This picture is one in a series to honour adult females and remark on their “place” in pre-revolutionary China. As concubines and cocottes they are elevated in the artist’s custodies. isolated in a field of pigment. accompanied by emblems and images from authoritative Chinese pictures. Fictional characters for Nu Wa. a Chinese creative activity goddess are painted over her inguen. Nu-Wa was the discoverer of matrimony and made worlds by catapulting a rope. The manus made meant that it was baronial. and made with rope stood for hapless. The multiple circles around the picture means Pi in the Chinese linguistic communication. which translated agencies universe and it’s environing the adult females in the picture. The thing that stands out the most is the ruddy square in the center of the picture. This means female in Chinese and makes sense since its on the women’s inguen I think this picture means uniformity and creative activity of people. The elephantine butterfly in the picture can stand for multiple things such as alteration. joy. and love. Besides can demo a feminist side to the adult females in the picture make her expression inexperienced person.

The line work in the Relic 12 is loose and controlled line work. The controlled line was the images shown on the picture which were the elephantine butterfly. and the adult females lying on her side. The loose lines were the pigment oozing down the images that were painted on. I think it creates depth into the picture and brings it out more without go forthing anything clean and deadening. This picture is a representational type of art work for many grounds. Almost every image has a significance towards something. as I stated before with the circles intending the existence to the elephantine butterfly. I feel this picture is seeking to pass on to the people who look at this when they think outside of the box. Showing people the women’s function in pre and post-revolutionary China.


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