It is said that little people worship personalities but great people worship ideas I. excessively. like a individual but because of his thoughts. The individual I like is ain my male parent. He is a adult male of balanced personality with a bosom full of love and a head pullulating with empyreal ideas. Fair skin color smooth forehead black curly hair and a pointed olfactory organ that shows his strong will power are the chief traits of his external visual aspect. He is a instructor by profession. He is a devoted and persevering plants. He is non a book worm. But he spends most of his clip in the wise company of his perspicacious friends. Peoples like to seek counsel from him. He is ever ready to assist the needy. His capturing face reveals his fascinatiog manners. He is a adult male of balanced personality. You can non name him a conservative. Nor can he be called excessively broad. He is tolerant. wide minded and optimist. His positions about different affairs of this universe are impartial. Though a true Muslim. he believes in the faith of humanity. He says that love for everyman irrespective of his caste. credo and state should be the kernel of every faith.

He hates but merely one thing i. e. bias. He condemns ‘mullahism’ that encourages who mindedness and fuels violent emotions. But he loves spiritual bookmans who spend their clip in steering people and reforming their ethical motives and manners. To him it is the Mullah who encourages terrorist act. suicide bombardment and denominationalism. But the existent spiritual bookman who understands the true spirit of the instructions of Islam ne’er indulge in such flagitious activities. Similar is his attack to political relations. He advocates equality and fraternity among different categories of society. He rejects both communism and capitalist economy as he believes that they can ne’er weed out evil and hungriness from this universe. He does non like those politicians who befool people by working their spiritual emotions and bad economic conditions. I believe that adult male is a blend of virtuousnesss and frailties. So is mu father. He has some defects in his character. I think he is instead excessively straightforward. He ne’er hesitates in naming a spade. This wont sometimes put others in a really awkward state of affairs. Though subsequently on everybody appreciates his being so blunt and sincere. Whether it is good to be so blunt and bold. I can non make up one’s mind. But I am proud of his being a adult male and non an angel.


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