? Selling your Skills: How your Degree has made you Employable When you complete an application signifier for employment or a class. or compose a CV. you will necessitate to see your accomplishments ( sometimes called employability accomplishments. or competences ) . You will necessitate to show you have the accomplishments required for the occupation by giving illustrations of where you have developed and practised those accomplishments. utilizing illustrations from a scope of state of affairss. such as work experience. avocations and involvements. voluntary work. your personal life. or academic survey. This press release is intended to: 1.

Help you identify the employability skills you have developed and practised through your academic survey and wider university life whilst at MMU. 2. Supply you with a prompt list to assist you place your ain illustrations of your accomplishments to utilize on applications and your CV. How your academic work has given you employability accomplishments. MMU encourages all pupils to go “autonomous learners” . This means instruction is structured to promote you to take duty for your ain acquisition i. e. ? Work independently? Prioritize? Pull off your clip expeditiously? Be self-motivating.

? Know how to happen and utilize resources efficaciously? Reflect on your personal development and understand the importance of go oning to develop your accomplishments beyond university and throughout life. ( PDP helps with this procedure ) You have developed and practised accomplishments through the instruction methods used at MMU: In Lectures: ? Listening and concentrating for extended periods? Screening. winnow and summarizing information? Recording and organizing information expeditiously In Classes. Seminars and Tutorials: ? Talking clearly and fluently? Arguing a instance in a sound mode.

? Making presentations? Thinking on your pess? Sing differing point of views and reacting suitably In Essay and Report Writing: ? Finding relevant information from a scope of beginnings? Identifying cardinal issues? Writing clearly and to the point? Understanding complex statements and theories? Keeping an unfastened head? Thinking logically? ? 2? Structuring and developing an statement? Critically analyzing and measuring grounds and statements In Project Work? Creating and following a program? Keeping motive? Keeping to a clip agenda? Expecting jobs.

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In Group Work? Pull offing your clip? Delegating? Taking duty? Supporting other squad members? Understanding squad kineticss and reacting suitably? Understanding your ain function. strengths and failings in a squad? Keeping your land? Bing persuasive? Negociating? Respecting and being sensitive to others Employers often ask for some or all of the undermentioned accomplishments. Listed are illustrations of state of affairss where you may hold used them in academic survey or wider university life. Use it as a prompt list to place your ain illustrations to utilize in applications.

Commercial consciousness – understanding the cardinal factors that contribute to an organisation’s success e. g. supplying a choice merchandise ; good client service ; well-trained. motivated staff ; commanding costs. Examples of grounds: ? Quantify any function you have had in raising or managing money e. g. fund-raising for an event or charity. moving as financial officer for a society. For illustration. “I acted as financial officer for an event that raised? 1000 to assist back up … . ” ? Reading the concern subdivisions of the imperativeness on a regular footing? Work experience in client service? Raising sponsorship for any intent from commercial administrations?

In work experience. doing suggestions that have improved a service or increased efficiency? Dissertation – any mentions to commercial applications or relevancy. Key words for the application signifier: Forward mind ; hazard taker ; entrepreneurial ; professional ; strategic Teamwork – working efficaciously with other people Examples of grounds: ? Any state of affairs where you work aboard others to accomplish an in agreement result e. g. commissions. events organizing. music-making ( sets. choirs etc ) . play. athleticss? Merely about any paid/voluntary work involves working in a squad.

? Academic group work – see above 3 Key words for the application signifier: Supportive ; facilitator ; open-minded ; diplomatic ; tolerant ; sensible ; constructive ; leading ; act uponing ; co-ordinating ; Commitment/motivation – showing a finding to be successful. Examples of grounds: ? Get the better ofing troubles to come to university? Using PDP efficaciously to better your accomplishments – academic accomplishments or fixing for a peculiar calling or employment sector would be good illustrations to utilize. ? Duke of Edinburgh: Young Enterprise: any competition successes or awards.

? Campaigning/fundraising? Training. or working on a accomplishment. over the long term to accomplish an aspiration or end e. g. developing from abrasion to run a endurance contest. Key words for the application signifier: Reliable ; painstaking ; proactive ; enterprise ; flexible ; adaptable ; determined ; positive Problem solving/creativity – holding a “can do” attitude by happening solutions to jobs. Examples of grounds: ? Expecting jobs and deciding them through be aftering e. g. undertaking work. be aftering travel overseas. ?

Deciding fiscal jobs – personal. or fund-raising for a nine. raising money to fund an activity e. g. to take part in charity work overseas. ? Solving jobs through dialogue or representation – moving as pupil rep ; deciding jobs over adjustment with landlord or flatmates ; deciding dissensions in group work?

Finding novel or advanced solutions to jobs e. g. inventing new methods of fund-raising ; new thoughts for advancing an activity. or encouraging engagement in an academic activity ; thoughts taking to greater efficiency in your workplace ( paid or voluntary ) ; fresh ways of advancing yourself to happen work arrangements.

