In the fundamental law of our state faith characteristic conspicuously at the really get downing. I the preamble to the 199 fundamental law. it is affirmed and solemnly resolved that we intend to populate in hrity and harmoniousness as one indivisible and in dissoluble fevereigh state under God. Indeed the overpowering mighty of Nigerian are faiths people we believe in the domination of God. we believe that God is the really footing of our single lives and our corporate being.

We believe in and associate with supernatural worlds through supplications and invocations and through the offering of forfeits find churches. Musgu shrines and Sunday prayer houses everyplace in the land we take portion in campaigns. worship Sessionss and might rights. we offer forfeits and detect fasting yearss and faiths vacations. and we so in big Numberss on faith is pilgrim’s journeies to Jerusalem and Mecca. taking pride in being called Jerusalem pilgrims ( JP ) or Alhaji throughout our lives.

While thee is noticeable diminution in faith farour in may parts of the universe to put the faith inter congratulations seem to boom really much in Nigeria. as more and more company ware houses private edifices. schools. and our spirit bowl are being courted to prayer sphere. and the bowl hort more faith campaigns than for spiriting events. It is noticeable that street within our town and small towns every bit good as inter-state main roads are frequently blocked these yearss by enthusiastic believers who flock to church and camp meetings.

It is non and hyperbole to province that there are as many churches and Mosques as there are streets in our urban countries. Harmonizing to Norimitsa Onishi in an article in new York times march 13. 2002 “Christianity is turning faster in sub-Saharan Africa than in any other topographic point on Earth. Roman Catholicism and the other Major Protestant denomination are gaing mine follows mundane. but new churches are taking the roar.

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Within this faith celestial sphere. bishops. revivalists curates. prophesier. faith leaders and visionaries. every bit good as tribal sheik. Mams and gurus of all kinds are swelling in figure and holding a failed twenty-four hours in recent past a new dimension has been added to the throwing faiths endeavor. And this is the increased backing of high ranking public functionary who non openly name for and sponsm regular supplications Sessionss in different churches and supplication houses have themselves become born once more Christians and supplication erchants. frequently looking at church campaigns and supplication vigils with all the gear of public office and sometimes catching the mike to render sanctiononion preachments and earthshaking supplications. Besides worthy of note is that these yearss supplication and preaulims Sessionss are no longer limited to churches. Mosques and places. but they are held in authorities offices. in commercial coachs. corporate council chambers and in unfastened markets. Nigerian traveling about their day-to-day concerns are seen flourishing the Bible Wkoran. the Rosary or Islamic supplication beads.

The langeil measure boards in our town and metropoliss are those colvertising approaching faiths campaigns are faith curative carnivals. The exclaimings. to God be the glorification. praise the Lord. the Lord is God. Bless you. “ and Alaahu wa K’bar. ” are frequently on the lips of Nigeria at worker at drama from the exacted members of the National Executive council or Council of State to the immature ain who are about to vomit common entryway scrutiny.

Succinctly put from all outward indicant Nigerians are a chronically faiths people. Unarguably one can perrps state about there is no state in the modem universe unit as muner religionism as modern-day Nigerian. Now how do you put the faith piousness of Nigeria with the endemic corruptness in our society? With all the show of religionism one would hold expected to see a really high grade of societal morality in Nigeria. since all universe faiths by and large promote truth. justness. honestness and probity.

But this is a rearward instance withy us. The is an abashing contradiction between the high ethical demands of the faith profess by bulk of Nigerian and the phenomenon of corruptness greed and transplant that has earned our state one of the most corrupt state in the universe. Some observes of the phenomenon really say that corruptness is so endemic in the Nigeria society that the society economic and political system can about non tinetion without it.

Along side religionism corruptness in its many forms and sizes is going in Nigeria- from the junior-grade graft taken in the work in the office or the police officer at the cheque point. to the expansive corruptness by which immense undertaking contract are hastily awarded. non for the interest of common good. but because of the greed presenting official. who requires some money via contract “kick-baiks” The Nigeria society is prevalence with frauct. larceny and mischief even as our environment is a wash with supplications and ritual forfeits to the God of truth. justness and sanctity.

