Moods Condoms Brand: Moods Type: Dotted Line: Male Condoms Product Class: Contraceptive product Family: HealthCare Need: Birth control, Protection from sexually transmitted diseases. Manufacturer: HALL Liberace Limited. Motivation Condom is a barrier devices used to prevent pregnancy. It is one of the contraceptive measures which was introduced as a preventive measure to control birth. In addition to this, we live in an age where threat of fatal diseases like WAITS and other sexually transmitted infections prevail the society .

Also there is a dire need for sex education to create awareness among the youth of India. Condoms are introduced as a solution to these problems and increase in availability and affordability of condoms will encourage healthy and risk free sex practices. The objective of project is to study the condoms market for following aspects People perception in buying condoms and oral contraceptive pills Government regulations on spreading awareness related to SST and distributing contraceptives Market segmentation on the basis of free condom, social marketing condom and commercial marketing condom, PAYOFF-

PAYOFF Trends and developments in the contraceptive industry Environment The major factors that dominate the environment for condom industry are- 1 . Product Moods Condom is manufactured by Government Undertaken Company HALL. HALL was the first company to enter in the market of Condoms In the year of 1960. In sass sales of condoms stood at less than 10 million. In 2008, sales of condoms Increased to 1143 million. In sass, there was only one market for Condoms: Subsidized segment. But with the Increase of sales, market has been segmented Into Subsidized segment and Commercial segment.

In 2013, subsidized segment occupied 40% of market hare and Commercial segment occupied 60% of market share. In 2008 alone, market grew by 21. 46%. 2. Competition consists of many players. The main competitors include: 1 . Dared 2. Chinook 3. Sumatra 4. Enforce 5. Nimrod Also modern technology came up with new substitutes that poses strong threat to the Condom market. These are: 1 . Oral Contraceptive Pills 2. Female Condoms 3. Vasectomy 4. Female sterilization 5. Diaphragm HALL adopted new marketing strategies to reach out to consumers.

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Moods Condoms is the first company to launch a dedicated website where consumers can place their orders. HALL believes in Direct Marketing. . Political: Today, India is the second most populous country in the world. To curb population explosion, government has undertaken various measures such as counseling, raising marriageable age and encouraging use of birth control devices such as intra-uterine devices, condoms, oral contraceptives etc. To promote Condom usage in rural areas, Government facilitates provision of free condoms in health centers.

In addition, there are various Nags who conducts campaigns and promotional events to increase awareness. 4. Demographic Socio-Economic: Level of Education influences the perception of consumers. People of Urban India ho are more qualified than rural areas are more concerned about family planning. So urban areas occupies the major consumer market share. Currently price of Dotted Moods Condom is INNER 25 for a pack of 3 condoms which is higher than average condoms. So people with higher income level prefer it. Age – People from age group 21-39 form almost 70% of consumers in 2005. . Motivational : Due to campaigns against HIVE AIDS, people are becoming more aware of the benefits of using condoms. Condoms protect not only against AIDS, but also against other sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia and generator. There has been a long argument going on in Indian society for inclusion of sex education in schools and colleges. With increase in number of cases of premarital sex and adolescent pregnancy, the need for proper sex education becomes even through condom vending machine in colleges, public places and brothels.

Population has been on a constant rise for the past 2 decades which has led to unemployment, price rise, etc. Condoms can be used to put a check on Population growth. 6. Barriers Usage of condoms is still considered to be a taboo in the traditional Indian society, hence people hesitate to buy condoms. In some religions, usage of condoms is prohibited which creates a major barrier in the sales of condoms. The purchase of condoms is mostly restricted male population of society. People avoid using condoms as it is believed to reduce sexual pleasure.

Target Market: As per the survey conducted, target market mostly include young people in the age group of 17-25 as they are more cautious due to high risk involved. It may be hard to believe, but adolescents and teenagers – use condoms more than young adults. It is believed that, as they get older, adolescents start to establish themselves in longer- sating couples, and start to change their contraceptive use (to hormonal methods, for example, instead of condoms). Among young people, the fear of an unwanted pregnancy makes them take greater protective measures.

However, as people get older, they become more relaxed in the use of prophylactic methods and use other methods more, such as the Pill. Condoms are generally used only by the middle and upper class as they are well aware and have high purchasing power. Lower class people with very low income level are still reluctant to using condoms, the reason Ewing lack of awareness and proper knowledge on usage of condoms. Consumer Behavior: A consumer Behavior is influenced by the following factors: 1 . Cultural 2. Social 3. Personal 1) Culture Culture exerts maximum influence on Consumer’s behavior.

