Football What can football learn from rugby? Respect for fellow sportsmen is nowhere to be seen nowadays. According to the Collins Cobbled Dictionary respect Is: “the belief that a person and their pollens are Important and your behavior towards that person” (Collins Cobbled , 19911. One could conclude from this definition that respect should be given to someone as a result of him/her having achieving something. This can be said to be the case in Rugby; players respect the referee and others on and of field. This cannot be stated bout football.

Nowadays, violence against opponent players, fans and referees happens often. “Dutch assistant referee dies after attack by teenage players” (Hogue, 2012). This horrific death has caused a lot of debate about the weekly abuse that football referees experience. To what extent can football especially the BEEF, national football clubs and referees allow this to overrule the actual meaning of the game? Although rugby is seen as a violent sport, actually respect on and of field is much higher than In football because of tradition, hierarchy and openness of immunization.

A well-known statement within the rugby Is that “Football Is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, and Rugby Is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen” (Fagan, 2013) . The attitude of football players and rugby players differs a lot. Their attitude towards the referees is considerably different. In rugby only the team captains are allowed to speak up to the referee, but will always call him ‘Sir. If another player has comments, the referee warns him to stop arguing or to go to the ‘so called’ Sin Bin, which is a time out for ten minutes of field.

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Whereas in football, every player can say almost anything and place comments on every aspect in the field. This results in a lot of talking without actually playing the sport itself. A good example is ROI Ferdinand, an English football player, whom kicked a female steward in 2007 and verbally abused the referee Mike Riley during the 1-1 draw. Eventually no action was taken on this occasion. (McCall, 2008) When playing any kind of sport, respect should be given to the referee whom Is taking care of the game.

With cubby, there Is strict refereeing which does not spoil the actual game. It requires respect for each other. The unique ethos of rugby is through discipline, control and shared self-respect, a fellowship and sense of fair play are forged within the game. The actual rugby game is played in the rugby clubs, rugby union, rugby League, the Six Nations and the World Cup according to the laws, but within the spirit of the actual play itself. (RIB passport, 2010) Football has a ‘respect programmer’ set up by the BEEF after many incidents that happened to referees the past couple of years.

According to the BEEF: “The Respect campaign promotes the crucial idea of respect across the game”. Respect for opposing players, coaches and officials, referees, opposing supporters – and the essential values of football as a sport open to all. ” (BEEF) To make football Just as open and honest as rugby is, technology Is proven to be very helpful. Nowadays technology Is used In deferent sports but football Is lagging behind. Referees do not use video techniques to establish If a right decision is taken.

For many years, this conjecturing is done by referees, which causes a lot of reverie things and causes the loss of respect towards the referee. In rugby, the usage of technology is completely normal. The English rugby union’s top referee Wayne Barnes stated that the usage of technology within rugby is to provide complete accuracy. In rugby he says: “anything that helps to get more decisions right has to be good for the game. He also said that this can help the football referees immense with their decisions”. (Conway, 2013) One could conclude that football is lagging behind rugby when it comes to respect.

It is a good effort that the BEEF has set up a programmer especially for retrieving more respect for each other within football. But clearly with the continuing accidents, rugby can teach football a lot. Being open and transparent shows that accuracy is highly wanted to get the best results within the game. Using technology to underpin this can only be seen as a benefit of the whole game. Finally, one can say that although rugby is seen as a violent sport, actually respect on and of field is considerably higher than in football.


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