Sylt is a German island that is located in the North Sea. It has a sum of 21000 dwellers and 50000 beds available for rent to visitants. There are legion ferry links and air links to all the airdromes in Germany, particularly during the summer. Since mid 1960s, Sylt had the image of high society seaboard resort

Westerland is the largest town of Sylt with around 9500 dwellers and is located in the centre of the island. Weaterland has a beach 7 kilometer long which was divided into several countries, there are besides many nudist beaches in there

Base on the instance survey, there are some jobs that were reflected though the state of affairs and statistic of Sylt and Westerland. First of wholly, both Sylt and Westerland they have the construction of touristry in peculiar. The figures show us that the seasonal flats and flats represent a portion of 77.5 % of the entire figure of beds and a portion of 61.5 % of visitants of the sum. The same classs with hotels and guest houses they have 14.7 % and 27.2 % . Most of the seasonal flats and flats are owned and used by people as a seasonal abode. They are the private landlords and tourists themselves. The proprietors they normally come from Hamburg ( 1.21 % ) , Schleswig-Holstein ( 0.95 ) and Lower Saxony ( 0.66 % ) aˆ¦They non merely remain here during summer holiday which is usually from May to October but besides they want to utilize their abodes often for weekend trips and other intents. The other ground that makes touristry peculiar is market entryway barriers for both providers and clients because of Westerland ‘s high society resort. Their mark market is focus on visitants older than 40 that is nearby 57 % of entire figure. They come here because of they concern more about the wellness attention, medical intervention. Their market is for the clients who have norm or high income due to its society place. That ‘s why they do n’t hold much other market cleavage such as immature people because they will hold income affairs if they spend their vacations at Sylt

One of the most profitable beginnings of touristry is foreign clients. In Westerland, the ratio of foreign to entire visitants was merely 1 % . The job is Sylt and Westerland they do n’t hold a program to pull foreign client even though they have a batch of attractive and possible finishs such as “ Kurhaus ” , “ Erlebniswelt Sylter Welle ” , “ Kurmittelhaus ” , athletics, wellness curesaˆ¦Most of the visitants after utilizing the installations of “ Kurhaus ” was extremely satisfied with the goods and services of staff. Westerland is officially acknowledged as a seaboard watering place. There are a batch of art gallaries, clients can besides happen casino, film, museum and dress shop on the streets of Westerland. The visitants they have to pay a compulsory visitant ‘s revenue enhancement by twenty-four hours or by twelvemonth with the appreciate sum of DM 5.5 on summer clip which is the peak period of touristry and DM 154. About 60 of those who had been at “ Erlebniswelt Sylter Welle ” several times thought the entryway fee to be excessively high. That ‘s one of the grounds Westerland was fring their clients

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The following job is the continuance of remaining. From 1995 to 1997, the per centum of nightlong remaining decreased by 0.1 % . The month January has highest mean length of stay of 20 yearss per visitant. The figure of vacations taken has decreased by 3.3 million journeys, with most of the decrease happening for domestic vacation journeys. The state of affairs concerns about the economic downswing, competition in Germany, less income from visitants, fiscal mattersaˆ¦and deficiency of selling schemes

The last thing is missing of selling and direction is one of the grounds that lead Sylt and Westerland into this state of affairs. The market portion of nightlong visitants of Sylt and Westerland are really low


Northrhine Westphalia


Lower Sachsen








Westerland they did concentrate on wellness attention and medical intervention but they merely merely concentrate on the group older than 40 but non the other groups, particularly the immature and foreign people. A good selling schemes will be a necessary solution for the peculiar construction of touristry in Westerland


The cardinal values of Westerland and Sylt are they are acknowledged and celebrated about watering place, wellness intervention, quiet beachaˆ¦They should look for other mark market as foreign market and different market cleavage ( immature people as an illustration ) . During a study, a set of 38.7 % of visitants ‘ attractive force is the beach. So we can hold some beach activities such as encampment, festival to entice the tourers to Westerland. Add some plan suited for difference cleavage to bing attractive forces. Because of Westerland has a long history of development since 1855, so some inventions and regenerate to adjustment ( suites, bedsaˆ¦ ) and installations to convey a better image to visitants. Germans usually they will take recommendation of friends, experience of twenty-four hours trips, Television and radioaˆ¦In this instance, a launch in consequence advertisement runs will be a good scheme to make client ‘s outlooks. Furthermore, guidebook will be an of import tool to distribute information. Making clients analysis ( age, sex, extremum, low seasonaˆ¦ ) will assist doing right determinations. Provide price reduction and cut monetary value at low season to maximise room capacity and gross. They can supply publicity and increase service quality non merely run in domestic but for international vacation journeys besides to work out the jobs of visitants ‘ decrease.

To better the image of the Island, it requires the cooperation from the authorities and the private landlords whose seasonal flats and flats. For illustration: with the fiscal affairs, the authorities can cut down the compulsory visitant ‘s revenue enhancement because most of the people when they make determination of traveling, the most of import thing for them is to see the disbursement of their budget. This happens the same with the Westerland, most of the visitants come to it say to be medium or high income due to its high society place. They can free their lower budget cleavage due to bad economic issues and lessening in income of visitants. The touristry in Westerland can take down the monetary value and run some promotional plans to hold more clients. The touristry direction should see about the balance of the income of travellers


In this instance survey, there is a batch of Numberss and figures. For illustration: the staff of Westerland Tourist Office did a visitant study in December 1996. There were entire 302 people that participated in the study, they were merely sing or taking a vacation at that place. They were asked the ground whey they have been at that place, the utilizing of installations of “ Kurhaus ” , the appraisal of indoor pool “ Sylter Welle ”

The consequence should be considered as a snapshot because it was undertaken in December during the clip the “ Surf Cup ” was held on Sylt, and the month with the least frequence of visitants. So the consequence could n’t be representative for an accurate consequence. Another job is the study visitant. They were picked indiscriminately without a peculiar group. We do n’t even cognize if they are short term or long term remaining. They could make better like organizing a group of “ local visitants ” or “ under 40 older visitants ” . The statistic should be done accurately with dependable and comprehensive informations. For illustration: the study above should be done decently in both high and low season or at a specific clip of a twelvemonth for 3 old ages

The information missing is the statistic of the old old ages and the staying months besides. There ‘s one more thing that we need to concern approximately is the figures of private proprietor of seasonal sections and flats. Missing this one, we could n’t cognize precisely if they are really the proprietors or visitants or both

The information could be gathered from the visitants ‘ history informations from the resorts or landlords. Some official information we can garner them from the authorities if possible. In this instance, it ‘s the Westerland Tourist Office is an official beginning that ‘s responsible for touristry. Furthermore, all of the organisations or companies that join the touristry market in Sylt and Westerland can hold the same information to portion together


Sylt is a really attractive finish in Germany due to its beautiful beach, medical treatmentaˆ¦and it gets the potency to be a point of position for both domestic and international travellers who wants to pass their leisure clip at Westerland and Sylt. The instance survey showed the common jobs of touristry when it comes to maturate resort and how to get the better of them


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