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Battery Replacement


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In todays aircraft it is indispensable we utilize the latest engineering to extinguish dearly-won care processs, safety concerns, and still keep dependable executing equipment. The Tesla Dry-Cell battery is a campaigner to replace the SAFT 2376 Nickel Cadmium ( NICAD ) battery soon utilized in the HU-25 aircraft. The Tesla Dry-Cell battery can run into all of the public presentation specifications of the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery. The Tesla battery besides provides extra long term dollar nest eggs, care adult male hr nest eggs, and safety benefits that are significant plenty to be considered as a feasible replacing.


In measuring the Tesla Dry-Cell Battery to find if it is a suited replacing for the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery I used several methods of garnering information. To find if it met the public presentation specifications required I utilised Technical manuals on each several battery. To find if the Tesla battery will supply significant nest eggs in cost, care adult male hr outgos and countries of safety. I utilized the Federal Stock System monetary value informations base, Coast Guard ( CG ) Aircraft Computerized Maintenance System ( ACMS ) , Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) , and proficient publication NAVAIR 17-15BAD-1, ( 1991 ) . I besides utilized The Telsa Industries Inc. TI4676 Micro Power Unit proficient publication, ( 1998 ) .



Subjects. National Stock system monetary values for both the SAFT 2376 NICAD and Tesla Dry-Cell Battery. USCG HU-25 Prime Unit forces for information on signifier and fit demands to exchange to the Tesla battery. Reviewed ACMS

Battery Replacement


historical informations base for replacing parts cost informations on the SAFT 2376 NICAD battery. A Tesla Industries representative provided tesla battery inspection and repair costs informations.

Battery Unit Item Cost

SAFT 2376 NICAD each $ 848.00

Tesla Dry-Cell each $ 3,300.00

Cost for Tesla upgrade installing each $ 0.00

Battery Unit Replacement parts cost


Cells ( 19 per battery ) each $ 361.00

Misc each $ 75.00

Tesla Dry-Cell

Partss ( none )

Overhaul each $ 300.00

Battery Replacement




Subjects. Reviewed CG ACMS informations base for care adult male hours expended on SAFT NICAD batteries. Researched Tesla TI4676 Micro Power Unit ( MPU ) Dry-Cell battery proficient manual for proving and trouble-shooting processs.

Aviation Training Center Mobile, AL Man/Hour cost analysis

Aircraft Year Total Man/Hours Hourly Rate Total Man/Hour Costss

HU-25 1998 886 $ 16.00 $ 14,176.00

HU-25 1997 860 $ 16.00 $ 13,760.00

HU-25 1996 914 $ 16.00 $ 14,624.00

Tesla TI4676 MPU Dry-Cell battery is a care free battery



Subjects. Reviewed SAFT 2376 NICAD battery and Tesla TI4676 MPU Dry-Cell MSDS specification sheets and proficient manual for each several battery.


1. Cadmimum & A ; Cadmium Hydroxide

2. Nickel & A ; Nickel Hydroxide

Battery Replacement


3. Potassium Hydroxide or Sodium Hydroxide

4. Cobalt Hydroxide


1. No Hazardous Material

MSDS for the NICAD battery see appendix A.


Description of Batteries

The SAFT 2376 NICAD battery has been used in the HU-25 aircraft since 1981. It has been a dependable and competent battery. The aim for replaceing the NICAD battery is non due to a failing constituent or deficiency of parts in stock system to keep them. It is a affair of newer engineering that will supply an tantamount public presentation while extinguishing care man/hour costs, risky stuff, and safety concerns.

The Tesla TI4676 Micro Power Unit ( MPU ) Dry-Cell battery meets all specifications required for HU-25 aircraft chief battery operation and meets or exceeds all public presentation features of the NICAD battery. See appendix A for TI4676 MPU end product electromotive force and maximal end product current charts.

