Many wellness attention organisations receive accreditation from several bureaus executing quality reappraisal. In wellness attention organisation. ordinance and accreditation are non indistinguishable. “Regulation involves regulations that must be followed. while accreditation is a seal of blessing attesting that an organisation or person has met specific criterions. In pattern. in wellness attention. accreditation is often plays an indispensable role” ( Rebecca N. Warburton. 2009 ) for bettering quality and safety. Health attention regulative criterions for wellness attention organisations evolve from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ) . the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) and other bureaus. The HHS regulates wellness attention organisations through Torahs and policies and CMS regulates the research. instruction. and medical patterns include human research protections. wellness information privateness. wellness information engineering criterions. and Medicare and Medicaid services for the wellness attention organisation. These minimal wellness and safety criterions led to quality attention and protect the wellness and safety of the patients.

The CMS criterions must be met to measure up for Medicare and Medicaid enfranchisement and reception of appropriate reimbursement and support. “Accreditation is a formal procedure by which a recognized organic structure either governmental or nongovernmental buttockss and recognizes that a wellness attention organisation meets pre-established public presentation criterions. Accreditation criterions are normally regarded as optimum yet accomplishable and are designed to promote uninterrupted betterment attempts within accredited organizations” ( hciproject. n. d. . 2012 ) The federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act ( ACA ) provides for the constitution of American Health Benefit Exchanges ( Exchanges ) .

“An Exchange must offer merely qualified wellness programs ( QHPs ) certified by the Exchange to measure up persons and qualified employers. To take part in an Exchange. QHPs are required to run into accreditation criterions and must implement a quality betterment strategy” ( National Association of Insurance Commissioners. 2012 ) . As portion of a national quality scheme. exchanges will supply quality betterment schemes. quality and cost evaluations. and informations for patient satisfaction. The ground of these demands for wellness attention is to better quality of attention. “ensure that QHPs are on advancing quality betterment. and better transparence so that consumers can compare programs based on quality every bit good as price” ( National Association of Insurance Commissioners. 2012 ) .


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