It was still dark when he awoke, and, looking out of the window. He could see the evil clouds racing their way across the sky. “I wanted to sleep a little longer, he thought. He had had the same nightmare that night as he had years before, and once again he had been awakened by the horrific ending. He arose and sat bolt upright. He was thinking how lucky he was. Once in a while before he had started having the nightmare, he could sleep until the next morning without waking. He had started having the nightmare after his dad was murdered, but the police had never solved the crime. His body was buried in the graveyard outside the boy’s house. Images of the nightmare flashed across the boy’s mind. In his dream, Tom went out to the graveyard, and was killed by a man who was wearing a black coat. And he saw himself lying dead beside his dad’s grave…

He tried not to think about the dream, but it hunted him. He hauled himself into the chair. There was silence, except for the creaking noise of Tom’s chair as he shifted his weight in it. He rocked his chair as if this could release his nerves and pain. Suddenly, he stopped. He stood up and walked straight to the window. He laid a hand on the handle and opened it with a strong pull. The cold air streamed through the gaps, but Tom didn’t shiver because he kept glimpsing a moving object in the graveyard. The scene was exactly same as in his nightmare. He was puzzled.

” Is this dream really true? How can a dream meet reality?” He decided to check out the mystery figure to satisfy his curiosity and convince himself that the dream was not true. He gently closed the door and slipped away from the back door before anyone saw him. He then ran into the graveyard. He darted from side to side as if someone was following him. He wondered where the moving object was. As if the darkness knew what he was thinking, a flickering light popped out behind his dad’s grave. His instinct told him it was not a good sign. Old folks used to tell him a chilling story about this graveyard. They said this place was being hunted and anyone who walked in there and survived would still be cursed for their entire life. The story took his breath away, but he wanted to show that his nightmare was only his own imagination.

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So he picked his way into the evil flickering light. As he drew closer to the light, he could even feel the creature’s breath. All of a sudden, the creature jumped out. It was a man who was wearing a black coat. His eyes were as blue as the ocean, but they were full of hatred. As if he was a vampire seeking for his victim.

He shrieked with laughter. ” You finally arrived, Tom. I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.” There was a sense of fear in the air.

” Who are you?” Tom asked

“Ha, it doesn’t matter about that. Would you like to know who killed your father?”

” Yes please.” Tom’s lips were paler than before.

” Yes, yes, of course you want to know. I tell you, I killed your father. Your father was a beast, an absolutely beast. His face was full of sadness and anger. I killed your father because he killed my father when I was only a young boy. Now, I am going to kill you Tom.”

His voice was so high that it squeaked. Tom was furious about what the man had done. The man withdrew a knife from his coat. He threw himself toward to stab Tom. However, he was not quick enough, Tom kicked off his knife. Then both of them went running to get the knife. Tom was slightly faster than the man. Tom held the knife tightly. He pushed down the man with all his energy and held his hands behind his back. Now Tom had the chance to kill the man. But he didn’t move. He still held the man’s hands tightly and then sighed, ” If I kill you in revenge for my father, then the revenge is never going to end.” So Tom released the man who disappeared into the darkness…


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