Study 1 lists informations to back up short and long term costs related to change overing to the Tesla Dry-Cell battery. The initial cost to buy 70 Tesla Dry-Cell batteries to back up the Coast Guards fleet of 24 HU-25 aircraft and supply

Battery Replacement


units with spares tantamount to the figure soon in the system. This information shows that the initial cost to do the transition will be really e

xpensive bing $ 231,000. Tesla Industries Inc. stated that the Coast Guard would non necessitate to hold every bit many trim batteries in the HU-25 fleet as they could vouch that when we sent a battery out for inspection and repair we would have a replacing within 48 hours. This would hold to be looked into farther, but may let a little nest eggs on the initial purchase. Replacement portion costs are besides a reacurring disbursal that was looked at to find if the Tesla battery would be capable to high costs in this country. The information shows that in this country costs are comparable and possibly somewhat lower for the Tesla Dry-Cell battery. This is an arbitrary decision though since no 1 can foretell when either battery is traveling to neglect. Tesla Industries Inc. provided the inspection and repair cost informations and the NICAD battery parts cost were researched in the Federal Stock System data base.

Study 2 lists informations to back up long term costs related to care man/hours. The Tesla battery is maintenance free if it fails it can be recharged in two to three proceedingss in the aircraft or in a store in 1.25 hours utilizing merely standard 115VAC 60 Hz power. If the Tesla battery still fails after recharge it is sent to Tesla Industries Inc. for inspection and repair. The NICAD battery is much more labour intensive and my research of its care history was done utilizing the Coast Guard Aircraft Computerized Maintenance System data base records for one air station that is Aviation Training Center Mobile. While this is non a complete history of all units I did take records from over a three twelvemonth period to guarantee the Numberss were consistent. I besides did non include man/hours for removal/installation ( since this is something the Tesla battery may be capable to, nevertheless I do non experience it would non happen at the same repeat ) nor did I path hours it takes to deep cycle/recharge batteries when it is strictly a map of a utilizing an Automatic Reflex Charger & # 8211 ; Analyzer and man/hours are non really expended. The dollar costs for man/hours to keep the NICAD battery is really expensive, for ATC Mobile

Battery Replacement


which operates five HU-25 aircraft the one twelvemonth costs for 1998 were $ 14,176.00. If I divided that figure by five and so multiplied it by 24 the figure of HU-25 aircraft in the fleet I come up with ( 2835.20 x 24 ) $ 68,044.80 as a one-year cost for the full fleet of HU-25 aircraft in the Coast Guard. It becomes clear that the initial purchase monetary value of $ 231,000.00 to secure the Tesla batteries could be offset over a affair of three & # 8211 ; four old ages. In add-on to the dollar nest eggs we would besides hold extra forces man/hours that could now be utilized for other undertakings if NICAD battery care undertakings were eliminated.

Study 3 lists informations to back up the riddance of risky stuffs and safety concerns associated with them. The Tesla battery being a Dry-Cell battery does non hold nor make any risky stuffs. The NICAD battery has risky stuffs and is cited in appendix B on the Material Safety Data Sheet ( MSDS ) . The MSDS lists all risky substances associated with the NICAD battery, related wellness jeopardies, particular protection information, etc. Another safety concern associated with the risky stuff in a NICAD battery is Thermal Runaway. Thermal Runaway is a status in which the current for a to the full charged nickel-cadmium battery rises out of all proportion to the impressed electromotive force ( NAVAIR 17-15BAD-1, 1991 ) . In laypersons footings a Thermal Runaway status may happen due to low electrolyte degree, electrolyte contaminations, etc in the NICAD battery which causes inordinate heat construct up. The inordinate heat construct up so causes the battery electromotive force to get down to drop and battery current so rises. If temperature continues to lift so you continue in a barbarous rhythm of electromotive force bead, current addition, temperature addition and it can take to the battery exploding and being an detonation and fire jeopardy. In flight this may take to a really unsafe exigency state of affairs. The Tesla battery being a Dry-Cell type it is non capable of a thermic runaway status, hence this safety jeopardy would besides be eliminated with the Tesla battery.

Battery Replacement


In drumhead the replacing of the HU-25 chief aircraft NICAD batteries with the Tesla TI4676 Micro Power Unit Dry-Cell battery is a measure towards upgrading to the advanced engineering available today. It would show a high initial procurance cost that would be offset by the decrease of care man/hour costs related to battery care. It besides will liberate up forces for other care undertakings. Additionally, The Tesla battery elimanates all risky stuff concerns and eliminates the possibility of a thermic blowout safety bad luck. The following measure to take would be to subject an Aircraft Configuration Control Board Item to bespeak the purchase of four Tesla TI 4676 Micro Power Unit Dry-Cell batteries and put in them into an HU-25 aircraft for a six month paradigm rating.


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