“He who scorns direction will pay for it. but he who respects a bid is rewarded. ” Proverbs 13:12-14 NIV. There are merely 40 five cases of the word regard in the NIV Bible. I try to populate my life as though I were being watched by God Himself. because I believe that I am. I try. and hopefully accomplish. to demo regard to all people. NCOs and Officers. I even call civilians “sir” and “ma’am. ” As a Christian I know that I am an illustration for God. and the lone manner some people will of all time see God is through me ; my actions and words. I know the power that God has in my life and how He would wish for me to move by invariably speaking to me. Some people call the voice of God their “conscience. ” a feeling or a still. little voice that they “should have listened to. ”

My married woman is a really religious individual and hears the voice of God clearly. like a person’s voice and non a still. little one. She frequently acts as my usher in affairs that I am confronting. and if I don’t listen to her advice. it frequently ends severely. I say that to state that I one time had a job with regard and saw my higher-ups as merely the people that they were and non the rank or place that they held. She warned me to get down to handle my higher-ups with the regard that they get as a certain rank and non normal people ; she would non hold said if God had non had talked to her because she is a civilian and knows really small about the ways of the armed forces.

Respect by definition is the “willingness to demo consideration or grasp. ” In footings of military regard. as in the LDRSHIP acronym. regard is to “Treat people as they should be treated. ” And in the soldiers code. we swear an curse to “treat others with self-respect and regard while anticipating others to make the same. ” With regard being defined so many ways. how is one to state which to take from? A apparently obvious reply is the “Army’s manner. ” But to those who serve a higher naming it would be God’s manner. or even the non-believing military positivists might word esteem different. Though the appreciation on the true definition for regard is put so many ways. it is a true attitude a individual shows another in regard. respect. or penchant to their class. place. or stature.

Though a individual leads his/her life demoing respect toward others. they may hold a difficult clip acquiring the regard back from those that he/she has shown. and continues to demo. the regard to. Respect should be a bipartisan street. in my sentiment. to accomplish maximal affect for all parties. “Show those with the same regard that they show you” is a common “new” military thought. to cuss at if you were cursed at. to force if you were pushed. I feel that a individual should acquire what they give ; such as. if a individual is invariably degrading people and minimizing them. so they should non be surprised if they get the same intervention in return.

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On the same graduated table. if as a superior. you get upset with a soldier and get down to disrespect them out of choler. so you should non anticipate to acquire regard in return. But my belief in Christ out regulations the ways of normal behaviour and thought. I try to stay respectful even if I am being respected. Many people see it as a failing. something to be ashamed about as a leader. I feel that it shows self control. a collectiveness that most people will neither possess nor will of all time understand. A “level-headedness. cool under fire” kind of attitude.

In this given state of affairs. nevertheless. even if a certain individual. i. e. . NCO. a SSG to be exact. feels that they were disrespected because they were contacted by a certain Sgt’s partner. so that SSG should hold brought the issue up with that peculiar individual in which contacted him or her. There is such a thing as free address by the civilian sectors. non necessary in the military itself. but as a civilian they are entitled to the right of free address. And if an watchful roll is given out and the partner has entree to it. anyone’s single phone figure could be looked up and called. If this basic freedom were denied so we wouldn’t enjoy and unrecorded in the democracy that we do today.

Respect is something that everyone wants. non many have. and few want to give. Most people would appreciate “just a small spot. ” and most should give merely that. Unfortunately. a batch of the clip. this does non go on. Possibly this is because the construct of regard is non understood. What precisely is respect? To esteem anything is to believe it through positively and keep it in some high respect. but estimation gets us into problem because while we sometimes win. we besides sometimes lose. To esteem something. on the other manus. is to accept it. The dictionary defines it yet another manner as an act of giving peculiar attending or high or particular respect. This does non explicate what it is ; it merely outlines what it may dwell of in respects to personal feelings.

