Response To Robert Frost Essay, Research Paper

Robert Frost

When I was in English 251, my professor told us that Frost s poem The Road Not Taken was often misunderstood. The lone precognition of the verse form that I had was that one of my comrades on my mission loved it, and he would declaim it rather frequently. Then in category we had the chance to memorise a Frost verse form. So, I chose The Road Not Taken. I found it really interesting to hear the error that Olivia made in category when she said that it was called the Road Less Traveled. It was so pointed out that that was a common error. I did non believe that until I heard two others call it, The Road Less Traveled. So I began to delve deeper into the rubric itself. The verse form is non about the route that is less traveled but about the 1 that the storyteller did non take. I ever considered this verse form to be a happy verse form, based on the reaction that my comrade had to the verse form and the reading that he gave me. It inspired him to do determinations that weren T with the crowd. So, it was really interesting to really sit down, memorise the verse form and believe about the significance. The verse form is about the route non taken. This makes me believe of all the determinations that I have made in life where I wondered afterwards, What would it be like if I had made a different pick? The word repent even comes to mind and that is unusual because it has the opposite feeling of what my comrade shared with me. It seems to me that Robert Frost knew really good what he was composing, but he hid it good in a weave of surface semblances which could give you an easy seem message, but the truth lies deeper. I suppose that is why we study him and his verse form with a Professor of English and why we have books and readings of his work. But I digress. That is the issue that I have with poesy. There are so many different readings and I ever feel that either mine is obvious to everyone else or that is it wholly off the grade. So, with The Road Not Taken I am wary about my thoughts. I guess I should be comfy with my thoughts, even if they seem a small off. Returning to Frost s verse form, I find that it is finally about a alone traveller who has a determination to do. He makes the pick, despite the entreaty of the other route, and knows that he will non come back to see how the other would hold been. Again, Frost s tone is sorry and he says, I shall be stating this with a sigh. I see the verse form as a post-decision depression contemplation on what has merely taken topographic point. We all make determinations in our lives. Some are life-changing determinations and they are, at times, tough to do. Here the storyteller sees fifty-one

iron as a journey or a simple walk in the forests. There comes a fork in the route and a determination must be made. Upon scrutiny every bit far as the oculus can see, no exact results can be predicted. Both waies or determinations seem to be about the same and there is no stating what will go on. But, the traveller chooses one and so takes it, cognizing that the way will takes its class and there will non be clip to see how the other would be. Then, as if anticipating the hereafter, the traveller says that he ll state his narrative about this monumental event ages and ages in the hereafter. It will be a narrative of how that determination made all the difference in how his life turned out. It seems that Frost s poems all trade with events, which are deep in intending or of import, such as decision-making or decease. Fire and Ice is deeper than merely the terminal of the universe. It may be about the destructive nature of desire and hatred and how, in truth, both are things to be wary of. It may be a personal warning to others that these feeling can destruct a individual. We talked about these thoughts in category every bit good as Stoping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. I was amazed at the easiness with which we were able to plunge into the deeper significance of the verse forms. Frost was so gifted with his word. I merely saw a movie up at Sundance that talked used a quotation mark from Frost. It was to a 17 twelvemonth old cat who was deceasing of Leukemia. A missive written to him said. But I have promises to maintain, and stat mis to travel before I sleep. It was really suiting for the movie and it added intending to the verse form for me. I tend to hold with the category when we discussed Frost s usage of nature and familiar words to acquire his message across and yet he wrote in fables, in a sense, utilizing symbols that are obvious on the surface but merely genuinely clear to those who see the true significance. The issue of unfavorable judgment and reading has ever been hard for me because I wonder what the writer had in head and how far off the reader truly is. Sometimes I think that we can look excessively deep and find significances that aren t there at all. It was suiting when the category watched the picture cartridge holder of Robert Frost, when he was giving a certain reference to a big audience. He read a few lines of poesy and so said, Now THAT is a decease verse form! So, I am glad that we have a professor who can steer us, or at least tell us when we are manner off, but even so, how do we cognize that he or she understands the true intended significance that the poet had in head? I guess it is up to me to read, construe, survey and understand. I figure the most of import portion of poesy is the feeling and message that you take from the verse form, whether it is one of inspiration, empathy or sorrow.

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