I am a student of CUSS University pursuing B. A. Hon. in Mass Communication. I am currently doing a survey regarding “the influence of Advertisement on teenagers buying behavior”. Please spend your precious time by filling up this questionnaire. Your feedback will be kept confidential. Your answers are valuable to my research. Thankful for your kind cooperation. Please tick only ONE answer for each question. ) SECTION A: Background Information 1. Gender Damage Female 2. Age 18-20 0 21-23 0 and above 3. Race

Malay O Chinese O Indian O others (Please specify__) 4. Education Level Foundation/A Level 0 Diploma bachelors Master 5. Monthly Allowance ARM 500 and belowPerceptions on Advertisement 7. Do you believe in advertising? 8. (I) If yes why do you think so? (it) If no why do you think so? 9. Do you think advertisement is important? Yes NO 10. Does these advertisement influences your shopping trend? 11. Which media gets your intention? Print Radio television Reword of mouth 2.

What is the function of advertisement? Proffer news Entertainment form transfers belief and values to society 13. How often do you go shopping? 0 Twice a week 0 Once a week 0 Once a month 0 Others (Please specify 14. When do you prefer to go shopping? 0 During sales 0 Normal days 0 When needed


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