In Beowulf you have several different characters portraying several different roles in their society. These roles can be translated into our society as well. However, the way the characters are portrayed can be taken in several different manners. An interpretation that is not usually or probably ever reached about Beowulf, is the analysis of Grendel homosexually. Many would ask how this could be done, but I think that it is quite possible. Take, for instance, the fact that Grendel is portrayed as an evil beast that is cast away from civilization and is forced from Christian views.

This very thing is done with homosexuals in our present day world. Do you think that Grendel would have been accepted to marry another evil beast in their society, just as it is illegal in forty-eight states for homosexuals to marry? Additionally, the way that homosexuals are talked about in such a harsh and inhumane bashing, is much like the treatment of Grendel by society in Beowulf’s time. Grendel is also cast away by God, just as Cain was cast away from every one he ever knew, which is not very coincidental considering it was believed that all monsters and evil beasts were direct descendants of Cain.

Compare that to how homosexuality is frowned upon by so many religions in today’s age. They are exceptionally much alike. There are also some allusions from Beowulf that can be taken in a homogenous or a homosexual translation. Some of these instances consist of Grendel taking fifteen of Hrothgar’s warriors back to his lair, rather than kill them at the mead hall along with the other fifteen men, his hand to hand struggle with Beowulf himself, and the reason for the killing to ever take place, because their heterosexual music was not pleasing to his ears.

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The allusions from above that can be taken homosexually may appear to be quite a stretch, but allow me to analyze these situations for you. Grendel was a very lonely beast with only his mother to keep him company. Now, every man knows that his mom is great, but we also know that spending our entire lives with our mothers is like being in prison. Since prisoners are kept in groups of the same sex, they, in many cases, participate in homosexual activities. Therefore it is quite reasonable that Grendel did take those fifteen men back to his lair.

This, along with the fact that there was only one woman in Hrothgar’s kingdom, his wife, and she never became intoxicated in Heorot, which leads to believe there was not a chance for Grendel to be heterosexual. Now, take for instance Grendel’s hand to hand battle with Beowulf. Beowulf had become intoxicated along with the other men in his battalion and in Hrothgar’s kingdom. It had already been stated that Grendel had taken on thirty warriors of Hrothgar’s with ease.

So how could Beowulf, who was intoxicated at the time, have possibly won a battle over Grendel with the strength of thirty warriors? There is only one possible reason, and it is that Grendel became attracted to the strong, handsome Geat man. This became Beowulf’s advantage over Grendel and it allowed him the time to push Grendel down, causing Grendel’s weight to be used against himself when Beowulf jerked on his arm, just hard enough to tear the sinews of his shoulder.

Of course Grendel became distraught that this great man did not care for him, so he began to cringe under the pain of his heart breaking and allowed Beowulf the time to rip Grendel’s his arm completely from his body. This, I believe, is not too far fetched for any one to take from this story, if provoked into doing so. In translating how Grendel could become so enraged with the Danes’ music, he was a lonely and sexually frustrated creature, which caused a reaction to cease their cheerfulness and to end his sexual frustration by killing and taking advantage of the warriors.

In ending my homosexual interpretation of Grendel’s role in Beowulf, if you read between the lines of any story or poem, you can develop an infinite amount of translations or interpretations; you just have to be open, creative, and willing to step out of the normal literary boundaries that so many people are held up by. It could also be possible that my girlfriend broke up with me a few days ago and I am still upset with some girls’ actions.


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