Goal 1To Research Quality Management System, QMS, as a procedure for bettering the effectivity of small-medium endeavor, ( SME ) , operations


  1. Investigate the history of the development of QMS
  2. Understand the constructions and characteristics of a figure of recognized QMS’s.
  3. Identify the features of QMS which would increase the smooth operations of SME’s.

Research Methods

  1. Conduct Internet hunts
  2. Conduct Internet hunts and phone calls utilizing both closed and unfastened ended inquiries with a figure of different companies and individuals engaged with QMS usage to find what makes their offering of ISO 9001 different to other companies
  3. Analyse informations compiled in research method 1.2 to place a set of the most valuable features


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Prior to get downing this end and get downing this enquiry, I attended an information session at Netco Pumps provided by the General Manager of Global Compliance, Andrew Sneddon. I acquired a high degree of cognition in that session and my research and acquisition since so has made the information really utile.

Previous to get downing this survey, I had no cognition of how the QMS criterions were developed and what period of clip the criterions took to acquire the ISO 9001 criterion to where it is today. Learning the history of QMS in Objective 1.1 was to pave the manner to supplying some background cognition when finishing Objective 1.2. Although I had some thought as to the characteristics and features of the ISO 9001 criterion, the intent of Objective 1.2 was to set up the model to finish Objective 1.3.


Objective 1.1

The history of Quality Management can be traced as far back as the Middle Ages. Work completed by going work forces and learners was evaluated and inspected by workers skilled in the country to guarantee that the quality criterions were met in all facets of the finished merchandise, guaranting purchaser satisfaction. Although the history of quality direction has undergone a figure of alterations, the terminal consequence is still the same.

During the 1920’s quality direction systems as we know them today, started to come up. The focal point of quality direction was still on the terminal merchandise ; nevertheless, it was the first clip that theory had been applied to merchandise quality control.

Some of the first Quality Management System ( QMS ) criterions were applied to companies which were providing the USA military during World War II. One of the chief grounds for the development of the QMS criterions was that the military discovered many of their providers were fabricating hapless quality merchandises. The chief cause for development of hapless quality merchandises was due to the absence of a direction system, deficiency of designation and traceability, insufficient record maintaining and papers control.

After the QMS Standards were compiled, the military gave their providers between two and three old ages to obtain enfranchisement. The providers that the armed forces were utilizing were besides bring forthing merchandises non of a military nature to other makers. The users of the non-military merchandises saw the benefits of these criterions and pressured for a national criterion. This brought the launch in the mid to late 1970’s of BS 5157 and so BS 5750. Companies saw the benefits of obtaining enfranchisement. Companies which enforced and supported the QMS criterions boomed from the 1970’s to the 1990’s.

The twelvemonth 2000 saw the revision of the ISO 9001 criterion. This criterion focused on the on-going betterment of concern procedures and presented new characteristics such as mensurable aims, and client satisfaction etc. One major difference between the new criterion and the old criterion was that the new criterion required limited documented quality processs compared to processs written to turn to all clauses of the criterions.

Today, companies across the universe compete for the 100s of Excellence Awards which can be received. The intent of Quality Management remains the same as it ever has all throughout history – guaranting clients receive an excellent, quality merchandise.

Objective 1.2

There is merely one recognised Quality Management System, which is the Australian ISO 9001 criterion. The ISO 9001 is a generic criterion. The ISO 9001 is the Australian Standard which gives the demands for a QMS. The latest version, ( 2008 ) , of the ISO 9001 is the ISO 9001:2008. It is the lone criterion in the ISO 9000 household which can be used for enfranchisement by concerns. There are 16 other criterions in the ISO 9000 household which can assist an administration with specific facets such as public presentation betterment, scrutinizing and preparation.

The ISO 9001 Quality Management System’s criterion is a strategy which is operated within itself. There are other criterions which come under the header of an Integrated Management System ( IMS ) . An IMS combines all related constituents of a concern into one system for easier direction and operations. Quality ( QMS ) , Environmental ( EMS ) and Safety ( WHS ) direction systems are frequently combined and managed as an IMS.

JAS-ANZ is the authorities – appointed accreditation organic structure for Australia and New Zealand, responsible for supplying accreditation of conformance appraisal organic structures ( CABS ) in the Fieldss of enfranchisement and review. JAS-ANZ defines the ISO 9001 QMS as the world’s taking concern betterment tool. I contacted a spokesman from JAS-ANZ. Accreditation by JAS-ANZ conveys the competency and independency of these CABS.

I contacted representatives of a figure of companies to look into the value and pertinent characteristics that they believed gave them a competitory advantage in the market place against other companies which offer the ISO 9001 criterion enfranchisement.

BSI Group

BSI Group is the concern criterions company which helps organisations all over the universe make excellence a wont. For more than a century, BSI has been disputing averageness and complacence to assist implant excellence into the manner people and merchandises work – that means working with concerns on how to better public presentation, cut down hazard and achieve sustainable growing.

BSI Group in May of 2013 acquired NCS International. The acquisition means that they are a echt Australian and planetary market leader. This enables BSI Group to offer clients a greater scope of incorporate services and for those clients with international demands, entree to a Global web across 150 states worldwide.

BSI Group clients take them because of their:

  • Unique client direction construction
  • Expertness
  • Integrity
  • Prioritizing concern public presentation
  • Adept Auditors/Assessors: BSI employs an extended squad of hearers who have a big sum of industry experience from assorted industries.