Doesn’t it seen a contradictory to many extremely placed Nigeria hat they embezzle and misappropriate colossal sums of public and company. and even church financess while at the same clip seeking to busy the forepart seats and even struggle or pray to take faith rubrics in their churches corruptness is so perverse that it has infiltrated every aspect of the Nigeria society procure medical certifications of fittingness from infirmaries when they have non undergone any medicate testy obtain ill leave licenses from physicians when they hale and hearty. distort the age of their kids obtain bogus certification in order to gel them to school or obtain occupations for them. routinely swear to false affidavit in order to obtain false age declarations when seeking employment etc. it is a statement or fast that many or those who today and drivers license have ne’er been to a pulling school. They merely pay for the licence and declare themselves drivers thereby seting the lives of echt drivers into hazard.

Many of our state work forces who flock our churches on Sundays and make full the mosque on Fridays are invariably involve in such deceitful activities as hedging revenue enhancement. issue and obtaining of return grosss. over invoicing and under –invoicing importing of return drugs. petit larceny and big graduated table graft. take anclit study. inauspicious fee frond. ete. All these patterns are so common topographic point so indoors spread that many Nigerian young persons can non decode between good eril or between what is right and incorrect. As a consequence. corruptness in Nigeria has been described as system. and the effect are numerous corruptness has bred in efficiency and lessened productiveness in both the populace and private sectors of the economic system.

It has discourage investing. fuelled capital flight. increased unemployment and rising prices. created and acute grade of poorness. brought about a terrible diminution in the quality of life and life anticipation in Nigeria and given Nigeria and Nigeria a awfully bad image in the cornity of Nations. Infant corruptness is an insult on human self-respect and an assault on the human scruples apart from being a negation of the Christian rocation to advance sanctity and righteousness in the universe. Are they genuinely Christians? This inquiry is pertinent and cardinal because many of our people who engage in the crisp patterns enumerated supra would wish to be seen as pious Christians. But truly are they?

Do they truly know the God of Abraham. Isaac and Jacob. the God of sanctity and righteousness. who in Leviticus 19:2 says” be holy for the Lord am holy” Do they truly know the God of Moses and Joshua who on saddle horse Siriat presented the 10 commandment as the tempt of his contract with him people take a firm standing that fidelity to this ethical codification is what will separate his people from others? Do Nigerian who claim to idolize God. but who at the same clip offer and take payoff. defraud. hedge revenue enhancement and circumvent justness know the God of Mosses who in Exodus 22:8 says “ You will accept no payoff. for a payoff blinds the clear sighted and is the cause of the ruin of the vertical.

Do they cognize the God of the Prophetss who in Isaiah 33:15 says that the individual who will be qualified to be in his presence is the 1 who “acts honorably and speaks candidly. who scorns to be rich by extortion. who rejects bribes out of manus. who refuses to listen to be after affecting bloodshed and shuts his eyes instead than visage offense. Make Nigerian believers who make a day-to-day show of their religionism known that what the Lord truly require of us is to love terekerly. to make justness and to work meekly by me God ( Micah6:8 John the Baptist while fixing for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ crudemned the sort of faith that thrives side by side with corruptness as empty ritualism.

In his addrer to those who gathered to listen to him. amongst whom were solders and revenue enhancement aggregators. he admonished “Exalt no more than the appointed rate… No bullying. No Excntinu be content with your pay” Luke 3:13-14. Jesus himself denounced the sort of faiths pattern that was non matched by high moral and ethical criterions in realize that non all those who claim to be Christians will come in the land of Eden but merely those who do the will of the male parent Mathew 5. This Christianity make no room for criminals and fraudsters. It has no topographic point for those who offered take payoffs. Genuine Christian religion does non suit the cnetire of “ settlement” in Nigeria to twenty-four hours.

Therefore. faced with the contradiction and the embarrassment of a flourishing Christian religion in the most of an environment that stinks with corruptness and undiscipline. one is poise to reason that what is distributing like wildfire in modern-day Nigeria is non echt Christianity at all. but a masc motion with elements of Christian ritualism. one that is in big step shoal. superficial. noisy and devoid of substance and deepness. Popular Christianity in Nigeria is frequently Materialistic and individualistic in orientation. with an in believably high sense of devotedness to the cult of stuff and physical prosperity. success and healing. and with small or no attending at all given to the societal morality of the believing individuals.


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