The word regard is really a really strong word in itself ; it is a word that draws your attending from the start. But there is more to it than merely being a word. There is the thought behind it. which is the beginning of many thoughts and features of a peculiar person. group. or civilization and the statement. theories. and sought apprehensions that forms a political. societal. and economic plan. By another definition. regard is ‘to consider deserving of high or particular respect. ’ Society defines regard as the manner one individual or group of people dainties another individual or group of people and besides the manner they look upon those individuals. We in the Army define regard as the common courtesy we give to our equals. subsidiaries and higher-ups and the manner in which we carry out our orders and our responsibilities on a day-to-day footing within the United States Army.

Respect is a common bond in today’s Army because all of us are. or should be. good trained soldiers and it is a edifice block that our preparation is based upon. Respect is fundamentally how we treat each other. the actions shown toward other people. Respect is the manner in which you help others out whenever they need a manus. Respect is besides the manner you take the clip to train and develop your subsidiaries. And regard is the manner you work harder than anyone and longer hours to make an first-class occupation for your calling and your unit. These are all ways of demoing respect- toward each other. our subsidiaries. our equals. our higher-ups. our unit and our state. This is the regard that we have been trained to give and which we show on a day-to-day footing. For us functioning in the armed forces it besides represents the forfeits that we are giving for our fellow soldiers.

The definition itself is all good and good. but what precisely is respect? What does it intend to me. a soldier in today’s Army? Respect is something everyone is capable of accomplishing. but at the same clip it is non merely a right or privilege. It has to be earned. We as soldiers have been good trained and disciplined at esteeming the ranks of higher-ups. But is esteeming their rank or place plenty? All soldiers within the Army must gain the regard of their fellow soldiers. To gain the regard of your fellow soldiers you must make many things. For your subsidiaries. you must be just and merely and take attention of all jobs that may originate.

For your equals. you must be technically and tactically adept and set the criterion for both of them to follow. And for your higher-ups. you must carry through the mission rapidly. expeditiously and sometimes even in the absence of orders. These are merely little illustrations of the many. many things that can assist you earn the regard of your fellow soldiers. The key to retrieve is that you must make something other than merely sit around. You must gain regard and work hard to derive it. Your rank or place deserves the military awards that are presented with it. but no more. The remainder is up to us as soldiers and persons. Through our ain actions we can gain the regard of fellow soldiers. and through the actions of our fellow soldiers. they will gain our regard and all that goes with it.

In the Army we adhere to a criterion called military bearing. Military bearing is a codification of behavior in the U. S. Army. and when you come right down to it self-respect is maintained in military relationships. reflective of an individual’s pride in his military service and of the organisation he represents. Military forces should be gracious and controlled to demo self-respect every bit good as regard. Part of possessing self-respect is to besides hold the ability to esteem his juniors and seniors. and acknowledge the self-respect of others. This sense of pride in military service is shown during work every bit good as when on autonomy. transporting himself at all times with fear and a proper sense of dignity. By look up toing his seniors. the person can be guided in showing good behavior. and can likewise show his pride and decorousness to those who in bend expression to him for counsel in showing military bearing. Dignity and regard can be taught. and illustrations can be shown. but the willingness to present military bearing besides comes from within. particularly when demoing courtesy and regard toward others.

To esteem others you foremost have to esteem yourself. if you have no ego esteem so you will hold a difficult clip esteeming yourself. In an Issue of Self-Respect Being a Christian has changed my position on the manner people perceive themselves. Since going a Christian I have had a difficult clip understanding why or how a miss or cat could minimize herself by so freely giving her organic structure to person else. Turning up in Indiana. I witnessed this in many different ways. Whether it is a cocotte standing on the corner in the closest large metropolis. or a good friend that sleeps about. the deficiency of regard these people have for themselves is really seeable. and really sad. I am a really societal individual. and I would someday wish to work as a curate of some kind. which is why I am taking the clip now to seek to understand the logical thinking for their foolish and unsafe picks. Why do teenage male childs and misss have such small regard for themselves? I am certain that each of these childs have her ain theories and grounds for his or her actions.

