Proposal. My interest in this topic “How to prove my Aboriginal Heritage” started after I became a part of the South Australian Aboriginal Sports Training Academy (SHASTA) at my school, Mark Elephant College. Through SHASTA we are working on getting our Certificate Ill in Sport and Recreation. One of the modules we looked at was creating a family tree. Through doing this I found learning about my family exciting , it helped me become more interested in finding out more information on my family and embracing my Aboriginal culture. I also want to do this because throughout my schooling my peers question my heritage.

I came up with final question of “How does a person prove their Aboriginal? ” I came up with this question through speaking to family members both that have proved their Aboriginal and those who are yet to undertake the process. Together my Mum and I will be going through the process to prove our Aboriginal heritage for my younger brother and ourselves. By doing this research project I am hoping, it will help my family and other Aboriginal people to gain information on how to do prove Aboriginal, as the processes has changed over the years.

Find out process that sister went through). I have only Just started my research project and I can see the positive impact it is having on my family, I feel that it is bringing my immediate and extended family closer and we are now talking about our Aboriginal Heritage a lot more now. I will be gaining information on this topic through researching on the Internet, reading books, which I will borrow from the school library, and talk to some Aboriginal Elders like Farina Wangle to help me get more information. I am also going to create two surveys to help me find extra information.

One survey will be to ask Aboriginal peers if they feel that they need to prove their aboriginal heritage. The survey will include questions such as: Do you know how to prove your aboriginal heritage? If not would you like to find out more, has not proving your heritage affected your life chances? The second survey will be given to Aboriginal People who have already undertaken the process of proving their Aboriginal. The survey will include questions such as: How did you prove your aboriginal heritage? Why do you think it’s important to receive the paper work? Did you feel different after?

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Interview and survey, safety and ethics, consent forms for interviews. Plan log information. At the end of my research I will present my finding in a report form about the positive and negatives of proving Aboriginal heritage, which will help my family and others to gain information that is easy to understand on “How to prove Aboriginal heritage” once my whole research is complete I will read through my research and logs and evaluate my findings. Capability Learning- through gaining research, interviews, analyzing Personal development- communication, knowledge of heritage, personal project for


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