Religious Tolerance Made Easy Josh Fines December 8, 2012 Religious intolerance has been a problem concerning peace in this world for a long time. Throughout history there have been wars and other altercations between countries because of religious intolerance. People following a certain religion Just cannot seem to accept that other people follow and practice other religions. I used to be one of those people. I was born and raised in a Southern Baptist household and have been taught the beliefs and practices of Christianity my entire life.

Throughout my life I have looked down upon people who practice different religions and endured how on earth they could possibly follow any other religion besides Christianity. I still felt this way towards other religions until I started taking my Religions of the East class. When I started learning about other religions practiced mainly in Asia and India, I started seeing a lot of similarities between those religions and Christianity. I started to wonder why I and other people had looked down on people who practiced these religions, if the other religions were so similar to the one I practice.

I started thinking about the history of religious intolerance as well as the elisions intolerance that is going on in the world today and wondered why there is and was so much pointless violence for slight differences in different religions. There are so many similarities I am planning to discuss such as similarities between the Buddha (not to mention the possibility he is a Saint himself) and Jesus Christ, the trinities of Hinduism and Christianity, the belief of heaven by Confucianism and Taoism like Christianity, the promotion of peace by all religions, and so many more.

I just wish other people around the world would see all of these similarities and legalize that all of this violence concerning religious intolerance is pointless and peace would prevail. The first religion I that I learned had a lot of similarities with Christianity was Hinduism. After doing research it seemed to me that Hinduism was the most similar to Christianity out of all of the eastern traditions. A lot of Christianity is even thought to have originated in India. (Knapp) One of the main similarities that the two religions have is the belief in one supreme God who created the earth.

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The Christians believe in God while the Hindus believe in the Brahmas. They are both pretty much the same idea Just in two different religions. Even the story of creation has some similarities to it. For example, in both Christian and Hindu scripture the universe was formed in seven days or steps. Both said that in the beginning there was only darkness. Animals and humans were both created in pairs in both scriptures and the woman was created from the man. Another main piece in both Christianity and Hinduism is the goal. The goal in both religions is to reach Heaven if you are a Christian and Nirvana if you are a Hindu.

Both Heaven and Nirvana are thought to be paradise for our soul and are reached after you have fulfilled your life for the religion. Both religions also believe in an endless or eternal soul that never dies and lives on Trotter. IT you nave practice ten religion Ana level Day ten scripture, your soul Is want goes to Heaven or Nirvana, depending on if you are a Christian or a Hindu. Christianity and Hinduism also set the guidelines of their religions and how to reach Heaven or Nirvana in scriptures which the followers of the religions read and follow.

Both religions also talk about a major figure in the religion that is a reincarnated version of God or a god. In Christianity Jesus Christ is a reincarnated version of God and in Hinduism Krishna is a reincarnated form of the Hindu god Vishnu. They also both believe in a trinity of some sort. In Christianity there is the trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost while in Hinduism there is Brahmas, Vishnu, and Shiva. There are more minor similarities such as the use of holy water, sacred bread, alters, and the word Amen or mm. Knapp) Hinduism is also thought to have influenced much of Christianity. Buddhism, another religion that is thought to have influenced Christianity, has many similarities to Christianity as well. These include things such as an afterlife and the “golden rule”. (Robinson) The Buddhism golden rule teaches hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful. The Christian golden rule teaches do unto others as you would have them do unto you. One main similarity is the vigorous missionary programs both religions promote.

Both Christianity and Buddhism encourage their followers to go out to poverty stricken areas and help those in need and to teach their religion. This sometimes challenges those individuals to go out to other countries and live in these conditions while helping the people in need. Christianity and Buddhism both teach that everyone has an everlasting or endless soul that lives forever. This meaner that both Christianity and Buddhism teach that there is an afterlife or a goal to reach at the end of your life.

The Christians teach about Heaven which is paradise and perfect and you get there when you die if you have followed the Bible’s teachings and have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, while in Buddhism you follow your own path until you reach Nirvana which is also thought to be paradise for your soul after you die. Another similarity is the reams the mothers of Jesus Christ and Shattered Augusta knew of their son’s birth before it happened by dreams they had. In Marry dream an angel came and told her about her Son’s importance, while Catharsis’s mother dreamt about a white elephant entering her.

