It has a table Like wood with 2 round logs underneath Relocate with Gold Chain – It looks shiny, it may be some type of jewelry used by the rich back in the old gees Four Poster Bed – A wooden bed and it looks nice but outdated, it has a dress lying on it and It also smelled Like a ancient wood. List of Residents within the Hacienda De San Austin- it consist of a list of persons that are/is members off particular area, the names were written In a long had style of writing and placed on a old brown panderer like paper. . How is a museum critical to the development off nation. What does It mean to visit a museum as a humanities student, What does it mean to visit a museum as a humanities student? A museum is very critical and important to the development of a nation simply cause it serves as a inspiration of who, what, why, and how that shaped our nation to what it is today.

It reminds us of the culture of our ancestors and their ways of living, the things they used, and their behaviors back In the day. And a museum serves as a tourist destination for the locals and foreigners which would help the economy. It means that I get to visit a museum because we were required by the teacher and we have some homework to do. Besides that, I learned something about artifacts like how old it look and how ancient it smells. Ton


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