion for work to serve the needs of our customers Vision : Prima Plastic MFC Corp.. Is committed to provide affordable, safe, quality plastic and flexible packaging products by using environment-friendly materials and technology ND continuously improving products, procedures and employee performance to meet global standards. Into 1963, the pragmatic and hardworking MR..

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SEQUEL GO PUP SITE shifted his retail operation business and ventured into a relatively new industry, the plastic bag industry. The production of plastic bag is a new industry during that time since paper bags and brown bags dominated the market because it is the only practical packaging material available, plastic then was relatively new and expensive for everybody.. The company originally started with a set of PEE extruder machine couple tit a cutting machine which produces the plain and thin plastic bag that the company supplies to the Divisor Market.

The owner’s passion for work, frugality, dedication, leadership and a true sense of entrepreneurial spirit proved extremely helpful in the growth and development of the company.. As the year went by his children gradually took over the management of the business. It was eventually incorporated in a family corporation and continues to be known today as “Prima Vulcan, the Manufacturing plant has 10,000 sq. M. Working area. In time, additional UAPITA was infused and new machineries with higher technologies were acquired.

To date, the company has up to 8 – colors rotogravure printing machines: 6-colors flex printing machines in-line high density extruder with 4 color print; in-line low density with 4 colors print; polyethylene sack for resin of 25 keg. Capacity; photocell side sealing bag making machine, photocell grocery bag making machine egalitarianism, folding machine, gazetteer machine, typesetting machine, camera, plate making machine, film making machine, lathe, cylinder making machine & stand- by gene set.

The company is capable of extruding and printing packaging materials made from OWED, LDAP, HIDE, UP & BOP materials with combined monthly capacity of approximately 700 tons per month. The company maintains an ample supply of raw materials with 3 months buffer which are sourced locally and from other countries like Korea and Singapore.. It caters to a broad and diversified clientele such as supermarket, garments, department stores, food processors, bakeshops, boutiques, stationery shops, hotels, restaurants, industrial user. Prism’s regular customers consist of SMS (Shoemaker) Supermarket & Department Store, Robinsons

Supermarket & Department Store, French Baker, Macro Philippines, Mercury Drug, Avon Cosmetics, Monde Missing, Nestle Philippines, Unlived Philippines to name a few. Prima Plastic Manufacturing Corp.. Is ever committed to serve the plastic packaging requirements of its clientele and to serve them not Just plastic products but quality plastic products. System Flow of Data and Processing The billing statement of the study starts with the customer’s idea presentation of the customized specifications of the plastic product that they want to order from the company.

Then after studying the specifications, they will ask for the manufacturing company’s quotation regarding the pricing concerns. After the checking of the quotation, the secretary will then present to the customer the price and worth of the customized product and will be recorded either as invoice or DRY. If it will be recorded as an invoice, usually the customer is a big and well known company, and then it will undergo taxation processes. While if the customer is a small or simple company, no taxation will take place and it will straightly proceed in releasing of the receipt after he payment.

Samples :ratification sample Customer Record Sample Counter Receipt Sample Sales Invoice Receipt Layout Sales Invoice Receipt Short Historical Documentation The collection of our data is quite easy because the company that we used as the basis for our report is the company owned by the family of our group member, Wily Go. While having an interview, there are many interruptions because we went there during weekday, it is their office hours and they have daily tasks to comply. After we have collected the information that we needed, Ms.

Rhoda Garcia (secretary) made an fort to explain to us how they compute the length, width and thickness of their main product which is plastic. We never had a meeting where in all members are present but because of technology and social communication, all members were still updated in every progress even if they were not there while doing the paper works yet all of us were still able to contribute a part in completing this project and as a result, we accomplished our report in time. Special thanks to Mr.. Joseph Allan Morale’s and Mr.. Somali Dolores Rexes for helping us academically in fulfilling some needed information to our report.


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