Your Company is a superior supplier of exigency communications and proficient consulting to the Federal. State. and County Governments every bit good as the private industry.

Business GOALS
Your Company sets specific ends for success in this concern. * Provide the best service to its clients in the most efficient and cost effectual manner possible. * Mitigate possible hereafter jobs to keep exigency orbiter. telecommunication. and wireless services to 98 % or better. * Quickly identify job countries and implement effectual solutions to run into client ends. * Consistently supply the best client service and proficient aid 24 hours a twenty-four hours. 365 yearss a twelvemonth in any climate and topographic point.

The intent of this Request for Proposal is happen a seller. with the necessary makings that our company desires. to develop all forces within the company to fulfill the administrative demands set Forth by the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Undertaking GOAL

Your Company requires each technician and administrative professional to be adept in the latest version of Microsoft Office. The end of this Request for Proposal is to develop all 75 employees in the proficient usage and application of the Microsoft Office 2010 package within a five hebdomad period get downing August 1. 2011. To maintain with the clip drudge and on-going concern. preparation will get down at 0800 and stop at 1200 from Monday through Thursday every hebdomad for five hebdomads. Instruction will be needed for the undermentioned plans within the Microsoft Office 2010 suite: MS Word. MS Excel. MS PowerPoint. MS Access. and MS Outlook. This is the proposed preparation agenda: Week| Program| Date| Time| Location|

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1| MS Word| 8/1 to 8/4| Mon – Thurs. 0800 – 1200| Constructing 5 Meeting Room| 2| MS Excel| 8/8 to 8/11| Mon – Thurs. 0800 – 1200| Constructing 5 Meeting Room| 3| MS PowerPoint| 8/15 to 8/18| Mon – Thurs. 0800 – 1200| Constructing 5 Meeting Room| 4| MS Access| 8/22 to 8/25| Mon – Thurs. 0800 – 1200| Constructing 5 Meeting Room| 5| MS Outlook| 8/29 to 9/1| Mon – Thurs. 0800 – 1200| Constructing 5 Meeting Room|

The maximal budget ceiling is set house at $ 2. 500 per employee for a sum of $ 187. 500. Training must supply employees with working cognition to practically utilize each of the package plans requested. Training manuals. mention stuffs. and developing AIDSs must besides be included. Vendor must besides supply Microsoft certified preparation stuffs to each employee for the continuance of the category. End of class rating must besides be administered to guarantee developing effectivity of each employee for each class attended. Testing consequences must be logged and a tabular matter of consequences will be provided to the Contracting Officer every bit good as the Human Resources Department along with original transcripts of the trial given. The trainer will besides publish certifications of completion to each employee finishing preparation at the terminal of each preparation development. If any employee does non go through any class rating. the seller agrees to retrain forces to fulfill preparation demands to go through a retest. The company has already secured 75 computing machines pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 package. which will be issued to each employee for the continuance of the class.

1. Company Background
a. Company history
b. Instructor enfranchisements and experience
c. Awards received
d. Financial Statements
e. BBB Rating ( if any )

2. Industry Experience
f. What courses did your company provide in the yesteryear.
g. 3 mentions from companies who received preparation.
Any proposal will necessitate to supply answer to all inquiries and respond in item to the RFP. Please include any necessary fond regards to finish the proposal. Pricing in the proposal should be itemized for each class. Identify any payment methods. demands. and any other charge or invoicing information and submit as an fond regard. At the poster of this RFP. each company will hold up to June 1. 2011 to react. Any proposal received by Your Company after June 1. 2011 will non be accepted. Exceptions will be given on a individual footing. Companies are extremely encouraged to subject any and all proposals early. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE

Your Company strives to maintain any and all proposals and information. for clients and sellers likewise. confidential to any individual or entity outside of forces actively working on the undertaking within Your Company. Any company shall be given a just opportunity to subject a proposal for this undertaking. Your Company takes great pride in its high criterions for security processs and protocol.


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