Religious leaders – among them Catholic bishops – has gone far in condemning the use of condoms for young people as well as adults in Africa. This is a problem because it will make condoms more difficult to enhance. Huge condom programs are often seen by the people as the solution to the AIDS problem in Africa. Experts in the field find it difficult to assess whether the church’s views on contraception is essential that people choose to opt out. In my opinion it is very crucial. The Christian missionaries teach that it is a sin to use condoms at such a young ag. They compare it to as the act of stealing and are also focusing on the consequences on this act. From religious authorities, it is often argued that extensive campaigns for condom use may also lead to the opposite of what you want because it can lead to greater sexual behavior. That one starts to think, “Hey, we get condoms that protect! Let’s have more sex than before! “

So maybe the reason why AIDS is spreading so much in Africa is because they are trained not to use a condom by their Christian teachers? That it’s a ” sin “. However , then one should probably not sexually intercourse with anyone either, or is that not taught by the preachers?


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HIV-exposed adults, 2005















The table here shows HIV – exposed adults in 2005. Botswana is the country most vulnerable. It’s really quite strange considering that Botswana is a very large country with many resources . It is also the country most Christian missionaries are tending to wok in. Now I’m not saying that ‘s why AIDS is so prevalent there, the missionaries do not make the situation worse , but that the use of condoms is so strongly condemned makes it very difficult to get a condom and thus one does it without protection. The problem is that it is normal to exchange partners often which causes the disease to spread out quickly and a large group of people will easily be affected because of this trend of not using condoms.

So the conclusion is that unprotected sex is a major cause of the spread of AIDS. What could be the prevention of the spread? Condoms are one thing, and also that you become better informed about the disease . Those who live in Africa, especially in rural areas and among poor people know very little about the disease and it also means that they do not see the danger in not using condoms.


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