In India, Culture widely differs from state to state. In rural areas, people are still not very familiar with the idea of using condoms. For this Government and No’s run special campaigns to promote awareness of Condoms. In Urban areas, people are shifting from a conservative Indian culture to liberal Western Culture where people are more open about using condoms. Religion also plays a crucial role in Consumer’s behavior of buying condoms. There are certain religions which prohibit the usage of Condoms. For this reason population in that religion is increasing in exponential manner.

Government is trying hard to educate these people to control increase in population. Education. In addition, education of the male partner appeared to be more important than education of the female partner probably reflecting that it is mostly the male partner who decides on the use of a condom. The higher educated more often expressed intentions to use condom than the lower educated. ) social: Reference Group: A consumer’s reference are the group that influences consumer’s decision of buying the product. Consumers refer to friends before buying Condoms.

Promotional advertisements plays a crucial role for all time buyers. Chemists and Local retailers are the main source of information. Sales of a product apart from marketing strategy and advertisement, depends upon product given to customers by retailers According to a survey, Pan shops in rural areas plays a major source of information in rural areas. Family: In general, people do not discuss about the usage f condoms with the elders in the family. So we can infer that family plays no role in the buying behavior of consumers. ) Personal: Condom use among young Indian population has more to do with preventing unwanted pregnancies than with preventing infection with sexually-transmitted diseases. The likelihood of condom use decreases as youth become older and stabilizes during adulthood. Levels and consistency of condom use are highest among younger teens and then decline steadily as teens grow older. This decline in use by older adolescents, and adults, can be attributed to the fact that, -?as legislations become more stable, adolescents prefer to use the pill.

The decision to use condoms is usually relegated to boys. Actually, women and men have unique roles in the negotiation process – as far as the use of a condom is concerned -, women play a more active role in negotiation of condom use, while men play a more reactive role. Women generally have more favorable attitudes, with the exception of greater inhibition about buying and possessing condoms. The Buying Decision Model: The Five Stage Model Problem Recognition: People prefer using condoms to protect themselves from 1 . Unwanted pregnancy 2. Protection from sexually transmitted diseases.

With rising inflation, people are now focusing on family planning to give their family a better future. Condom is preferred as a short term safety for controlling child birth. According to National Aids Control Association’s latest report, 2. 08 million of people in India is suffering from AIDS. The major reason for AIDS is unsafe and unprotected sex. General awareness is increasing in the population due to promotional events. With these demand of condoms is also increasing. Information Search: Consumers prefer the following sources for information 1 . Internet: People usually feels ashamed of directly communicating about Condoms.

For this, Internet acts as the basic source of information for consumers. HALL launched its own website: from HALL. 2. Magazines: Every company releases articles to promote awareness which leads to growth in sales. Also lots of news related to diseases and safety measures are published in the magazines. Evaluation of Alternatives: Survey shows that 40 percent of the people are not brand conscious, they usually go by the promotion and ads that have maximum exposure on advertising media. Apart from brands people prefer other preventive methods which includes Contraceptive

Pills, Female Condoms, Surgical Procedures (Sterilization). Purchase Decision: According to our survey consumers purchase condoms in advance, so the marketers have real opportunity and open space to influence purchase decisions. But purchase still remains an embarrassing situation for many people. People prefer Chemist as an outlet to buy condoms, whereas supermarket is the next preferred destination for the sale of condoms. We recommend that HALL should Place MOODS CONDOMS at various diverse outlets which are still out of consideration for rural markets, e. G. : Truck Mechanic Shops.

Various factors that restrict consumers from buying condoms are as follows- External Influences – Demographics Behavior patterns appear to differ according to gender, age, and education level Age: The likelihood of condom use decreases as youth become older and stabilizes Gender. Education is a key determinant for condom use. For both men and women, condom use is positively associated with higher levels of education Group Influence Reference group -standard of reference against which oneself is compared. Group influence is even more important among teens, because most of them are looking for a behavior to adopt .

Example: approximately 83% of adolescents who perceive referent-group norms as supporting condom use during sexual intercourse were frequent condom. Post purchase Behavior: One of the important principles of marketing includes retaining existing consumers and acquiring new consumers, both of which depends on post purchase behavior. The survey shows that consumer does not tolerate slightest non-performance of the product and tearing apart of the rubber. Inclusion of new flavors and types has resulted in better post purchase satisfaction. Around 80% of the MOODS consumer said they would use it again and try other types.

Around 52% said they would recommend it to their friends only if they ask. Pricing: below. Here Y-Axis represents price, and X-axis represents type of condoms available in Pack of 3 Pack of 10 Pack of 12 Pack of 20 Apart from this packs of assorted condoms are also available starting from INNER- 100 to 600. Now, we compare the price of Moods condoms with other major brands available in India: Sumatra and Enforce SKU Moods Dotted Sumatra Dotted Enforce Dotted 3 20 25 10 51 75 56 So, we can see by comparing price with other brands, moods have the lowest price in the market.


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