hold chosen to watch and describe on the movie “Black Cat. White Cat” by Emir Custurica for several grounds. First. Custurica is a globally celebrated film maker. known in the US for his “Arizona Dream” . Second. Custurica does pay much attending to affairs of civilization in his movies. so his plants are really enlightening. Third the characters of “Black Cat. White Cat” belong to different peoples and civilizations. including Serbians. Gypsies and Bulgarians. So the movie tells adequate about cultural and cross-cultural communications.

Produced in 1998. the movie is a sort of romantic comedy stating a narrative of several immature people in hunt of their love in the universe of mobsters and runners. One of those runners named Matko Destanov owes money to a mobster named Dadan. Dadan is eager to happen a hubby for Afrodita – his dwarf sister and he proposes to settle the debt by matrimony of Matko’s boy Zare with his sister. However. Zare is in love with another miss named Ida. and Afrodita dreams o another adult male. After legion amusing and unsafe escapades all of the immature people find their felicity. and Dadan finds himself in manure both in metaphorical and ordinary sense.

The movie is really dry and easy to watch as a household comedy. As I have already noticed. the movie Tells much about cultural communications. First these are household and friendly relationship. The characters seem to be really family-oriented and “beautiful friendship” is one of the nucleus motive of the narrative. Young people dream of a household and stable relationships. older people desire to do their kids happy as Zare’s gramps and even such a barbarian adult male as Dadan wants to make the will of his parents even though through force. Personal dealingss are basic forces driving the characters in life. concern and even offense.

They rely upon aid of their buddies and relations in virtually every action they take. so playing a slippery party game – each for ain intents but sing the will of the others. This can be illustrated by dealingss of Zare with his gramps. Zare loves his gramps and helps him to get away from infirmary to return to his bacchic life style. and the grateful gramps gives all his money to Zare. Such attack to personal dealingss is full of traditionality and is pretty different from the present state of affairs in this state.

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Another cultural facet. which might look instead evil in this state is attitude of characters towards jurisprudence. Throughout the movie it may look that there is no jurisprudence and legal formalities at all. Customers are easy bribed. medical forces is unable to command the patients. mobsters behave as existent swayers and an official solemnising a matrimonies passively does everything what he is ordered to make. even cognizing that matrimony between Zare and Afrodita is physical. However. the characters really do non experience any uncomfortableness from absence of formalities.

Law is replaced by aforesaid personal dealingss. and possibly they would experience unhappy from presence of legal duties instead from absence of such duties. There are many interesting minor cultural inside informations in the movie such as matrimony imposts. costumes. linguistic communication characteristics and other which. being combined together. make a absorbing feeling of engagement in other civilization. Movies like “Black Cat. White Cat” cause witnesss to go interested in unusual life styles and wonts organizing an thought of planetary cultural diverseness.


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