Key words for the application signifier: Achiever ; practical ; astute ; open-minded ; resilient ; inventive ; brooding ; instigator Communication – guaranting you are understood by composing or talking in a clear and articulate mode. Examples of grounds: ? Making presentations ; presenting talkers or ego ; reading out loud in category? Teaching ; developing ; selling ; covering with the populace at work ; runing? Caring or mentoring activities? Written – pupil news media ; bring forthing promotion stuffs ; planing a web-site ; projects/dissertations.

? Acting as a pupil embassador Key words for application signifiers: Presenter ; influencer ; articulate ; empathic ; persuasive ; aim driven ; Leadership/ taking duty for others Examples of grounds: ? chairing a commission? running a run? organizing an activity – bring forthing a drama ; organizing a squad ; redacting a paper 4? working with immature people – summer cantonments ; running/organising a young person activity? taking a squad – sport’s squad captain ; ? instruction or preparation others e. g. at work ; learning music/art/gym etc Key words for the application signifier:

Motivator ; capable ; dynamic ; self-asserting ; accessible ; decisive ; proactive ; duty ; Numeracy – holding the ability to manage mundane arithmetic computations. and being competent in utilizing the numerical constructs necessary for the occupation you are making. The Careers Service gives you the chance to rehearse an online numeracy trial ( plus other psychometric and personality trials ) . Visit World Wide Web. mmu. Ac. uk/careers and chink on “Finding a job” . so “How we can help” . and so the psychometric trials link. Examples ; ? charts/graphs/tables/percentages/statistics you have produced in academic work?

Managing money. equilibrating up or managing any numeral informations as portion of a parttime occupation. Key words for the application signifier: Accurate ; analytical ; thorough ; methodical ; attending to item ; logical ; proficient ; Organised/Self-directed – able to be after and transport out a work load expeditiously and efficaciously Examples of grounds: ? A vacation. field trip. or independent travel. you organised for yourself or a group. ? An event. such as a fundraiser or societal. that you initiated and/organised yourself. ?

Any undertaking that involved doing. and maintaining to. a program. and remaining motivated. over an drawn-out period e. g. your thesis ; an action program for PDP. Key words for the application signifier: Forward mind ; contriver ; negotiant ; uses initiative ; motivated ; efficient ; punctual ; self-starter ; Self reliant/Confident – being positive about your abilities and relationships. Examples of grounds ; ? Situations which you have found hard. but persevered and have grown in assurance as a consequence e. g. doing presentations. networking with aliens ; independent travel? Examples where you have persisted and overcome a job e. g. giving up smoking? Get the better ofing a important setoff e. g.

an hurt ; mourning ; low exam classs Key words for the application signifier: Focused ; self-belief ; resilient ; brooding ; doggedness ; continuity ; doggedness Flexible/Adaptable – willing to react positively to altering fortunes Examples of grounds: ? Adapting to a new system or working pattern in your occupation? Working displacement forms and being on call? Carrying others to be positive in a changing or unsure state of affairs. ? Admiting another person’s peculiar ability by taking a low-level function when you are used to being the squad leader Key words for the application signifier: Volition ; versatile ; positive ; enthusiastic ; ? 5

Initiative/Proactive – can descry chances and possible jobs. and take action to acquire the best result: Works without changeless supervising. Examples of grounds: ? Puting up a nine. society. or concern from abrasion? Raising a affair of concern. or possible concern. at a Course Committee. and carrying staff to take action. ? Finding people already working in your chosen occupation. and networking with them to acquire advice and information. Key words for the application signifier: Self-starter ; proactive ; focused ; autonomous ; job convergent thinker ; versatile ; Influence Interpersonal Skills – the ability to work for. with and alongside others.

Examples of grounds: ? Jobs that involve client dealingss e. g. telephone gross revenues. reception/ waiting on tables/ saloon work ; pupil embassador. ? Activities that involve edifice and keeping relationships e. g. mentoring. manning a aid desk ; manning a phone helpline ; negotiating or moving as an advocator on behalf of person else. Key words for the application signifiers: Relationship builder ; constructive ; hearer ; instigator ; go-between ; communicator ; personable ; aim driven ; How can I look at developing these accomplishments farther? MMU Futures.

A great manner for pupils to acquire more out of university. derive new experiences and develop accomplishments and webs is to acquire involved in MMU Futures. Here. your university based extra-curricular activities are recognised and rewarded. MMU Futures has awards at Bronze. Silver and Gold. and the accomplishments and penetrations you develop as you progress will heighten your employability and occupation seeking during and beyond university. Details available at World Wide Web. mmu. Ac. uk/students/futures Work Ready Is a class. delivered by MMU Careers & A ; Employability Service that looks at how you apply cardinal employability accomplishments in your hereafter alumnus and/or arrangements occupations.

The class covers the cardinal work based accomplishments of Team Work. Communication & A ; Influencing. Project Management and Leadership. Detailss are available at World Wide Web. mmu. Ac. uk/careers/events We hope you have found this usher utile. The Careers & A ; Employability Service offer a broad scope of different support to assist you do a calling pick. prepare for your hereafter. better your employability accomplishments and happen employment. Research our extended web-site at World Wide Web. mmu. Ac. uk/careers. or pealing us on 0161 247 3483. ? ? ? ? ?


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