In The Loath Fundamentalist. Mohsin Hamid uses a assortment of literary devices to make the tone of confusion and agitation. By making so. Mohsin Hamid besides develops a subject of alteration. All these literary characteristics combine to do an bewitching page-turner. One literary device used by the writer to make restlessness in the reader is enunciation. The writer deliberately uses words to make uncomfortableness in the reader. “The duplicate towers of New York’s World Trade centre collapsed. And so I smiled. Yes. ugly as it may sound ( 4-6 ) .

”The fact that the supporter smilings at America’s misfortune merely puts the reader at malaise. Furthermore. the writer himself suggests that the smiling was a ugly reaction. However by doing the reader dying. Mohsin Hamid does merely but one thing ; enticement in the reader to go on reading. This quotation mark besides denotes Changez’s alteration towards America. This is because. although Changez was “the merchandise of an American university ; ( he ) was gaining a moneymaking American wage ; ( he ) was infatuated with an American adult female ( 28-30 ) ” his initial reaction to this incident was a smiling.

The repeat of the word “American” merely creates the motive that Changez has purportedly become American. However after the onslaught. Changez’s smile merely suggests otherwise ; thereby making the subject of alteration. Another literary device used by Mohsin Hamid to make a sense of confusion is the usage of ambiguity through dramatic soliloquy. “It is hateful to hear another individual glee over one’s country’s bad luck. But certainly you can non be wholly guiltless of such feelings yourself ( 22-24 ) .

” Because the American does non talk. the reader is forced to make the personality of the American in his or her ain head. Therefore. when the supporter accuses the American of being guilty of such feelings. the supporter is basically impeaching the reader of those feelings. The ambiguity of this quotation mark further agitates the reader. yet at the same clip forces the reader to go on reading in hope of happening more truths about the reader’s ego. One more technique the writer uses to develop the subject of alteration every bit good as compel the reader to go on reading is boding.

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After reflecting on his reaction to the onslaught. Changez still doesn’t know why he smiled ; “So why did portion of me desire to see America harmed? I did non cognize. so ( 30-31 ) . ” Although Changez is non certain why he smiled at the present clip. this quotation mark indicates that subsequently on. the reader will happen out why he smiled ; another ground necessitating the reader to complete reading the book. Simultaneously nevertheless. the writer besides foreshadows a batch of alteration is about to take topographic point since we already know Changez is back in Pakistan and stating this narrative to an American at a Pakistani coffeehouse.

Literary devices and techniques are abundant in this transition. though they all merge to make a sense of perplexity and sarcasm. At the same clip nevertheless. they all merge to make the subject of alteration. Though all this perversity merely obliges the reader to go on reading the book. Not merely will the reader eventually understand Changez’s reaction to the onslaught but the reader will besides detect new truths about him or herself as he/she continues to read the book.


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