Chapter I Introduction Electricity Is a form of energy that form as lightning. Its relationship with electronics is that electronics is that electricity power electronics. In short, without electricity, electronics wont work. Then what is Electronics? Electronics is any kind of machine that being powered by electricity that helps people to do their Jobs faster and taster. Guppy (2011) says In his article that the purpose of a power station Is to deliver power at the lower possible cost per units. Academia (2011) says that, we can create electricity by the help of nature itself.

Like, windmills, winds spin the windmill then it spins the dynamo, which converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Annie (2014) says in his article that the Supreme Court yesterday ordered the groups that sled manila electrical corp.. (EMERALD) for its controversial increase of 4. 45 pesos per kilowatt-hour (kiwi) to Include the regulation of the country Electrical marker and six independent power producers. Statement of the Problem This research will analyze and discuss the electricity price hike. We are searching for a cheap electricity price or a better substitution to the oil that we import from the country. Why Electricity price increased? B. Why power generation plants shut down? C. Where we can get cheap electricity? D. How we can lessen the cost of electricity? Significance/elementary Electricity is very important for our daily routine, because appliances wont work without an electricity like washing machine, refrigerator, television, etc. Scope and Limitation The researcher will not discuss any further topics and aspects that are beyond the about the topic we do not wrote. Assumption/ Hypothesis The following assumption was made in the relation to the following: Electricity is the cheapest energy that we use

Electrical problem is no more than a big problem to the Philippines. Philippines established more than 10 power generation plants. Chapter


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