I believe the most obvious causes are ; they were ne’er taught that it was incorrect. most guys dainty misss with discourtesy. and the fact that person wants them do them experience loved. Sadly plenty. a miss holding no regard for herself is non a new thing. Girls merely aren’t taught that it is incorrect to mistreat their organic structures or give away something that is supposed to be so sacred. It seems that some parents these yearss do non cognize how to manage their childs and are frequently excessively indulgent with them. It besides seems that function theoretical accounts in today’s society advertise sex in subtle. yet noticeable ways. I think the media plays a immense function in the misleading of teenage heads. Entertainment. such as vocalists and histrions are non even chosen based on endowment any longer. they are hired based on the right expression ; it is all about sex entreaty. Another obvious cause is. there are so many cats in today’s society who were non raised to esteem adult females. They think of adult females as sex objects. and unimportant people they can command.

It is normal to be slightly dependent on work forces. but adult females today seem to go wholly reliant on work forces. In most instances that can be really unhealthy or unsafe. Work force know these adult females “need” them. so they think they can acquire away with playing with their caputs and their Black Marias. Womans are under the false feeling that if a adult male wants to kip with her he must love her. When in world. most work forces are truly out to fulfill themselves. They will state a miss whatever she wants to hear. until she falls into the “trap” and gives herself to him. Then he dumps her. You would believe the miss would larn after being dumped. but she doesn’t. she merely looks to be loved by person else.

In most instances it becomes a wont and can be tough to interrupt. Teenage misss in the universe today have really small regard for themselves because they truly don’t know any better. They are merely following the form that adult females have been following for coevalss. In society’s eyes every bit good as their ain they are non incorrect. My desire for them is that they will be taught that they are really particular and they deserve so much more than they think. I pray mundane that they will recognize God loves them more than anyone of all time could. They have so much to offer. if they merely believe in and esteem themselves.

There are the beginnings of regard. get downing in the schoolrooms of America. How does esteem for your higher-ups get down? Many people have ideas on how to repossess the virtuousness and morality that made America a great state. However. the lone certain manner that everyone can accomplish this end is if parents start learning and showing regard to their childs. The dictionary defines respect as- “to have regard for the quality of a person” or “to chorus from push outing upon or interfering with” . The job with society today is that there is a complete deficiency of regard.

The deficiency of regard is apparent everyplace. people have no regard for the jurisprudence. they have no regard for their equals. and they decidedly do non hold any regard for themselves. What parents need to make is from an early age teach their childs to esteem everyone. from the individual sitting following to them in school to their coworkers in the hereafter. Peoples do non understand how much better the state would be if the regard was at that place. Even if some parents do non learn their childs this valuable trait. if adequate people are taught to esteem others it will catch on. In most instances. if person shows regard to person else. that individual is more likely to esteem them back ; doing a concatenation reaction.

Right now. non adequate parents are learning their childs regard and this causes force. offenses. and can even take to drug usage. It is easy to see how these jobs can be easy solved or would be nonexistent if their was regard. Violence would non be a job. because no 1 would contend if they had regard for the other individual. The following job is offense. Cipher is traveling to steal or vandalise someone’s belongings if they respect them. One other job is drug usage. this would non be a job is people well-thought-of themselves plenty to non harm their organic structures with drugs. They besides would non sell drugs because selling something to person that will harm them is non demoing regard to that individual.

It is highly easy to sit back and say that parents should learn regard. but it is non as easy to really learn it. For there is truly no manner to learn a kid to esteem others. Parents can state their kids to esteem others all they want. but the lone manner a kid will really larn regard is from detecting their parents every bit good as others demoing regard. This is why learning regard is so hard. even if a kid sees his parents esteeming others it may non be plenty. the kid must see other people esteeming others. They must besides experience that other people respect them. because if they do non acquire regard they will non esteem anyone. This is why it is so of import for everyone to demo regard to everyone else. non merely will pull the leg of see it. but the more regard that is shown to others the more regard that is received. For these grounds respect is the main ingredient in restoring the morality and virtuousness that made America a great state.


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