Rene Descartes Essay, Research Paper

Rene` Descartes was born in La Haye, Touraine ( a former state

of France ) March 31, 1596. He spent all of his childhood in France.

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His male parent was a minor Lord and counsillor of the Parliament of

Brittany, his rubric was noblesse de la robe. Descartes female parent was non

every bit prominate as her hubby but she was rather affluent. The

nationality of both his parents is Gallic. His faith was Roman


In 1606 at the age of eight Descartes enrolled in the Jesuit

college of La Fleche in Anjou, to analyze mathematics and Scholastic

doctrine, which was used to understand Christian philosophy. Upon

go forthing school Descartes studied jurisprudence at Poitiers University until

graduation in 1616 but he ne’er attempted to pattern jurisprudence outside

school. He spent old ages rolling through Europe until he eventually

settled in the Netherlands in 1618 where he joined the services of

Prince Maurice who was the leader of the UP of the Netherlands. He

do a trek to Italy in 1623 until 1624 and so he went to France and

stayed four old ages until 1628. When Descartes was in France focused

his surveies on doctrine and the development of optics. Then after

selling all his belongings in France he moved to the Netherlands and to

such metropoliss as Amsterdam and Leiden.

Rene` Descartes ne’er had paying occupations he chiefly did volunteer

work and received nil in return for his work. For agencies to populate

on Descartes received belongings from his female parent which he turned around

and sold for 27,000 liveries. Some clip after that he inherited

belongings for his male parent which he kept.

Descartes developed of an optical machine that would crunch

non-spherical lenses for eyeglassess etc.

Descartes doctrine was sometimes called Cartesianism it carried

him into false grounds of a figure of physical phenomena. While

Descartes was analyzing optics it led him to the find of the basic

jurisprudence of contemplation.

Descartes was frequently called the male parent of modern doctrine. He

tried to warrant doctrine by utilizing scientific discipline and mathematics. Before

Descartes people used Scholasticism, which was based on comparing the

positions of recognized governments. He rejected the method I quote: In

our hunt for the direct route to truth, we should occupy ourselves with

no object about which we can non achieve a cocksureness equal

to that of

the presentations of arithmetic and geometry. Which made him

determine to keep nil true until he had established evidences for it

being true. While Descartes was in the Netherlands he published his

first work Philosophical Essays. The work focused on four topics

geometry, optics, meteors, and Discourse on Method which is doctrine

guesss. while Descartes was in the Netherlands he formed a

friendly relationship with the princess Elizabeth Stuart of Bohemia. Sometime

during the winter of 1649 Descartes was instructed to travel to Stockholm

Sweden to give Queen Christina tutoring in doctrine. Then in 1650

while still Stockholm the badness of the winter caused him to acquire

pneumonia and dice.

analytic geometry was introduced by Rene Descartes in 1637.

Analytic geometry is most normally applied to the representation of

Equations affecting two of three variables as curves in two or three

dimensions or surfaces in three dimensions, which allows jobs in

algebra to be answered in geometry and jobs in geometry to be

solved by algebra. The techniques of analytic geometry have been

generalized to four or more dimensions and have been combined with

other signifiers of geometry.

Rene Descartes was the first mathematician to utilize the last

letters of the alphabet to delegate unknown qualities and the first

letters to denominate known 1s. He besides invented the method of

indices ( ten ) to show the powers of Numberss. He besides expressed the

Descartes regulation of mark for happening the figure of positive and negative

roots for any algebraic equation.

Descartes was a great adult male and he did many things in his life

including doctrine, scientific discipline, mathematics. All of these topics are

of import say for case math he made may parts to

mathematics but some of them were minor and some were major but no

affair what they all impacted mathematics in some manner most mathematics

today would non be complete if person didn Ts make parts.

Many things wouldn t be possible if non for him many of the activities

we do today are related to Descartes non merely in the mathematical

sense but in the doctrine, and scientific discipline sense. So in decision my

personal sentiment of Descartes and how of import is he to mathematics

and the universe, he is a really big portion of it and really of import to it.



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