The gross revenues representative, Leah Rigon, at BSI said that the characteristics of the ISO 9001 included salvaging concern money, increases net income, wins more concern and satisfies more clients. Ms Rigon made it clear that the ISO 9001 boosts staff morale, as it merely requires one set of aims which are in line with the organisation’s policies and client feedback. Another characteristic of the ISO 9001 is that all regulative demands are met that are applicable to the merchandises and services of the administration.

SAI Global

SAI Global provides organisations around the universe with information services and solutions for pull offing hazard, accomplishing conformity and driving concern betterment.

SAI Global entree services to Standards, Handbooks, Legislative and Property publications ; they audit, certify and register a merchandise, system or supply concatenation ; they facilitate good administration and consciousness of conformity, moralss and policy issues and supply preparation and betterment solutions to assist persons and organisations win.

SAI Global prides themselves on being a mostly customer-based company. They have a big pool of hearers who are trained in-house. Statistically, 80 % of people recognise SAI Global’s logo ; this is due to the planetary advantage they hold from holding offices all over the universe. SAI Global has a place base in every province in Australia.

The gross revenues representative at SAI Global stated that ISO 9001 criterion:

  • Streamlines concern procedures
  • Has certification and ocular certification,
  • Ensures every employee knows what his/her undertaking is
  • Ensures the concern is more efficient
  • Is really client based
  • Requires the concern to hold a client registry
  • Requires the concern to hold an internal hearer

TQCSI International

TQCSI Internationalis a to the full accredited, 3rd party enfranchisement organic structure supplying enfranchisement of Quality Management Systems ( ISO 9001 ) , Environmental Management Systems ( ISO 14001 ) , Food Safety Management Systems ( ISO 22000 and HACCP ) and Safety Management Systems ( OHSAS 18001 ) .

TQCSIwas developed following a demand from the concern community for alocal, client focussedcompany to help in 3rd party enfranchisement. Entire Quality Certification Services Pty Ltd was developed and the Company commenced operations in mid-1995. The Company was officially accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand ( JAS-ANZ ) in 1996. In March 2001 the company established its first international subdivision office and commenced scrutinizing activities internationally. Shortly after, ‘International ‘ was added to TQCS in acknowledgment of the Company ‘s expanded country of operations. TQCSIservices a wide cross subdivision of concern clients from all sectors of industry andcan provide enfranchisement to companies and administrations anyplace in the universe.

The TQCSI Head Office is based in South Australia. The General Manager informed me that the South Australian subdivision offered six major criterions and that is their niche market. It is the lone company in South Australia which offers the ISO 9001 enfranchisement. He clearly stated that it is the monetary value, service and quality of hearers that differentiates each company from the other. He besides stated that TQCSI has four people dedicated to go toing to their clients and their demands merely.

He spoke of the importance of the logo of non merely TQCSI, but SAI Global and SCI QUAL. He drew attending to the fact they have a Earth with a tick through it, SAI Global has a circle with 5 ticks and SCI QUAL have a tick with 5 stars. He besides stated that these drew attending to the quality of service and how it branded their company in the planetary market place.

He explained that the characteristics of the ISO 9001 criterion included the uniformity of concern operations ; the fact that it was the most internationally recognized direction criterion made concern operations more efficient and effectual and the concern system improved so that the client receives what has been set out in a contract. Finally, he made really clear that JAS-ANZ is the overarching organic structure and ensures that administrations comply with the authorities direction systems standard as this gives them an international state-of-the-art theoretical account to follow.

Objective 1.3

With the information researched, collected and synthesised in Objective 1.2, it is clear to me that the followers are the most valuable features/characteristics of a QMS.

Features/Characteristics of a QMS

Focus on the Customer/More Customers

A planned attack to running an administration

Changes are easier to pull off

Selling chances


Engagement of Peoples ( Employees, Trainers, Auditors )

Procedure Approach/Efficiency

Systematic Approach to Management

Continual Improvement

A factual attack to determination devising

Companies can hold a reciprocally good provider relationship

Enhances trade name repute

Additions Customer Satisfaction

Ensures issues are identified and addressed

FIGURE?Features/Characteristics of a QMS which are most valuable.

1.4 Preliminary Decision

Throughout the completion of this end, I have identified the relevant information which I set out to garner. I began my enquiry by look intoing the history of Quality Management. It became clear the beginnings of Quality Management were rooted deeper in the past than I had first thought ; non WWII, but in the Middle Ages.

With an apprehension of the history, the following logical measure was to research and understand the constructions and characteristics of a figure of recognized QMS’s. Findingss of my research through structured interviews determined there is merely one recognised Quality Management System: the Australian ISO 9001 criterion. The ISO 9001 is a generic criterion ; it gives the demands for a QMS. It is the lone criterion in the ISO 9000 household which can be used for enfranchisement by concerns. The ISO 9001 Quality Management System’s criterion is a strategy which is operated within itself. There are other criterions which come under the header of an Integrated Management System ( IMS ) .

In order to pull an reply to Goal 1, I identified a figure of companies and interviewed representatives to look into the value and pertinent characteristics of the ISO 9001:2008 criterion. With the aid of BSI Group, SAI Global and TQCSI International, research conducted showed that a QMS was non merely a procedure, but a system to better the effectivity and public presentation of a concern. I concluded my end by documenting my findings in a tabular array to demo which features of a QMS are most valuable.


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