Mary Toucans Mr.. Kara Period 3 Renaissance DB During the Time period of The Renaissance was a time that many art, literature and science advancements were made. People refer to this time period as the time period of ‘rebirth’ of learning that had been put on hold since the fall of Rome. The renaissance was a time of much advancement across the board. Throughout the time of the Renaissance there were numerous famous, artists, inventors and scientists; some famous for one of those achievements listed and others known for all three.

The men known for all three were referred to as the Renaissance men. The Renaissance man was skilled in all aspects of learning. A very famous renaissance man, Leonardo Dad Vinci made many one of a kind sculptures and murals but also contributed to science. Dad Vinci would depict the human body in drawings and describe different muscles and use his art skills for other scientists to work off of (Doc. L). Dad Vinci also had a famous drawing titled ‘The Vitamin Man’ where he showed how the human body moved.

Along with contributions to biology the renaissance men also came up with the Scientific method. The scientific method changed the way we come to conclusions by having a set way to come up with answers with repeating experiments and questioning our hypothesis. (Doc 2). While all of the scientific advancements were important, science wasn’t the only place that advancements were made. During this time period many artists were remembered for sculptures, drawings and murals but they also invented a new type of art.

They invented Linear Perspective; a type of drawing or painting using lines and a focal point making their drawings have an allusion of looking 3-D. ( Doc. 4) This form of art is fusing math and art into one is another example of the renaissance men being scholarly as well as creative. Along with perspective drawing artists also hid simple shapes like triangles in their pieces to make them more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Transitional sentence? ) Before the Renaissance time period the larger part of Europe were Catholics. Up until the printing press was invented people believed anything that the church told them. They believed that they could buy their way into heaven as well as being excommunicated by the discretion of the priest. None of these things are written in he bible but since people could not read they could not tell and believed the priests.

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For the very few that could read in their language, the bible was written in Latin which very few people could read. When Gutenberg invented the Printing press in 1454 people started to learn how to read and everyday people were becoming caudate ) I nee more Ana more Tanat people s tarter to read started to realize that the church was fooling them. Along with being able to read and become well educated, the printing press and reading in general taught people how to think for themselves which Just added to the time period of Why.


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