Michelle Huh 09/09/13 Period 1 Literature Response: An Apology I am a husband to a wife as I am a father too daughter. I am categorized as a man because of my genitalia. Overall, I am sorry about misogyny. I came to realize women, as our wives and our mothers, are still being oppressed to this very day. I thought it had ended centuries ago. I thought our nation had long overcome sexism. It dawned on me that I was guilty of being a sexist. I had ignorantly participated in society’s tragedy. After twenty years of matrimony, I have yet to know my wife’s favorite color.

I felt guilty because I kook her for granted. I viewed her as a housewife and nothing more. I lacked to give her the compassion she very much deserved. Each and every day I came home from work, I expected a dinner to be on the table. I expected her to have the house clean and tidy. I presumed what a house wife was and expected to see that in her. I never thanked her for giving up her college education so that she could stay home and take care of our daughter. I took for granted the little things she did for me.

My wife gave up so much so that I could have a proper education to work and I never thanked her or that. I have never been so much more ashamed for being a horrible and sexist husband. I have a wife who cares for me but I never bothered to thank her. Everything I expected her to do, she did out of love for me. After sixteen years of raising my daughter, it was difficult for me to apprehend that I was a sexist towards my own girl. I conformed to society and expected this girl to be a ballerina, or a model. I painted her room pink before I even knew what color she liked.

I followed society guideline: pink is for girls and blue is for boys. As she was growing p, it never dawned to me that I should teach her football because I always thought that sport was reserved for men and women are expected to be prim and proper. I was guilty for conforming her into society tragedy. I always envisioned her future as a housewife and never did I picture her as a scientist or a historian or anything higher. I am remorseful for not showing my daughter that she is equal to men. I stereotyped my very own daughter into being a woman who has to take care of her husband.

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I am certainly ashamed. After forty years of being a on, I finally understood my mother’s grief. My father always expected a perfect housewife. My father verbally abused my mother for not cleaning the dishes properly and I did nothing to stop him. She was expected to keep quiet when guests were in the house. She was required to stay in the kitchen and never venture out of the house. My mother was obligated to aid my father in any way he expected. My father was guilty of being a sexist, and so was l. I expected a lot out of my own mother too.

I expected her to tuck me in bed at night and sing me a lullaby because I always viewed that as a mother’s duty. I thought it was my mother’s Job to make me a sandwich and not my father. I am ashamed for not noticing my sexism earlier. After working for twenty years, I began to notice sexism in my workplace. I was guilty of Judging my own employees. I had always made my female counterparts file paper and never did I assign them manual labor. From a sexist point of view, I saw women to be incapable of doing such tasks because they seemed so fragile. I didn’t want to rear teen.

I am guilty AT Deluge a sexless towards my own employees. From want I Hough was being respectful ended up being sexist. After living for so long, the truth was hard to accept. My gender was still oppressing women. Some men may not be willing to accept it but I will. I am guilty for being a sexist and I am sorry. I have classified women into being housewives, ballerinas, models, and mothers. I admit my flaw and I am terribly sorry for what men have done. I admit that I wanted a housewife, a society-conformed daughter, and a submissive mother. I was a sexist and I am working hard towards reversing my crimes.

I am absolutely ashamed. After finally understanding, I apologize. I apologize for what I have done to make women think that men are sexist. I apologize for men overburdening their wives with expectations. I apologize for not being grateful enough to have a wonderful wife. I was stupid enough to believe in society lies. I hope that future generations will understand that women are equal to men, and that women will not be mistreated any further. Once again, I am very ashamed for what men have done to women. I am humiliated by my own gender because of their offensive behavior. I am sorry.


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