Research Methodology

3.0. Introduction
The approach adopted in research has a bearing on the accuracy of data and determines the integrity of the entire dissertation.  Integrity is a key issue in research and any findings or recommendations made from data whose integrity is questionable cannot be used without questions.  An understanding of the methodology is important in critically analyzing a dissertation.

3.1. Problem Statement
Managers as organizational leaders are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that organizational goals are driven at.  Training in a multi cultured organization can be a management nightmare if poorly implemented.  Training is an organizational strategy and has the same requirements as any other operational strategy.  Leadership is of critical importance in the formulation and implementation of operational strategies.  However, the role of manager in formulation of training policies is not as clearly defined.

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3.2. Research Objective
The research will be guided by the following objectives:

l  To determine the requirements for multicultural training.

l  To determine what is required of leaders in the development and implementation of multicultural training in multinationals.

l  To determine ways and approaches that can be used by managers to ensure proper implementations of cross cultural training programs in MNCs.

3.3. Research Question
The following questions will aid the achievement of the research objectives:

l  What is the background of different managers and how will their unique traits contribute to the formulation and implementation of multicultural training programs in MNCs?

l  How will the manger’s background be linked with the specific needs of a company and ensure they that they perform well at work in the formulation and implementation of multicultural training programs in MNCs?

l  What are some of the challenges that arise in undertaking these training programs?

l  What and how much homogeneity is needed in the formulation and implementation of multicultural training programs in MNCs?

l  What is required for the effective formulation and implementation of multicultural training programs in MNCs?

3.4. Research Organization
A quantitative approach to research will be employed.  The area of research is highly specific as it deals with Multinational Corporation and training in a multicultural setting.  These aspects are unique and their mix creates a unique situation that is best researched on using a quantitative approach.  Data collection is done with the aid of well formulated questionnaires that contain sub questions aimed at determining the answers to the research questions.  The questions are designed in a manner that ensures the data retrieved is easily quantifiable.  Population in the research is all multinationals that implement a training program that traverses multiple cultures.  Since most MNCs are under this definition, Coca Cola has been chosen to be representative of the population thus analysis will take on a sampling approach.  The simplicity of the approach is one of its strength though the statistical viability of the findings is questionable.  The sample is subjective in that it is not chosen at random and there is the possibility that the sample is not representative of the condition in the population.  Data collected from international managers is recorded in data collection sheets, analyzed by use of charts and analysis made with regards to the research question. Findings are stated clearly and recommendation made with regards to the research questions and literature review.  It should be remembered that just like in any other sampling approach the results are assumed to be applicable to the population.

3.4.1 Variables
The following variables are expected in the research:

l  Leadership

l  Resource Availability

l  Information system

l  Communication

l  Perception of the Leaders

l  Organizational Culture

l  Prevailing Industry Conditions

l  Market Conditions



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