Another similarity is the teachings of these two religions. Both Christianity and Buddhism teach peace and to respect others. Both teach some form of the rule to treat others like you would want to be treated. Another interesting thing with Christianity and Buddhism is that the Buddha Shattered Augusta is a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church as Saint Psychopaths. Confucianism is another eastern religion that has similarities with Christianity. Like other religions both Christianity and Confucianism teach and promote peace. Both Christianity and Confucianism teach about Heaven as where you go in the afterlife.

Both religions also have a golden rule. This rule in Christianity is to treat others as you wish to be treated and in Confucianism it is what you do not wish for yourself do not do to others. Both of these translations mean treat others the way you want to be treated. Christianity and Confucianism preach to respect your parent’s as nee of their main teachings. One more similarity is that both of the founders of these religions had miraculous births. Mary knew of her birth to Jesus Christ when an angel came to near In a cream, Wendell ten mother AT Contuses also Knew AT near son ‘S Adult DAY a dream. Fays) Jansenism has some similarities to Christianity as well. Since Jansenism is largely influenced by Hinduism, it shares some of the similarities that Hinduism does with Christianity. The main similarity that Jansenism shares with Christianity is the goal is to reach paradise and achieve eternal life. They both also preach non violence, like there religions, and want their followers to respect all organisms, even though Jansenism takes this to a higher level such as sweeping the floor so they will not step on bugs and wearing masks so they will not breathe in organisms.

Taoism is a religion that is similar to Confucianism, which has similarities to Christianity. Taoism shares these similarities and shares some of the same main beliefs of Christianity. One of the main beliefs that Taoism shares with Christianity is the “golden rule”. Like Confucianism, Taoism has its own version of the Christians’ “golden rule” (do unto others what you would want done to you). Theirs is everything you do to other; you do to the deepest parts of your soul. Also like Confucianism, Taoist teaches of heaven.

Taoism, Confucianism, and Christianity all teach if heaven as where you go if you follow your religion and practice its teachings. Schism is another religion that comes from Hinduism. Schism, as well as other eastern traditions, has many similarities with Christianity. One major similarity it has that it is a monotheistic religion. Sikhs and Christians both believe in one supreme God. They both believe that their God is eternal and is the ruler and creator of everything. God is the source of everything to followers of both religions. Bal) Another main similarity if that both religions have sacred text or scriptures that tell their followers how to live and act. Texts and scriptures from both Christianity and Schism contain both teachings and hymns. Shinto is s religion that is very different from all of the other eastern religions. It does not have many similarities with any of the other religions. It does not have many similarities with Christianity as well. (Weans) The only similarity that it has that is even close to Christianity is that the followers of Shinto respect nature and Christian lowers are taught to respect all of God’s creations.

Some of the eastern religions were originated from another religion. For example, Buddhism and Schism are both very similar because they are both from India and are both derived from Hinduism, another Indian religion. Confucianism and Taoism are similar to each other because they are both Chinese religions and are thought to be connected by their founders. Christianity is thought to be influenced by many religions. Some sources say that Christianity is heavily influenced by Indian cultures (for example, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc. ) and not Just Judaism.

This theory would definitely explain why Christianity is so similar to Hinduism and Buddhism, but it looks like Christianity was influenced by Confucianism and Taoism in some ways as well. Christianity also influenced Schism. Since Schism is influenced by Hinduism and Islam it is influenced by Christianity as well because Islam is derived from Christianity and is one of the Abraham traditions. Some historians say that some Christian beliefs come straight from Hinduism. (Dads) Reincarnation is the main thing that historians believe that influenced Christianity directly.

Buddhism is thought to eave influenced some of the gospels in the Bible as well. Buddhism is thought to nave Innocence ten gospel AT Join Ana I mommas Ana ten gospel AT Luke Is tongue to compare the account of Jesus Christ to that of the Buddha in the Literalistic Sutra. (Chary) Dry. Bernhard Scorcher, religious professor at Canterbury Christ Church University said “… It is very important to draw attention to the fact that there is massive Buddhist influence in the gospels… ” It looks like Christianity may have been influenced heavily, even some of its main points, by eastern religions.

Though it looks eke it was mainly influenced by Indian religions it has many similarities to Chinese religions that came long before Christianity. This shows that it may have also been influenced by Chinese religions as well as Indian religions. All that these similarities and influences on other religions show is that a lot of religions in the world are not that different. People that follow a religion and are intolerant of or opinionated about other religions need to look at all of these similarities and think to themselves that the people that follow another religion are not that different than themselves.


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