When it comes to IPv6 there are a batch of subjects that can be discussed. It will alter the Internet everlastingly as we know it. IPv4 is the 4th version of protocol utilizing a 32 spot address infinite whereas IPv6 will be utilizing 128 spots of hexadecimal turn toing to let for drastically more references. Currently IPv4 allows approximately 4. 294. 967. 296 possible references and with the current allotment patterns it limits the figure of public reference to a few hundred million. In contrast. the 128 spot address infinite that IPv6 uses can supply approximately 3. 4 ten 1038 possible references.

The sheer size of the IPv6 reference allows for the subdividing of the reference into a hierarchal routing construction that in bend can reflect the current topology of the Internet. This will supply great flexibleness for the addressing and routing in the hereafter where the IPv4 evidently lacks in comparing. It would hard to conceive of a universe where we do hold any longer Internet references to travel about. This should hopefully work out that job. at least for a piece to come.

When configuring DHCP on Linux to utilize IPv6 one must be certain that they have everything in order. The two most used agencies of car constellation IPS are on the router advertizement and dhcpv6. When you are utilizing the RA a waiter devil needs to publicize a web prefix which is typically a /64. gateway and sometimes a DNS waiter. Then the Client machines can car configure their IPv6 references when they have initialized a bootup based on their current MAC reference utilizing EUI64.

When turn toing the same state of affairs with dhcpv6. dynamic or inactive references can ever be assigned to the current client machines. Unfortunately the gateways can non be assigned due to the design of the dhcpv6 protocol. If you must utilize dhcpv6 you have to utilize RA. You can configure RA to publicize merely the gateway go forthing the IP and DNS waiter constellation all up to the dhcpv6. or merely the DNS waiters. In order to run dhcpd in IPv6 manner you need to add a -6 statement.

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The statements should specify the constellation file and rental file. Here is an illustration of a startup bid ; /usr/sbin/dhcp -6 –cd/etc/dhcpd6. conf –lf/var/state/dhcpd6. rentals eth1. The -6 enables the IPv6 manner and the –cf defines the IPv6 constellation file. Here’s an illustration of the dhcpd6. conf ; # dhcpd6. conf important ; option dhcp6. name-servers 2001 ; db8 ; 1 ; 1 ; ; 200 ; option dhcp6. domain-search ‘internal. 1an’ ;

In decision. I hope that after this you understand why IPv6 is such a game modifier and why it is so of import for our universe traveling frontward. Without it our planet would discontinue to be and everything would halt. Obviously IPv4 is still around and will be for a few more old ages. but the yearss of believing that IPv4 would last everlastingly or decidedly over and it’s clip for something new will hopefully last a small longer.


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